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FE Ford 427 SOHC Complete Cammer Engine For Sale

FE Ford 427 SOHC Complete Cammer Engine

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FE Ford 427 SOHC Complete Cammer Engine:

This sale is for a fresh (ready to run) Ford 427 SOHC, built for a64' Galaxiethat my Dad & I started, which was going to be his retirement vehicle, however he has decided to go with a more mild engine combo instead. As seen in thelist below,no expense was spared what-so-ever...this engine was built with all of the right parts and machine work.Not pictured but also included - Headers by Ed exhaust flanges and long-tube (weld-up) header kit, correct oval dual 4bbl air cleaner assy. with SOHC bird emblem, cam cards and balance card, and I will also include a reprint of the factory Ford service manual for a Cammer. NOTE: Carburetors are the correct Cammer original BU-BT 780cfm (each), and fully rebuilt.

My father and I have extensive experience with Cammers,have built and owned3 others before this one, and Istill have have 1 other injected & strokedCammer in a 64' Fairlane. Rest assured that this engine is done right!

This is a serious power plant (and piece of Ford history) that will be perfect for a serious Ford enthusiast. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, you can reach my father on his cell phone, 817-739-0040 - ask for Jimmy.

SHIPPING: We have listed for local pickup to satisfy 's website, however we will certainly ship at buyers expense. This item will need to be delivered through a frieght company, so we will work out the details once buyer has submitted deposit/payment.

SOHC 427 Engine Parts

Block: New Genesis 427 block, drilled oil holes in back of deck for oil return, bought from/machined by Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, AR

Rods: Oliver Billet Rods C6700BB8 12336-S7C-110-230110-101, Reciprocating Rotating Total 249.0 571.8 820.8

Crankshaft: RPM (Brand) DG3-FE4125 4340 Nitrided Crank, Ford FE 4.125 Stroke

Camshaft: Comp Cams 427 FE Ford SOHC - Right Hand Side Part # 138-000-9R Serial # S9027-10, Left Hand Side Part # 138-000-9L Serial # S9025-10

Pistons: Diamond (Brand) Job # 50027

Bore: 4.2500 Comp Height 1.390, Effective Volume = +31.3cc

Lock Ring Part # 01-5106 Spirolox

Support Rail Part # 01-9000-250

I. Valve Depth 0.301

E. Valve Depth 0.265

Wrist Pin Diameter 0.990

Wrist Pin Length 2.930

Piston Weight 640 Grams

Piston Rings: Mahle (Brand) # 4255MS 4.250" + .005, 1/16" - 1/16" - 3/16" Performance Ring (Standard Tension File Fit)

Main Bearings: Federal Mogul # 125M

Rod Bearings: Federal Mogul # 8-7200CH1X

Cam Bearings: Federal Mogul # SM-441 (22 pcs.) Purchased from Michael Deutsch, Cammer Concepts

Rear Main Seal: Fel-Pro # BS-30138

Oil Pan: Milodon # 31130

Oil Pump Pickup: Milodon # 18370

Oil Pump Drive Shaft: 5/16" Drive from Precision Oil Pumps

Oil Pump: M-57AHV Mellings Pump, Blue Printed by Precision Oil Pumps

Oil Pan Gasket: (2) Fel-Pro # 0S11701D

Windage Tray: Ford Racing # M-6687-A390

Oil Filter: Motorcraft # FL1-HP

Fuel Filter: Wix / NAPA # 3271

Cylinder Heads: SOHC Aluminum from Bill Coon

Head Gaskets: Cometic Gasket (Brand) # H1977SP5040S, SOHC 4.250 Bore .040 MLS

Head Studs: ARP # 155-4002 for SOHC 427

427 SOHC Gasket Set: Chuck Gastro, White Engineering

Rocker Arms: For FE Cammer, From T & D Machine Products, 775-884-2292;

Stub Cam: From GeraldCoon

Stub Cam Outer Gear: Barillaro, Part # SE101

Adjuster Idler Gear: Barillaro, Part # SE105

Fuel Pump Idler Gear: Barillaro, Part # SE104

Cam Gear: Barillaro, Part # SE103 (2 each)

Crank & Stub Cam Gear: SOHC, Comp Cam Gears; from Precision Oil Pumps, 2324 Decatur Ave., Clovis, CA 93611; 559-325-3553

Fuel Pump Gear Bearings: Fafnir (Brand), Part # P205K

Adjuster Gear Bearing: Fafnir (Brand), Part # P204K

Stub Cam Outer Bearing: Fafnir (Brand), Part # P204K (in front cover)

Harmonic Balancer: ATI (Brand), Part # 918310

Balancer Bolt: ARP # 150-2501

Intake Manifold: Aluminum SOHC from Gilbert Carpio, California

SOHC Front Cover: Aluminum SOHC from Gilbert Carpio, California

Bell Housing Dowel Pins: EZ Adjust # 15964 .014 Lakewood

Bell Housing: Quick Time (Brand) for FE

Clutch: McLeod (Brand) Duel Disc, 1 3/8" Spline for 2 Discs

Long Style Pressure Plate, Aluminum Flywheel - McLeod

Throw Out Bearing & Hub: McLeod # 16042

Clutch Pilot Bearing: Kayo (Brand) # 6303ZZC3

Flywheel Bolts: ARP # 100-2801

Water Pump: Eddlebrock # 8805, Modified by Barillaro for SOHC

Manifold Water Outlet for Heater Hose: 427 Hose Barb Long, Brass 3/8" Coupling, and a Close 3/8" Brass Nipple

Distributor Cap: Standard (Brand) # FD129

Distributor Rotor: NAPA (Brand) # FA157

Distributor Gear: Crane Cams # 34970-1 (Steelgear) for a .467 Dia. Shaft

Spark Plug Wires: Taylor (Brand) # 75289 (Red)

Spark Plug Wire Separators: Taylor (Brand) # 42720 (Red)

Spark Plugs: NGK - FR4 or Autolite # 404

Coil: MSD Blaster 2, Part # 8200

Starter: Powermaster # 9506

Alternator: NAPA

Alternator Bracket to Water Pump: Ford Part # C8AE-10156-B

Alternator Pulley: Ford # C5AF-10A352-H

Fan Belt: Gates # 7420 42 5/8" Long

Crankshaft Pulley: March Pulley # MAR-6071; specially machined to take off end groove, then drilled center hole in pulley 1.995"

Header Kit: Headers by Ed; build to any application (welding required)

Oil Filler Caps: Ford # EAD-676-B (2 each)

Balance & Machine Work: Charles Automotive Machine - Arlington, Texas

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