I've found some similar topics to this problem, but nothing in them addresses or solves my problem.

I'm converting from a 6.7.3. classic system (I know ... it's about time). The install went fine. I'm running the classic importer. I keep getting the following error:
Checking... You entered the wrong path to the members directory
I copy/pasted the member directory exactly from my Classic control panel as /var/www/vhosts/dennyp.com/Members.
In some other topics I've seen references to a memberlist.cgi file in that directory. I have a memberslist.cgi file in that directory.
Safe_mode is off.

DOCUMENT_ROOT /var/www/vhosts/dennyp.com/httpdocs - but I have my Members directory above the httpdocs directory.

The Classic board is running fine.

Running PHP Version 5.1.6.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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