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Over the Alps Glevum Series Game made in England c 1930 four Metal Climbers For Sale

Over the Alps Glevum Series Game made in England c 1930 four Metal Climbers

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Over the Alps Glevum Series Game made in England c 1930 four Metal Climbers:

Glevum Series – Over The Alps – mountaineering Board Game with all four original metal climber figure Counters, c1930. This is a good example of a very attractive board game called Over The Alps that was made in England as part of the ‘Glevum’ Series in around 1930 or so. As the title suggests – it has a mountaineering theme, which is highlighted by the image on the box lid.

The Box measures approx 14” x 7” x 1½”. The bottom left corner of the lid is split and there is also a split on the edge by that corner. But nothing is missing and the box is still at least ‘very good’. The lid is a little grubby – but not too bad and it still displays well. The very simple rules are printed on a paper label that is stuck on the underside of the lid.

It is a simple race game, played with dice and counters. But what makes it more attractive is that the board – which is stored folded in the box needs to be stood up inside the box base to form a mountain. You start at the bottom of one side and the first person to reach 100 is the winner. You go up one side and then down the other. Instead of ‘squares’ on a regular board this one has numbered holes. The reason for this is that the counters slot into those holes. The counters are WONDERFUL! They are four 1½” high metal climbers. They actually look as if they are Boy Scouts. Even if they are not then they are certainly not the rugged mountaineer type characters shown on the box lid. They are walking up and over the mountain, with just a large walking stick for support! The figures are identical except that their shorts are different colours. They are red, yellow, green and blue. None have missing heads or walking sticks. They easily slot into the little holes on the board and stay in place (unless you happen to bang the table too hard and then they can slip / rotate!) I forgot to show the old wooden dice in my picture. There is no shaker. (I have no idea if there ought to be one?!)

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