I'm afraid I've gotten myself in a pickle. I was running a installation. I was refreshing some directories on my web site by uploading directories from my source copy of directoris to my web server. I accidentally clicked on my ubbthreads source directory and uploaded ALL the files and subdirectories to my server. Needless to say, that has stopped my message board from working. I downloaded and unzipped the 7.6.2 install files and followed the upgrade documentation and uploaded files from the new 7.6.2 install directories to my server. I started the upgrade script.

The Check Files listed changed, new and removed files. I manually removed the files from my server that were in the removed files section. I confirmed that the files in the new files section were on the server. I reuploaded all the files listed in the changed files section. I clicked on Check Files again and the same files were listed in each section. I can't get past the check files screen.

Any suggestions.

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