You mean isn't it awesome how one company with so many less years on the market can overtake another with so many more years on the market to become the new leader ?

Amazing how many of the large expensive applications have moved to the other side as well. Used to be they could/would only be run on VAX or Unix now they run on Windows. Just wish I'd have properly invested my money years ago then I wouldn't be here typing up another post. tongue

The Apache Web hosts dominate not due to technology but due to FREE OS and then CHARGE to use it.

[end os war] .... see what you made me go and do - yuck sick

If you love Linux great, If you love Windows great, If you love Macintosh great - just don't try to always be a convert-aholic evangilist, you don't make any money or points for it.

I like and use all of them. One just happens to pay my paycheck so I know more about it then the others. If one of the others was paying my pay check I'd know more about it.

I like to play new 3D games at times and the others don't play them so I play them on Windows, doesn't mean the others don't have cool great features either. That's why I have VMware to run the others.