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U.S. Divers Full Face Deep Sea Diving Helmet / Band-Mask For Sale

U.S. Divers Full Face Deep Sea Diving Helmet / Band-Mask

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U.S. Divers Full Face Deep Sea Diving Helmet / Band-Mask :

Up for sale is a very early and completely unusual Full Face Deep Sea Diving, Band-Mask by U.S. Divers, complete with communications, hood & spider, bottom mounted exhaust valve, 2nd stage regulator and chromed brass face port with mounting hardware for welding shield.

This museum piece is missing a few insignificant parts that are easily and often found right here on ; such as, the adjustable nose press inner ear pressure equalizer, that presses against the nose, inside the oral nasal cup; Also missing is the welding shield itself.

The ear speakers are both present, and still connected to the inside of the mask and are included.

This early version helmet hood and mask combination is somewhat similar in many ways to the standard U.S. Navy issued diving hoods; and as such, is a part of diving history.

These diving helmet mask hoods have been successfully used for many years by divers working in shallow and uncontaminated waters. The unit is a rugged piece of equipment of low volume which permits the diver to work in very confined quarters. The hood is fitted to the mask with a heavy-duty adjustable clamping two piece ring with five cone shaped dogs for attaching the “spider, or rubber five finger head strap harness assembly. The straps are adjusted using holes in them and by hooking them over metal latching dogs affixed to ring which in-turn clamps over the hoods lip and holds the hood tightly to the mask. When so adjusted, it holds the mask firmly in place so as to minimize any risk of accidental dislodgement.

This outfit is not equipped with quick-release buckles, however, the mask and hood can be quickly remover with the use of the zipper running up the back of the hood.

This early piece of underwater diving history is not marked with any manufacturer identification information, such as found on later issued U.S. Divers equipment.

This helmet/mask hood could be used as a free flow by blocking off, or removing the 2nd stage regulator and opening the hoods exhaust valve, as it’s equipped with an air-control valve, or side-block..

You get the band mask, hood, with exhaust valve, early version side-block complete, as pictured; however, the mannequin head is only for display and is not included in this sale.

This is a working helmet and was referred to by its previous owner as a “real money maker”. It’s not a pristine show piece; it’s a working hat that proudly shows signs of use but not abuse. This helmet was used extensively it the gulfs oil patch, and made a lot of money for a lot of divers; so, if it’s a parade pony you’re looking for, this ain’t it; this one’s a work horse.

If the mask hood were to be used with surface supplied air the minimum air requirement (per U.S. Navy Diving Manual) is 4.5 cfm @ 50 psi. A compressor capable of providing clean, consistent air in reasonable excess of this amount is recommended.

As with all diving equipment pre dive and post dive inspections should be carried out. Check for proper operation of the 2nd stage regulator. Inspect the frame, window, straps and buckles for wear or damage.

Although this mask hood is of rugged construction, basic care should be exercised in its handling and storage.

This helmet/mask is in as found condition and came out of the estate of one of the largest diving companies once operating in the South and primarily in The Gulf of Mexico. The mask has not been cleaned; however, it appears to be in very good and highly presentable condition. The rubber is soft, with slight minor cracking. This is common in rubber items of this age.

This collector’s item should be given a prominent and permanent place in a high end diving equipment collection, or museum, where it can be appreciated…

Look at the pictures, check what other and lessor such items are going for and I’m sure you’ll agree that this one is a bargain, and a keeper.

This item is a really cool piece of Deep Sea Diving memorabilia. The item presents well and would make a great addition to your collection...

The shipping USPS Priority Mail cost is for the continental U.S. only; and, the overseas shipping cost will be determined at the end of the sale.

If you need more photos, please contact me.

On May-15-13 at 14:40:07 PDT, seller added the following information:

If the mask is all original and is made of fiberglass, then it is a KMB18A other wise known as a Heliox18A. 18B is current production. Only difference is the sideblock. A block: rubber tube and under the shoulder, B block metal tube and over the shoulder. US Diver's versions were plastic injection molded masks either orange KMB10 or black MK1 Mod 0 (US Navy version)

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