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#265173 02/24/2022 9:17 PM
by InlinersAdmin
Greetings . . .

I have been tweaking my old Style so that new features and functions conform to our color pallet. I have run into a real head scratcher:
[Linked Image]
where is the color scheme maintained for "Page selector for the Post List page"?

It shows up in the preview in Pagination Properties - but doesn't appear to be set there.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

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#265178 Feb 25th a 04:14 PM
by Gizmo
What you have circled is a comment in the display; it is not in the front end. It is simply there to indicate where that class is utilized in the front end.
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#265181 Feb 25th a 09:00 PM
by Ruben
Not knowing the scheme you are going for the default settings for t-standard is.
For most all the current 20 stock styles

Leaving out the background color I believe will allow it to inherit the default.

You may need to update the settings and close and reopen the style to see all your changes in the editor.
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#265182 Feb 25th a 10:47 PM
by Gizmo
If creating new styles you should always refer to the current "stock" version of the UBBT77 style for all of the latest defaults.
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#265183 Feb 25th a 11:20 PM
by isaac
Originally Posted by InlinersAdmin
The issue is in the Admin panel. The style sheet editor is not reflecting changes to .t_standard in the preview area. As soon as you visit the Pagination Properties you can see where the comment is getting it colors

1 -
The <table> tag defines an HTML table.
.t_standard is a HTML table, not a cell.
t = table
standard = standard
t_standard = standard table

The <td> tag defines a standard data CELL in an HTML table.
.tdheader is a CELL within the header of a table.
td = a table cell
header = header
tdheader = table header, which also styles the th element.

An HTML table consists of one <table> element and one or more <tr>, <th>, and <td> elements.
The <tr> element defines a table row, the <th> element defines a table header, and the <td> element defines a table cell.

you are coloring the .t_standard <table> element that is being overwritten by your tdheader <td> element.

2 -
in the style editor preview, the section you have circled is for human visual reference only. it is not used anywhere else in the program. it is a notation of what's to follow. it is a header for the items below it in that group.
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#265185 Feb 26th a 06:22 AM
by isaac
the .t_standard class is used all over the templates. it is the formatting for standard tables. it is intended to be used for border spacing, margin paging, padding, etc. it generally is not an item that is expected to be colored. if your <table> elements are being colored, it is because a color class has been added to it. refer to the stock styles that come with UBBT.threads for examples of correct usage.

this is an example of the page selector for the Post List page, as it is grouped in style preview section, and noted to be:

[Linked Image]

please also take note -
if you are using a style that was intended for a version UBB.threads released over a decade ago, that style may have originally had validation errors within it, which are now corrected in a recent version of UBB.threads.
if you're using a style that you've created on your own, it is advised to use a current included stock styles as a reference in creating your own style when running in to a display issue.
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