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#263542 03/01/2020 11:04 PM
by isaac
UBB.threads 7.7.4 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.

TOC / Overview
UBB.threads 7.7.4 Changelog
Upgrading To The Current Version of UBB.threads 7
What To Do Next? / Discussion

UBB.threads 7.7.4 Changelog
Version 7.7.4 includes several minor php 7.1+ and mysql 5.7+ code fixes, and It has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.

Primary Changes In This Release
  • Likes system with Likes summary pages for threads and users.
  • Major updates to the UBBT77 and UBBT77-Dark forum styles.
  • Post sharing menu for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Email.
  • Quick Search within the navigation-bar.
  • Threaded Mode topic tree updates.
  • Fixed new private message indicator.
  • Updated Member Profile page.
  • Posts can now be unapproved.
  • New user registration issues fixed.
  • RSS feed time and formatting issues fixed.
  • New sticky Control Panel breadcrumbs bar.
  • Control Panel data column sorting and zebra striping.
  • Additional information in the Member Editor.
  • Style Editor updates and fixes.
  • Improved Cache Manager.
  • Improved Database Backup.
  • Content Rebuilder is now faster.
  • Transition tool for unicode support (Asian characters and Emojis).
  • Added more friendly url formatting (SEO) to the urls.
  • Updated several libraries and assets.
  • Cleanup of templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.
  • More bug squashing and layout updates.

Summary of Changes
[NEW] UBB.threads has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.
[NEW] Posts can now be Liked. Settings are available to set how many per 24hr period, if they can like their own posts, display who else has liked the post.
[NEW] Complete Like summary page is available per thread, posts, and for each user.
[NEW] Post Likes are removed when a member account is deleted.
[NEW] Post Share drop-down menu has been added to each post. This menu includes: Copy post link to clipboard, Email Post, Report Post, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It is configurable through the Control Panel > General > Social/Sharing Settings.
[NEW] Posts from Ignored Users will now be completely hidden and replaced with a link to toggle its display, for if the blocking member chooses to view it.
[NEW] The Print Thread output has been completely rewritten.
[NEW] Users can toggle password visibility for login form input.
[NEW] New Member Registration emails now display additional information of stored Member IP addresses. Using the GEO-IP lookup API, the member's country and continent are displayed in addition to the their ISP and its general location, and if their connection type was mobile or broadband.
[NEW] Quick Search within the navigation-bar will now present a drop-down entry box for easier searching.
[NEW] Topic Tree for Threaded Mode display now marks the current post, and highlights any unapproved posted within the thread.
[NEW] Follow List Editor (Forums, Threads, Users) now have "Select All" and "Unselect All" buttons for easier management.
[NEW] Posts can now be Unapproved. This is useful for when moderators want to put a post "on hold" without pausing the entire thread for everyone.
[NEW] Unapproved posts are now preceded with a notice of the post status and a link to the "CP:Approve Posts" list page. A moderator may optionally choose to edit the individual post to approve it from that page also.
[NEW] Custom Islands are now each wrapped in their own custom div ID which is based on their island number in the CP (ex: div id="island2" would target Custom Island #2. They can now easily be targeted through CSS as desired.
[NEW] Upgrader will now recommend that if you are using styles from an older UBB.threads install, you should replace them with their current version. An additional step can automatically add the new style versions to your forum for you. They will be installed but they will not be active until you activate them within the forum Control Panel. You may skip and continue to the next upgrade step, but it is recommended that you update your styles, fixing any display errors which were since corrected.
[NEW] CP: Top/Breadcrumb bar is now sticky to the top.
[NEW] CP: Breadcrumbs presentation has been updated to include a link to your forum and link to your main site.
[NEW] CP: Member Editor now displays additional information of stored Member IP addresses. Using the GEO-IP lookup API, the member's country and continent are displayed in addition to the their ISP and its general location, and if their connection type was mobile or broadband.
[NEW] CP: Approving and Unapproving posts are logged to the Admin Log.
[NEW] CP: Post Likes Settings have been added (Control Panel > General), ie; Enable/Disable, Display Total and Member Names, How Many Names To Display, Allow Self-Likes, Display Only Active Members on Summary, Max Likes Per 24hrs. The defaults for each configuration item are also shown.
[NEW] CP: New Portal Islands are available, "Top Likes" and "Top Likes (30 Days)."
[NEW] CP: New Portal setting, "Total Members To Show In Top Likes."
[NEW] CP: Content Rebuilder now also rebuilds Post Like Counts for when you want all user like counts to reflect their current number of likes, and not how many they have ever liked. This is relevant for when liked posts are deleted/purged.
[NEW] CP: Content Rebuilder can now help transition your forum tables for full unicode support (utf8mb4) which will allow for Asian characters and Emojis to be used. 4-Byte UTF-8 Unicode requires MySQL 5.5.3 or above. It is highly recommend to create a database backup as the process cannot be undone.
[NEW] Added Clipboard library version 2.0.6.

