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Joined: Jun 2012
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Joined: Jun 2012
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In the category of "How do I" do something, I had a quick question for one of you UBB jocks, which is:

How do I post a piece of colored text in a forum running Version 5.39b with UBB code activated?

While I realize the text will be enclosed between beginning and ending "color" code tags, for some reason, how to code for color is not included in the "how to" instructions for this bulletin board along with instructions for hyperlinking, email links, bold & italics, bullets, lists, etc.

So, I guess my shorter question is, have these instructions been modified to deliberately NOT include "color" or will the properly coded color tags work even as they are not specifically included in this particular forum's "how to use UBB codes" section?

It's an older version, too, I realize, but I wouldn't think red would have been added as a feature in later versions.


Joined: Dec 2003
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Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 6,538
Likes: 76
Wrong forum but anyway that version is so old that I don't recall if you can change fonts or color.
It had very limited ubb tags..

Have a look at
for documentation

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UBB.threads Developer
UBB.threads Developer
Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 16,250
Likes: 112
UBB.Classic as a product was shelved (End of Life) on October 5th, 2006 when v7 of UBB.threads was released; the final build of UBB.Classic was v6.7.3 which was released in 2005. Your release is well prior to that, I don't even have a changelog available regarding a version in the v5 branch. The file dates in the v547e archive that I have on hand, note files being from as late as 2001, and as early as 1998.

The UBBCode in the v5 series of UBB.Classic was extremely limited; the oldest release that I have on hand is v547e, which displays the following coding for UBBCode (cgi-bin/postings.cgi):
sub UBBCode {
my $ThePost = shift;
if ($ThePost =~ /\.cookie/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, COOKIE");
if ($ThePost =~ /\ONERROR\s*=/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, ONERROR");

#auto URL---
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL|(^|\s)http:\/\/|(^|\s)www\.)(\S*?)".*?(\]|\[\/URL\]|\s|$)/$1$4$5/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(http:\/\/\S+|https:\/\/\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(www\.\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
return $ThePost unless ($ThePost =~ /\[\/.+]/); # only process if there are ubbcode tags

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$2$3<\/A> /isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A> /isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$5<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$4<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[EMAIL\])(\S+\@\S+?)(\[\/EMAIL\])/ <A HREF="mailto:$2">$2<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s,(\[code\])(.+?)(\[/code\]),<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">code:<\/font><HR><pre>$2</pre><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>,isg;

if ( ($OverrideImages ne "yes") && ($UBBImages eq "ON") ) {
$ThePost =~ s/(\[IMG\])(http:\/\/\S+)(\[\/IMG\])/ <IMG SRC="$2"> /isg;


$ThePost =~ s/(\[QUOTE\])(.+?)(\[\/QUOTE\])/ <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">quote:<\/font><HR><font face="$FontFace" size="$TextSize">$2<\/font><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[i\])(.+?)(\[\/i\])/<I>$2<\/I>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[b\])(.+?)(\[\/b\])/<B>$2<\/B>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<UL TYPE=SQUARE>$2<\/UL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list=)(A|1)(\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<OL TYPE=$2>$4<\/OL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/\n?\r?(\[\*\])/<LI>/isg;
return ($ThePost);


So it looks like the only BBCode in this version are those which display in the forum help (NonCGI/ubbcode.html):
Lists, Bold, Italicize, Quotes, Image Tags, Code Tag, then URL/Email.

Bottom line, if you want current BBCode, or care anything for current web standards, you'd need to be running something that isn't 20+ years old.

Last edited by Gizmo; 03/11/2018 2:48 PM.

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