With all of our other announcements going on there have been some questions on what's going on with version 8. So I'd like to clarify things a bit.

When we acquired UBB at the beginning of the year the first thing we had to do was get the business in order. We also had a clear idea of where we wanted to take the business and how we could better serve our current and future customers.

All of that has been going on as you've seen by many of our recent announcements. During that time we've still been working on version 8 and it is progressing nicely. I know some of you want it now, tomorrow, even yesterday and we are working to get it to you as soon as possible, but at the same time we want to deliver the finished, and not a rushed, product.

Any time you have a complete full rewrite it's a big process, and you'd like to keep the number of full rewrites to a minimum. We had one with version 7, but it was written in a way that wasn't quite compatible with the changes we're doing now. So, with version 8 we're making sure the foundation is there so we can continue to develop on that foundation and not be required to do another rewrite 2 years down the road.

Although we're not quite finished yet, we have started early alpha testing with our private testing group to work through any issues.

I know everyone is waiting for us to give a date. I can say that with all of the recent business developments finished and out of the way we can fully focus on version 8 again to get it finished up and we'll get a date to you as soon as possible.

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