[UPDATE] Member Profile page has been updated to clean up and improve its data presentation.
[UPDATE] Show/Hide Column(s) toggle has been moved to the Navigation Bar.
[UPDATE] Forum Help (FAQ) has been moved to the Footer bar.
[UPDATE] Forum search has been moved to the navigation-bar top-right.
[UPDATE] Show/Hide Columns has been moved to the navigation-bar top-right.
[UPDATE] Post Buttons for "Email Post" and "Report Post" have been moved to the Post Share drop-down menu. This creates addition space for the "Like" button and improves display on thin displays, such as smaller smart phones in portrait layout.
[UPDATE] "Search Engine Agents" is now "Robots (Crawlers)." The updated terminology also helps to cover web robots used for marketing, webpage screenshots, site monitors, feed generators, link checkers, web scrapers, misc tools, page speed tests, and vulnerability/virus checkers, in addition to the expected search engines.
[UPDATE] Mailer has had several language strings updated and corrected.
[UPDATE] RSS feeds for single forums and multi-forum bundles have been updated.
[UPDATE] Gallery Islands now display the gallery title and gallery author with the image thumbnail.
[UPDATE] Moved the left/body/right columns out of HTML tables and in to DIV containers.
[UPDATE] Add more browser window information to debug info in footer.
[UPDATE] Multiple updates to common.css to further correct (reset) and define common display ground rules across the major browsers.
[UPDATE] CP: Columns within the Style List, Member Searches, Subscription Transaction List, Portal Island Column Layout, Referer Log, Admin Log are now zebra-striped, have hover-over row highlighting, and columns are now sortable.
[UPDATE] CP: "Enable Spider-friendly URLs" is now "Enable Friendly URLs" because this function generates URLs that are easy to read and include words that describe the content of the webpage, which is useful to readers beyond web spiders.
[UPDATE] CP: General Settings now displays relevant general forum information together. Items were moved from the Primary Settings page to here.
[UPDATE] CP: Cache Manager will now also: update post view counters, purge pointers to moved topics that have expired, purge inactive users from who's online table, and purge expired bans.
[UPDATE] CP: Database Backup has been updated to utilize MySQL's escape function to pre-epend backslashes where needed. Using the data provider's escape function instead of addslashes() takes into account the character set used by the current connection to the database rather than PHP's.
[UPDATE] CP: Database Backup can now analyze and optimize tables as part of the backup task.
[UPDATE] CP: Database Information and Backup will now only work with tables which use the forum's configured database prefix (ex; ubbt_)
[UPDATE] CP: Content Rebuilder data blob limits have been increased to account for modern web server specifications running PHP 5.4+. This should further reduce the time needed for processing any of the rebuild actions.
[UPDATE] CP: Textarea entries, including Style Editor entries, will now have whitespace, tabs, new lines trimmed from their beginning and ends.
[UPDATE] CP: Member Manager saved queries will now have a default name if none was given to them during their creation.
[UPDATE] CP: The layout of Add New Forum & Edit Forum have been updated and now match each other.
[UPDATE] CP: Adding a new forum will now have default values populated for it.
[UPDATE] CP: Removed "Features > Max Width For Images Used In Posts" because the setting is obsolete. Since version 7.6.0, UBB.threads uses responsive layout based on the user's browser display width.
[UPDATE] CP: The display of more SQL queries (when debugging in enabled) has been added to more pages.
[UPDATE] Updated FontAwesome library from 5.10.0-11 to version 5.12.1.
[UPDATE] Updated Smarty library from 3.1.33 to version 3.1.34
[UPDATE] Updated TinyMCE from 5.0.12 to version 5.2.0.
[UPDATE] Many SQL queries within the PHP script files have been reformatted to be consistent with a modern standard. During this process, several queries were optimized and updated to support new stricter SQL versions and engine settings.
[UPDATE] Cleanup of several language strings, templates, CSS files, and all cache builder scripts.

