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Zing Ultralight/Experimental Light Sport aircraft construction plans For Sale

Zing Ultralight/Experimental Light Sport aircraft construction plans

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Zing Ultralight/Experimental Light Sport aircraft construction plans :

Zing Plans are $99 with FREE shipping. Plans are professionally drawn and include all the information needed to build a complete, safe, and flyable aircraft. The plans consist detailed drawings on 11″ x 17″ paper printed and spiral bound. The drawings are accompanied by a detailed construction manual which is printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ size paper and spiral bound. Plans are always being updated to reflect error corrections and more instructions or drawings to add clarification to the already tested design. All plans sold by Simplex Aeroplanes include technical assistance and free updates as they become available.

Construction techniques are of the old-fashioned, tried and true wood truss and plywood gusset method. It is very simple, and builds quickly. Actual construction time will vary from builder to builder, depending on if you are building from a kit or from plans, the tools you have available, and your personal skills. However, expect 350-500 hrs depending on your individual situation.

If you have ever built a balsa-wood model airplane, a back yard deck, a shed, or any other wood structure, then you have the experience required to build this “full-scale” airplane.

The Zing was designed to fly behind a 30-45 hp engine, the airplane gets off the ground in about 75 feet, lifting off at about 25 mph. With a 35 hp Kawasaki 340 engine it’s not uncommon to see a climb out speed of 45 mph at 900 feet per minute, with cruise coming in at around 60-65 mph depending on your engine and prop combination. The original designer, Scott Land, reports that with the 35 hp Kawasaki 340 Liquid cooled engine he got the best performance. He was swinging an IVO prop with a 2.8:1 reduction drive. Top speed was 75mph at 6650 rpms. His cruise was 60-65mph at 5800 rpms.

Visibility is outstanding and landings are a snap with the aluminum, one piece gear. No nasty habits and a 27mph power on stall give the pilot a safe, secure feeling. Ground steering is very positive with no tendencies to want to ground loop.

The Zing was designed as a sleek ultralight parasol to give the competition a run for their money. With the sleek custom cowling, one piece landing gear, and somewhat large and unique vertical stabilizer, it stands out from the crowd as a show stopper and true winner. Similar to its older brother, the Cloudster, it was designed to fly on low power for those who enjoy low and slow morning flying at minimum cost. The profile fuselage and narrow cowling provide a clean aerodynamic appeal.

The major components of the plane are all wood with various aluminum fittings, landing gear, and aluminum struts. The plane is available as either plans only, full kit or as sub component kits. The airplanes construction is very similar to that of a wood model aircraft, and can be built by anyone using standard hand tools (though more tools are better), in an area as small as a 1 car garage and take 350-500 hrs to complete depending on skills, tooling, and work habit. Don’t delay any longer, now is a great time to start building a plane you can actually afford to build and one you will enjoy flying!

Kits are also now available – see our website -www.simplexaero.com for details.

You can also see a youtube video which features this airplane and the original designer - http://youtu.be/ie9IOC3I3EY

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