Hi this goes way back from the upgrade script from classic to threads but ive finally come around to asking?

Can i just delete via phpadmin Forums via ubbt_FORUMS ?
Individual ones that is ?

Why ?

They don't show up anywhere? Not in the control panel so they cant be modified or deleted by normal control panel actions.

PHP Code

27	 NULL	 0	 0	 1160259592	 0	 0	 0	 NULL	 NULL	 0	 0	 0	 0					   NULL	 0	 0	 0	 NULL	 0		   0	 0	 1	 1	 NULL	 NULL 
From left to right i get this. No Forum name or Introduction.

So if its safe just to delete them from there that all i need to know. As there are about 6 forums like this, all from some funky settings a had prior to the import from classic.

Thank you smile

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
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