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Gizmo, Ruben,

It appeared to be an "extended character" bug. I got help from a magic wand and voila it works now.
Thank you Isaac I am ever so grateful! 🙏
I don't know what that means without some specific information.

NOTE: This was absolutely unrelated to UBB.threads 7.7.x.

Morgan had an random extended character inserted to his USERS permissions. It has probably been there since a very early version of the software or from an upgrade made from a version of 15+ years ago.

What I did to solve his issue was:
With temporary access granted from Morgan:
1/ I went to his: Control Panel > Groups
2/ Clicked [Site] permission for USERS group
3/ Then I clicked the bottom button, "Update This Group's Permissions".
The forum list started displaying correctly again.
I did this for each one of his groups. I did not changed anything else.

What this did was just rebuild any missing or any using bad (such as spaces or extended characters) user group permission settings.

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