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McCulloch drone engine, Gyrocopter, experimental aircraft, airboat For Sale

McCulloch drone engine, Gyrocopter, experimental aircraft, airboat

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McCulloch drone engine, Gyrocopter, experimental aircraft, airboat:

McCulloch target drone engine. This engine has been modified with cage-less rod bearings and cam-ground pistons. It was obtained from a Bensen dealer back in the late eighties. It was represented as freshly overhauled. It is a 72 hp. version.

I pulled one cylinder off due to cracked cooling fins (replaced with like-new replacement...see photo) and took a couple of photos of the engine condition. Definitely not run since overhaul and everything looks clean and tight. Since I didn't overhaul it and have not run it, I can't guarantee its integrity.... but all appears good.

The mag fires all the plugs, and all cylinders have good compression.

The carburetor was used on one of my Bensen Gyrocopters decades ago. Appears to be good to go.

Three of the spark plugs are Champion and one is NGK....all #7's. Nice NGK harness.

*Contact me about shipping.

Added information: I can provide a complete 'mock-up' engine complete with drone carburetor for anyone just wanting a non-functional engine for show. I have sold one already. It will be made up from non-serviceable cylinders (internal issues) and hollow magneto housings with real ignition leads and spark plugs.

If anyone is interested, I can provide photos of the one I sold. $300. Shipping around $100.

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