This is a very weird bug which I cannot explain how this happened. The last couple of days, people were no longer able to add an image to one of my galleries. Although everything seemed OK when uploading, after the uploading, the image file was not there and a cross was shown (image not found). Although the application said, the uploading went OK, and in the image manager, a reference to the file was shown.

I started digging and it seemed that somehow the permissions of the folders (full, medium & thumb) in this particular gallery where changed to 666. So the X bit was gone.

The fix of-course was quite easy. By setting the folder to "777", it worked again, and uploading was without problems.

The big question I have here is actually: How could this happen in the first place? What can change the permission of the folders in one gallery without me doing something at all?

Another question I have is, why does the X bit needs to be set in the first place? Isn't only W needed, since only it has to do, is save the files there?

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