Taking from smf.
Where you have one subscription item and it is a multi select.
Meaning say a gold subscription and have a breakdown of weekly,monthly,yearly in one subscription.
Plus have price breaks for each duration.
Why have multiple subscriptions for gold appear as separate line items for each duration.
Instead be a dropdown box and select the time period you want.

Attachments. and Gallery items.
On some sites they can become a very large folder all files stored in one folder.
While taking a tip from say wordpress.
Or sd/s picture upload.
All media is stored by year and month folders per the file date.
Then the folder becomes manageable via ftp.
In some smf plugins you can even set file number limits per folder and have them overflow to a different folder.. Then you have a unlimited number of folders..

Open up the options to allow multiple days, repeating days,weeks ,months
Take a tip from outlook,. For repeating .
For say scheduled podcasts, seminars ,etc.
And allow to subscribe to said events..
This could be tied into subscriptions.

What can I say.
It has not had any love over the years.
Highlighting search terms only works with a single one word search term..

Add a links only forum/category.
Taking a hint from snitz forums.
Where the posts are just URL links to either another page or site.

Custom island layout per forum.
I have done this with using a edit copy of the file and add it to includes per forum.
But doing it manually it is hard to manage.

I have not tried/checked any of the above with ubb 7.7.2 yet. , So my apologies if some items have been addressed..

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