ubbforum.com is NOT associated with UBB.threads or ubbcentral.com

Posted By: UBBSystems

ubbforum.com is NOT associated with UBB.threads or ubbcentral.com - 12/22/12 07:54 PM

You may have recently received an email from socialstrata.com/hoop.la stating that UBB is back as a hosted service located at ubbforum.com.

It's important to note that the product offered at ubbforum.com is NOT affiliated or authorized by our company. It's also very important to be aware that we do not support migration of your existing UBB.threads forums to this product that is NOT authorized or approved by our company. The results of a migration could effect your existing community's structure, search engine rankings, traffic, user experience, as well as potentially increase the costs of running your forum.

As stated above, we are NOT affiliated with ubbforum.com and have retained legal counsel to review this issue.

We have recently released UBB.threads version 7.5.7 and encourage everyone to upgrade their board to take advantage of the new features and security enhancements. We are also working hard on the next major release, version 7.6, that should be in beta testing in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at info@ubbcentral.com

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