Ive never had a problem with it?
No dll errors since day one.

I can see your not happy and that's why we
have other options out there.

Only kwerk which i find in tabs, not sure if its the
same with other software,

but my quick links goes right across the menu area,
as i have it active, when i use more than the first tab.

Funny, at my uncles
this happened and in his quick links as a favorite was
Sex tips for the over 60's

That made my day lol...

Apart from that mate i just go with the flow
and blame it on the big boys and the hold
they have always had on us.

OMG with the release of vista around the courner
i guess you could be in for a bad month.

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
People who inspire me Isaac ME Gizmo