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That said they can also inform the ubb admin so he/I could manually inactivate on ubb and PayPal.

But how would the admin be able to deactivate the user's PayPal subscription option? The user would lose the remainder of what they already paid-in-full for at the beginning. Cancelling a subscription mid-period will not return an adjusted amount back to their account. When the user deactivates the subscription from their own paypal account, it will no longer accept processing of future requests. UBBT will continue to provide the service that the user prepaid for, but will not automatically renew the subscription when the period ends.

Subscriptions are not prorated or partial amounts. They are for complete blocks of time that you have agreed to deliver for each of their payments.

If you need special extension/termination arrangements for a user, those can be made from your control panel on a per user basis.