As previously communicated, we will be releasing UBB v. 6.2 to the Member Area on January 28th.

Notables regarding UBB 6.2 are:

  • "Recent Visitors," a more comprehensive implementation of "Who's Online"
  • Post preview function
  • Enhancements to the user search feature (new searchable fields, such as IP at registration, IP at last post, and birth date)
  • After a reply or edit, you are now taken to your post in the topic
  • Enhanced tools for COPPA support
  • User birth date field (required for COPPA, optional if you have not enabled COPPA)
  • Printer-friendly topic view
  • XHTML templates (~99% compliant, thanks to Allen Ayres of UBBDev!)
  • UBB Accelerator updated to comply with PHP 4.1.0's new security model
  • Topic authors may now toggle email notification from on to off and vice-versa by editing their post
  • Private forums may now be set to disallow new topics or replies (previously, new topics and replies were forced 'on')

Please note that, after careful consideration, we have decided to further test and refine the polls feature prior to release in order to ensure it is of the quality our users deserve. Stay tuned for the public beta, which is forthcoming.

UBB will be released on February 18th and will definitely contain the polls feature.

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