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by digisquid
I've been asked to migrate a 6.4.1 UBB forum that is currently running on a server internal to my client's business. Although I have no access to the server itself, I have been provided a zipped copy of the public_html directory + a MySQL dump. In addition to this I also have admin credentials to the live site which will remain active until I complete the migration.

Although I'm not familiar with UBB, I've read enough of the documentation to know that this is a pretty old site and, so far, the migration hasn't gone easy. I can't get the site to work at all on my production server so I've setup a dev account running PHP 5.4.45. Using this configuration I was able to get the site working on some level, but for some reason I can't log in using the same admin credentials from the live site — even though the MSQL dump was made from the live site. So, without being able to log in, I can't really verify what's actually working.

In addition to that install, I also setup a local MAMP installation of 6.5.5 and then manually tried merging the 6.4.1 data, table by table. It looks like many of the columns match up but it's a very slow process and, so far, the 6.5.5 site isn't working either. So I appear to be stuck. If I can't get the original site working, I can't even begin the upgrade process to a more recent version.

While I have no issue paying for a migration from UBB directly, I sent them a support ticket around 5 days ago and never heard back. So I wasn't really sure how active they were anymore. With that in mind, I thought I'd reach out to the forums to see if anyone had any advice or could point me in the right direction.
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by Ruben
Originally Posted by digisquid
Sorry if I wasn't clear (or maybe gave way too much information). I don't believe I have access to a 6.4.1 installer, so my initial approach was to try moving the public_html directory & the MySQL dump to a server and deploying it that way. I actually did this both on my production server as well as a local MAMP server running php 5.4.45. Nothing was merged on either site. They're all the original files and data and, since no installers were used, everything was configured by hand.

Although both of these sites seem to work on the frontend, I can't actually login to either one using the credentials from the live site. The strange thing is, the mysql dump is from the live site so I'm not sure what the issue is there. Regardless, I created yet another account with a fresh install of 6.5.5 and then I attempted to merge the data on that site — which obviously, was a bad idea.

As for the 6.5.5 approach you suggested, I can definitely try that. I do have a 6.5.5 installer, but didn't realize there was an upgrade script. So I will give that a shot. Thank you so much.

You still need to get 6.4.1 working correctly before you run the upgrade to 6.5.5

You can thank isaac for giving you some very important info on php versions versus UBB versions.

I had a similar problem a few years ago with a very old site, older than yours because it was classic.
Where I had to run it on my local machine to upgrade.
I was using wamp but could not find a downgrade that was old enough to work.
I ended up with a old archived download from xampp to get the server software old enough to run the forum.

Not sure what the os is on your local machine but if it is windows another issue is the tables get named in the wrong case.
So if you upload it to a linux server then you have to edit every table name in the proper case.

The install folder has always been recommended to delete the contents after the forum is running.
For security.
So it may be missing from your backup.
But it should not be needed at this point to just get 6.4.1 running.
Just the proper server software versions. to make the forum run properly

I feel your pain.
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by isaac
digisquid, i am sending you a PM with a download link now.

php 4.4.9 - [will be in my PM to you]
php 4.4.9 - [can be downloaded from Member Area]
php 5.2 to 5.6 - ubbthreads-7.0.0 to ubbthreads-7.6.2 [can be downloaded from Member Area]
php 5.4 to 7.4 - ubbthreads-7.7.0 to ubbthreads-7.7.4 [can be downloaded from Member Area]

Ruben or Gizmo can assist with the upgrade process, if you want to fully upgrade to 7.7.4, the current UBB.threads version.

edit: pm has been sent.
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by Ruben
You need to realize that the version you have was written for the server versions at the time.
Over 15 years ago and during that time the UBB software was changed to accommodate the newer server platforms.
So now you need to find a platform from 15 years ago that it will run on.
Only then can you contemplate upgrading.
And it will take several steps.
Also I do not think even if you get it to run , it will not run on a current hosting plan.
Unless you upgrade it to 7.x. probably UBB 7.7.4
At least unless the host has some very very old server software they use.
Which I doubt.
A lot of people got bitten by the host that updated the server to MySQLi and php7.
Prior to UBB 7.7.4

Had this been done over the last several years it would not be a issue today.

This is a big project regardless of how big or small the forum is if you want to preserve postings.
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by Gizmo
UBB.threads6 will not function on a modern system, nor will it function with MySQLi or newer versions of PHP; your build was released on January 7th, 2004 and has been officially unsupported since UBB.threads7 was released on June 5th, 2002. It is a relic, it can only run on PHP4.
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by isaac
download: xampp-win32-1.6.8-installer.exe

This will get you php 4.4 with MySQL version 5.0 and correct settings to do an easy install of ubbt 6.4 1

[Linked Image]

Then you can use xampp's built in "php switch" tool to jump between php 4.4 and php 5.2 as you need.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

note: you probably will need at least MySQL 5.5 for ubbt 7.7.0 or newer. but you can run the ubbt 7.7.4 upgrade script to get you there from a prior ubbt 7 version. followup with gizmo and ruben on that sequence.
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