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Antique MB Morimura Brothers Doll #4 Dolly - Nippon Japan Doll ~1917 EXCELLENT For Sale

Antique MB Morimura Brothers Doll #4 Dolly - Nippon Japan Doll ~1917 EXCELLENT

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Antique MB Morimura Brothers Doll #4 Dolly - Nippon Japan Doll ~1917 EXCELLENT:

For your consideration

Antique Morimura Brothers Doll #4

Excellent condition forher nearly 100 year age! Estimate doll was made in approximately 1918 based on Doll Reader Aug 200 Vol 28 Issue 6. I recently purchased her froma 70-year old lady who told me the doll was her mother's, which places the doll in this same timeframe.

The silk pin-tucked slip,satin panties, socks, and shoeswere on the doll. I didlaunder the slip and panties. The wig is as found and is very stiff in places and matted, withbobby pins here and there.I did not clean orcomb the wig, as I thought the new owner would like to see the styling as received.

The doll came with a few outfits, which were hand-sewn by the lady's motherfor the dolly. I am including the plaid dress and coordinating vest with plaid buttons that she was wearing in this listing (I laundered them as they were in very bad condition. They are still not perfect, but thought the new owner may still want it.) The other outfits arelistedfor sale separately (I am listing these over the next couple of days). Additionally, I have other vintage outfits and some absolutely beautiful hats that look darling on this doll (I've included the photo of this dolly in a coat handmade by the mother, but it is not included in this sale but available in separate listings. The doll stand is also for photo purposes only and not for sale as Ifind not shipping dolls and stands togetherprotects delicate dolls from the risk of the stand damaging the doll duringshipping.) If you want the doll stand, I will send it (separately)for free with the BUY IT NOW purchase as a bonus.

The doll has an MB #4 marking on the back of her head and original rocker eyes (which I will carefully secure for shipping. She is 19" long. She has an open mouth with teeth. Overall she is really beautiful and quite a treasure.

Condition Details: The doll is in really good condition for her age and in comparison to other Morimura Brothers Dolly dolls found in the market.However, she is nearly 100 years old and has some issues. She does seem to be strung well, although does not stand easily and without manipulation in a stand (which I assume is due to the type of body withhas separate arm and leg sections. She has damage to her shoulder and wearing and some damage to joint areas (including a crack on her top thigh).There is a thincrack down side of torso. Her mouth has indention above the top that looks part of the mold and her cheek is bumpy when looking closely. The bisque is pretty clear of markings, but not mint so please examine closely. Eyelids have some damage. There are some residue/stains on her head around the opening. There is no separate pate to cover the opening on the top of the head, as I believethe wig is designed with a flat portion to serve a similar purpose. (But I am not sure.)

PLEASE EXAMINE PHOTOS THOROUGHLY (and review Terms carefully) AND I AM HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. Also, please note that although I absolutely love and collect a lot of dolls (and doll types), but I am not as familar with antique dolls and am no way an expert.

Thank you for Looking!

Terms: As an avid E-bayer myself, I too value honest and accurate listings, as well as superior customer service. As these dolls (and other items) are from my personal collection, and I am not a retail store, the return policy is meant to ensure the integrity of the listing and is not for changed minds. In the case of this antique doll, itwould not be safe for her to go throughmultiple shipments---so pleasebe sure you want her before ordering and know that she is old and not perfect and may have multiple issues. Please examine photos and ask questions in advance. A return will only be issued in an extreme oversight andmust be pre-approved and within 14 days of delivery. A return authorization #,and return instructions and address will be issued. I am a very honest E-bay seller and take a lot of pride in great customer satisfaction and good communication between both the seller and buyer. Thank you.

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