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Custom Crokinole Boards For Sale

Custom Crokinole Boards

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Custom Crokinole Boards:

Welcome to StClair Woodworks and BreMiSt GAMES

Note to potential buyers...
With my current backlog of orders the current wait time is approximately 3 months. For now I am going to cancel this ad until I get caught back up. I will be reopening this ad when I do get caught back up.
Brett StClair

Hello shoppers!

Crokinole is a great, easy, and relaxing game that would make a great gift or a nice addition to your board game collection. This game also fits quite nicely in a man cave or parlour environment and these board also look really good hanging on the wall as an art piece.

About me

I am an experienced woodworker. I have built many things from dressers to TV stands, Rocking Horses to Chess Boards. Along the way I have fallen in love with building Crokinole Boards.

Until recently I have been building Crokinole Boards only for family and friends to perfect the process. They are turning out quite well now so I thought I would offer them for sale to at least try to support this hobby with a little income.

I am not making much on these boards as they are fairly time consuming to build but as I said I love building these so why not at least get a little something back for my time.

The base price shown above Includes:

- The board (of course). It will arrive prewaxed and ready to play. The main ad picture shows a birch board with a dark Kona stain finished with gloss lacquer. The base (ditch) is also birch with a light stain. The rail is oak with the same dark Kona stain. I would gladly build to any color scheme you desire (see options below). I've included a picture of another popular board that is light colored with a dark ditch and rail. Also shown in a picture of the back of the board so you can see the construction and unique board name.

- 1 set of discs (12 discs each of 2 different colors). This allows for a 2 player or 2 team (4 player) game. By default the disc colors will be black and natural. Optional disc colors are green, red, white, and blue. Please message me after purchase if you want to trade either or both of the disc colors for any of the optional colors. Please see the options below for an additional set for the 3 or 4 player singles game variant.

- a handmade bag for the discs (unless you buy an optional box, see my other ads)

- Rules sheet

- free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Some of the optional things I can offer:

- Standard Stain Options - free (if there is a stain color scheme you want other than what is shown please message me or better yet send me a picture of what you like and I'll do my best to match it) NOTE - this option only affects the color of the various pieces as they would be applied to natural colored birch.

- I have the ability to do just about every type of Crokinole board design out there so feel free to message me with any special requests. There might be extra fees associated with special requests. These fees are to be determined based on the complexity of the request but I promise I will make you a fair price based only on material costs and a modest hourly labor rate. Some popular deluxe features include things like figured veneer designs such as the quilted Sepele in the sunburst pattern shown in the deluxe picture or a custom paint job like a non-copyrighted logo or other designs of your choosing.

For the following see my other ads:

- Additional Disc Set (12 discs each of 2 different colors) you get to specify the 2 colors. Optional disc colors are green, red, white, and blue.. (This allows for a 3 or 4 player singles cutthroat match)

- Custom Matching Disc Storage Box - These boxes come in 2 configurations. A 2 disc set and a 4 disc set. If purchased with a board the box stain colors will match the purchased board.

- Scoring Board with Scoring Pegs - If purchased with a board the scoreboard stain colors will match the purchased board.

- Any other special request you might have... (message me with whatever you dream up and we can talk about it)

To save a bit of money please see my "Custom Crokinole Board Package Deal" ad. For a slightly reduced total price and combined shipping this includes a matching box, extra set of discs, and a scoreboard.


B. St.Clair

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