Just put a link on the forum description to the <A HREF="http://www.wwwthreads.com/php/wwwthreads.php" target="_new">devel site</A>. Not much works at this point, but several scripts are finished. Check the <A HREF="http://www.wwwthreads.com/phpchanges.html" target="_new">php changelog</A> for what scripts have been ported. Any scripts that are not ported yet will return you to the wwwthreads homepage. At this time, you can login, logout, view the forum list, and view the post listings.

They have not been bug tested yet, so I know you may have the urge to do so, please don't report bugs on this yet:).

Also, this is running on the same database, so if you visit that site and then come back and visit here it may mess up your unread message tracking.

Will answer some of the other questions and PMs after I get some lunch.

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