UBB.threads 7.3 beta 4 is now in the Members area and ready for testing. Anyone that has Members Area access and would like to help us find any remaing bugs is welcome to download the beta and give it a try.

Since this is beta software, it is not recommended that you run this in a production environment. Rather, you should setup a test forum, or copy of your existing forum to upgrade. Not only with help us find any lingering issues, but it will give you a chance to get accustomed to the new features and permissions.

The standard Upgrade Guide can be used for this upgrade with one difference. Normally, on an upgrade you do not upload any files in the styles directory. For this upgrade there is a styles/common.css file that you will need to upload. This is a css file that contains some common elements that get applied to all stylesheets.

The documentation explaining some of the new features, such as the Subscription system via PayPal and the new group permission system, will be available shortly.

You can discuss this announcement here.