[FIX] Long user names will now be wrapped if a space is not found within the name to wrap at.
[FIX] Category Titles now display within the breadcrumbs. This is in addition to the Forum Titles which are already displayed.
[FIX] Topic Tree for Threaded Mode display on mobile devices is fixed
[FIX] Creating a moved/merged pointer message when moving/merging threads no longer creates a bad URL pointer to its new location. (Thanks to Baldeagle for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] Custom Island Inserts appearing twice in Gallery Forums is fixed. (Thanks to ECNet for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] New User Registration "ICQ issue" where Twitter was configured as a required field would fail to add the new registration.
[FIX] Time formats used in RSS feeds now use proper ISO-8601 format rather than a timezone abbreviation.
[FIX] User posts/messages and subjects now have whitespaces (spaces, tabs, extra lines) stripped from their beginning and end.
[FIX] Additional (undesirable) trailing line breaks are now removed from post quotes, spoilers, lists, etc. Optionally; rebuild your Posts, Signatures, and Private Messages with the Content Rebuilder, to update your older posts.
[FIX] Many forum generated URLs have been updated to correctly use Friendly URLs, when enabled.
[FIX] CP: Style Editor preview now updates with the CSS from within the Extra Properties section.
[FIX] CP: Style Wrapper Editor is now fixed. You can now add, delete, and edit wrappers. The wrapper preview will also remember the current style being used within the wrapper preview. Creating a new wrapper will pre-populate the editor with default opening/closing HTML.
[FIX] CP: General Display > Maximum Table Width For All Screens issues fixed.
[FIX] CP: Member Manager saved queries which include Member Groups are now fixed. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] CP: Subscription Transaction status will now display "NONE" if the item does not have a default status. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] CP: Dashboard fixes to correct the display of long server information items.
[FIX] CP: Adding New Forums. New forums will now correctly save selected style you've chosen for them.
[FIX] CP: Approve Posts. Clicking on the post title now takes you directly to the post requiring approval.
[FIX] CP: Fix language string substitutions from within the language files which would get lost when using the language editor. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] CP: Fixed the long standing bug of the Whos Online list being empty when an additional new line (blank line) was added to the end of the Robots/Crawlers (Search Engines) list.
[FIX] CP: (PHP 7.1+) Sending an exported result list of member email addresses has been fixed. (Thanks to Ruben for reporting this bug.)
[FIX] Fixed the installer/upgrader to create a proper "extra_css" section.
[FIX] Fixed New Private Message indicator flashing when there were no new private messages to read.
[FIX] Several minor HTML fixes throughout the templates.
[FIX] Several minor php 7.1+ and mysql 5.7+ code fixes.
Liked Replies
#263676 Mar 24th a 11:31 PM
by isaac
Originally Posted by Digitalgas
After the upgrade, my Portal page Post Island for Recent Posts will only display 5 recent posts even though I have had it configured for 12 posts. Is there something else I need to do now. Apparently users like to have the 12 posts.

Thanks for reporting this bug.

It looks like the "if not set, lets set it now" was unintentionally removed. ie; the default became the always-set setting.

The good thing is that there is an easy fix for this.

