We have been online since roughly September 1, 2010. We are a non-profit web site devoted to helping marriages in trouble to recover; walkaway spouse, infidelity, etc; kid issues, divorce, wayward recovery, betrayed recovery, marriage recovery, all specifics

All of the gurus out there, books, forums and the like are discussed and analyzed. Help is in the form of peer counseling from people, some of whom have been doing it for a decade or more. We have one Therapists posting his work on our site and answering questions, free.

Marriage news and views is associated content.

Help to make good marriages or marriages with the blahs get better.

We are in competition with four other sites, all of whom are owned by a guru, except one that is owned by an amateur.

Since we started up, we have leapfrogged every site but one in terms of posting and help threads. Our daily post count is going through the roof and closing in on the largest site.


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