Not everyone uses Facebook. Especially in an attempt to retain web browsing privacy, some people choose to never deal with Facebook, and will use privacy tools to avoid them.

A short list of examples:
AdBlock, PrivacyBadger/EFF, DuckDuckGo PE, Facebook Container. Blocking third-party cookies, workplace/school networks/or at the OS's hosts level.

Forums which are private will be able to take advantage of the UBB.threads Like system without giving up the their user's browsing history privacy to an untold number of third-parties. Facebook is a company which uses a different privacy policy than your own forums. As a forum owner, you should give thought before enabling third-party Like/Tweet systems.

UBB.threads offers general settings for:
  • Post Like Settings - to configure how you want to enable the UBBT Like System within your forums.
  • Social/Sharing Settings - to configure social networking features which shares your content with third-parties social networking websites.

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