BUGFIX: Fixed a bug on the Who's Online page and the links showing what thread a guest user is currently viewing.
BUGFIX: Fixed a SQL error with the file manager when MySQL runs in Strict mode.
BUGFIX: When deleting a user their file attachments or gallery images were not being removed.
BUGFIX: When using the file manager and not selecting a file to upload it was giving an improper error message.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple CSS issues with the boardrules template.
BUGFIX: Some moderators were still being listed multiple times at the bottom of the postlist screen for individual forums.
BUGFIX: Sending a PM to a non-existant user would result in the wrong error message.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with creating new style wrappers.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with PDF attachments that would pop up on some servers.
BUGFIX: Fixed a couple issues with unread post tracking in threaded mode.
BUGFIX: When mailing a post/thread using an altername name, the alternate name was not being displayed in the salutation.

CHANGE: When closing a thread, voting will no longer be accepted in polls within that thread.

FEATURE: Added blaaskaak's modification that gives an option to rename an entire thread on the Manage Topic dropdown. Modified so if you have any permissions to manage a topic you will get the option.

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