I'd use more colorful language posting this on my own forum, but what on earth were they thinking??

First off, totally disregarding the rules of usability for IE7 is appalling enough -- but to not allow you to customize it yourself on top of it??

1) They turned off the Menu Bar by default. You know, the standard menu bar that appears in EVERY OTHER application on the planet with File, Edit, View, etc? Okay, good, you CAN turn it back on -- but you cannot move it on the top where it belongs???? (Yeah, my toolbars are unlocked)

2) For the life of me I couldn't understand why there was only the Back and Forward buttons -- no Refresh or Stop or anything. So I go to add them back in - but they're not there! Then I noticed them...... they're now to the RIGHT of the address bar! WHY? Just to be different and appear "new"? And worst of all... I cannot move them back to where I'm accustomed to having them! Nor can I remove the stupid Add to Favorites buttons. If I wanted those buttons, I'd've added them!

3) They put some of the stuff from the old #2 (they used to call it "Standard Buttons" in IE6 -- apparently they're not "Standard" any more) into a new toolbar. Instead of placing it where it belongs, they place it on the tabbed-browsing line -- AND YOU CAN'T MOVE IT. So if you want to add the Print icon, it'd take up even more room on the tab toolbar. WHY?

Why does M$ feel the need to make their software more difficult by having users try to RE-LEARN behaviors they were already accustomed to?? Trying to look "new and different"? If you wanna look "new and different" why don't you try to STOP stealing features from other browsers and TRULY come up with something NEW and DIFFERENT -- WITHOUT the need to screw up normal human behavior by forcing people to RELEARN where everything is!!!!

Now get a load of this %$@% from M$'s own site! (Edited down; bold added for emphasis)

Windows Internet Explorer 7 Toolbar: It's Your Option

Options, the world is all about options. .... Internet Explorer 7 has a monitor full of choices that you can make to customize the browser experience to suit your personal tastes. [WRONG!]

Traditionalists, please note that Microsoft understands that you might like your standard toolbar the way it used to be. To return it to its pre-Internet Explorer 7 form, select Classic Menu, and the classic menu appears [WRONG! That's not WHERE it used to be! And it doesn't even say "Classic Menu" any more.]

It's simple to arrange the toolbars however you like. [WRONG!]

After displaying the Classic Menu, click the ridge on the left side of the toolbar and drag it to the desired location. You can place the Classic Menu above, beside, or below the Links bar. [...But you can't put it where ever you "desire"!]

Click Add or Remove Commands to display the Customize Toolbar window . Adjusting the toolbar is easy. [LMAO!] The box on the left displays all the toolbar button possibilities ([Both of them?]) .... To remove a button, select it in the right box and click Remove. [Yeah, except for buttons it doesn't want you to remove!]

So which buttons are best on the standard toolbar? ["Standard"? LOL!] There is no correct answer; it depends on personal preference and how you use Internet Explorer 7. [LOL!]

The final option
No doubt life is all about options and when those options concern the new Internet Explorer 7 toolbar, they're all good.[/b] [WHAT?? LMAO!]

mad sick crazy mad sick crazy

That said... if I'm missing something and sound like a crazy fool, please let me know. laugh

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