I want to brag on the work Sir Dude accomplished in my redesign of our site, www.SimHQ.com and the switch from the dark side [Winders] back home to penguin power.

You folks are in the know what you're looking at, but check the work accomplished. Still some tweaking and tuning, I need to finish the homepage, and a gazillion article pages to switch over to the new design, but we're rolling. smile


Warning! Shameless plugs ahead.

Here's the communication to our members announcing new features and tweaks. I am always amazed how many people never know these exist so we do a feature each time a new design or relaunch.

Couple of plugs for two supporting sites I just launched that supports our core site www.SimHQ.com.

www.simhq.tv and www.SimHQMotorsport.com

guod@simhq [dot] com