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CUMMINS 4BT 3.9 TURBO DIESEL ENGINE with ford manual transmission 4 cylinder For Sale

CUMMINS 4BT 3.9 TURBO DIESEL ENGINE with ford manual transmission 4 cylinder

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CUMMINS 4BT 3.9 TURBO DIESEL ENGINE with ford manual transmission 4 cylinder:

My name is Chad McKinney from Cincinnati Ohio and I sell Cummins 4bt engines for repowering vehicles, boats, machinery, etc. I have sold over 100 motors this year and have had no issues with my customers. I personally fire each motor up and check for internal noises, blow by, broken parts, etc. I will only sell good motors, all others are parted out. Potential buyers are guaranteed to have no problems with my motors. This engine for sale is an on road application engine with a rotary VE mechanical injection pump. It requires no computer to run, only a 12 volt wire on the fuel solenoid. I have several engines for sale. This sale is for one running engine that includes a ford 4 speed manual transmission along with flywheel adapter kit. The engine itself is complete and has the complete serpentine belt assembly including alternator. Also has turbo, motor mounts, and starter. The injection system is complete along with lift pump. Most engines have fans and power steering pumps, some have vacuum pumps. Please let me know what you need and I'll do my best to accommodate. These engines are coming out of running trucks, not junk vehicles so mileage is not an issue.

Don't let the other guys fool you, the bread truck bodies will only scrap out for $600 to $700. Buying a pulled motor is a lot cheaper than fooling with an entire truck body that has useless wheels and a rear end that is geared to only go 55mph.

I am able to palletize this motor for free.Shipping is freein the lower 48 states except California.California will be an additional$100.00. If you would like to arrange yourown shipping that is great, just deduct$150 from final price. Free shipping is only to a business address or if possiblethe distribution warehouse. We can ship to Canada, Mexico, etc, just have to figure out shipping. Shipping to FairbanksAlaska is $800.00 If you can find a better rate that is fine and we can use that.I have a forklift for loading. The motor weighs approximately 1000 pounds.Buyer can pick up locally.If you'd like to call and discuss price my phone number is 513-446-9654. Thanks, Chad McKinney

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