This is not UBB related.

I have a script running that gives me visitor info. Everything was working well but now it looks like Yahoo!, Google, etc. are using extra data in their search URLs.

My script picks up the search request and displays it in a table. The cgi search file formats this as: google~x~q=~x~Google~x~ so it returns the data after q= which used to work fine but now Google has p= and aq= in the URL so the script is returning the info from the last one.

For example, the search URL below now returns a search for 't' (aq=t) whereas it used to return 'batch convert mp3 bitrate' (q=batch%20convert%20mp3%20bitrate).

Does anyone know if there is a way that I can force the cgi search ref google~x~q=~x~Google~x~ to look for q= only?

I'm thinking that there must be something similar to 'exact' match where you use "" in a general search.