For post islands in 7.7.4
Around line 32 in /forum/cache_builders/post_island.php
// Maximum number of posts to display
$limit = 5;

// Maximum number of posts to display
$limit = (!$items) ? 5 : $items;

This will be fixed in the next release. Thank you smile

For gallery islands in 7.7.4
Around line 24 in /forum/cache_builders/gallery_island.php
// Maximum number of images to display
$limit = 5;

// Maximum number of images to display
$limit = (!$items) ? 5 : $items;
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#263566 Mar 13th a 12:01 AM
by Ruben
Purring like a kitty cat.
On to the next site.
Thanks again.
2 members like this
by isaac
Its in the post drop-down menu

[Linked Image]
2 members like this
by Digitalgas
I didn't notice the arrow icon for the drop-down menu. Nice features available there.
Thanks for the quick help!
2 members like this
by Morgan
I fully see your point and understand it. I Intended only to give feedback about having to confirm the like by finding and click one extra time.

Thanks for the 7.7.4 I do appreciate all the work you guys put into it
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#263563 Mar 12th a 11:26 PM
by isaac
Originally Posted by Ruben
Maybe I don't understand what this new tool was supposed to do.
Prior to upgrading
I am set for utf8 in the language file and complete and the database is set at utf8_general_ci
But emojis don't work.

I upgraded to 7.7.4 today and in re builders I find.
Update All Tables to UTF8mb4
Configuration settings indicate that you have aleady completed this action.

So I can't run the tool because it is disabled.

This feature is based on if you have the following setting enabled or not.
Control Panel > Paths & Database > Database

[Linked Image]

When you have it enabled, you have indicated that you've already transitioned your tables collations to utf8mb4 (eg. utf8mb4_general_ci), and thus, the transitioning tool is no longer needed. The message in the transitioning tool states the same.

Visit: Control Panel > Database Tools > Information
View the Collation column.
If the items within that column are not utf8mb4_general_ci, you need to:
1/ Disable (uncheck) the above setting.
2/ Run the transitioning tool.
3/ Follow the link at the bottom of the tool at completion which tells you to enable the setting you prematurely set.


Originally Posted by Ruben
One other note when attempting to search the language files for the typo for aleady in the control panel I get:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting end of file in /home4/mysite/public_html/ub/languages/english/faq.php on line 46

But I did find it manually in languages/english/admin/rebuildcontent.php

That looks like it could be related to these from 2018.

Originally Posted by isaac
It looks like your languages/english/faq.php file was not created successfully upon upgrade.

The solution is to copy the faq.php file (mentioned above) from your archive, in to the same directory path on your forum install.

YOURDOMAIN dot com/ ... /languages/english/faq.php

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#263565 Mar 12th a 11:48 PM
by Ruben
Perfect it worked fine once I knew about the primary setting in the database section.
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#263570 Mar 13th a 09:10 AM
by Morgan
Uploaded the faq.php and it helped, thanks!
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#263588 Mar 13th a 09:44 PM
by Ruben
BTW isaac
All the email headers and footers seem to be working correctly now.
All footer and header info fully populated.
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#263612 Mar 14th a 10:12 PM
by Ruben
I hear your pain.
I re-ran the tool on my site to make screen prints.
The DB size is 731.75MB

Also I still have my php max execution time large and it ran faster the second time but
Here it is:
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#263621 Mar 15th a 03:52 PM
by isaac
When it runs, it will reopen the forum again.

Any action that closes the forum to process, will reopen it is when done processing.

The reason for the two log entries, is to be useful in knowing/logging how long the task took from start to finish.
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#263656 Mar 21st a 12:21 PM
by isaac
Thank you for the feedback.

This is the first public release of the UBB.likes system. You can count on adjustments happening to it over some time.

Again, thank you. thumbsup
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#263673 Mar 23rd a 10:56 PM
by Gizmo
Also ensure that if your utilizing a CDN (such as Cloudflare) that you're clearing your full cache with them after an upgrade, as they cache resources.
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#263677 Mar 25th a 12:41 AM
by Digitalgas
Thanks for the help. I'll make the edit.
Got to keep my people happy. smile
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