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vintage Viet-Num War Tour Jacket "Chu-Lai 1966-1967" For Sale

 vintage Viet-Num War Tour Jacket

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vintage Viet-Num War Tour Jacket "Chu-Lai 1966-1967" :

Garage Sales!During my moving I found an old box: "vintage clothing"
I bought mostly in the early-mid 90s.
Some are collectable, maybe!Here is a very nice vintage Viet-Num War Tour Jacket "Chu-Lai 1966-1967"
Size : No Label, but 36-38 (SM), because it fit to me (36-38).
Color: Black Cotton (white-SILVER SILK lining )Year; Probably manufacturer in the mid-1960s.
Zipper: old one-hook YKK (Working good!)I got it in ca. 1994.
Condition: still very good condition, but lining has some damage and dirts.As I checked, NO bad Damage! Very nice jacket!!Let me start listing at very reasonable $4.99.
I mean I accept NO RETURN and NO Refund.
because this is already over 40 years old. (Not NEW)
But I think this shirt still very KOOL!!!!I don't accept any BUY IT NOW offers.
Please don't ask me such offers.I will ship it to worldwide.
Any questions, please e-mail me free!
Thanks for your understanding again and good luck!!

PS; If you need more photos, please ask me!!
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