BTW, I have a copy of Windows 1x, 3.1, and 3.11 on a floppy somewhere

Not unless you zipped them up. 1.x fit on a 360 5.25 disk
3.1 and 3.11 fit on 3 1.44 disks.

Nice thing about 1.x is it actually runs from the floppy just fine.

The fastest modern version of Windows was 95B as it fixed things that 95,A did wrong, and before MS starting adding a ton of hand holding code into the mix. 95B smokes all the 9x versions for speed. 98, 98SE, ME just started adding too much code that watched to make sure you as the user didn't do something dumb just like 2000,XP,2003,Vista do. If you could remove all that type of hand holding code XP would FLY but NOOOOOO.... have to make sure it works with every piece of poorly coded software out there.