It would be really nice if there could be some control over rating users.

The first is that it would be able to "reset" all user ratings. That is, go through and for each user reset his rating to "null" (as if the account were first created) and eliminate any ratings given out by the user. This way, we could start over "fresh" if the rating system was abused or if we just wanted to start over fresh.

Secondly, it would be really nice if a limit could be put on who could rate another user. Posters can create a number of "fake" accounts that they use only to "rate-spam" an unliked poster. Maybe it could be a minimum number of posts. For example, you could say that only users with 100 or more posts can rate another user. This would prevent rate-spamming and would have the benefit of having the ratings being determined by people experienced on the board and more likely to have a sense of what makes one poster a 5-star and another a 1-star.

A limit might also be a time limit: for example, a user has to not only have 50 posts, but also be a member of the board for at least a month.

Just some ideas...