Isaac, I have learned that when a member ask me to stop their subscription

I do a search for the subscription in PayPal Dashboard > Manage recurring payments to cancel it there. that will not change the end date. it will probably nowadays change the membership to inactive in UBB CP. I am not 100% it works that way have to see next time someone ask.
The last member cancelled his payment in Paypal by him self and it seems to have put his membership to inactive in UBB CP but it kept his end date to same.


I have a theory that I wish to test..
- These UBB memberships are ordered by using Britbike forums UBB subscription forms.
- On Britbike website outside the forum are also Paypal banner advertisers order forms, shown on this page
These both subscriptions have nothing in common except its being paid thru Paypal.
Note there is one unsubscribe button on the banner advertising page.

What If a Britbike forum premium member clicks on the Banner advertising unsubscribe button would he be able to cancel his forum subscription payments on Paypal???
Second question: If so would it also change status from active to inactive in UBB CP???

I can't do it myself as I cannot pay to my own Paypal account. I will have to find a member that could test it for me.

Anyway I received answer to my initial question and there is no way for an upgraded member to end his subscription on the forum he must do it in Paypal or ask me/admin to do it manually.


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