Posted By: isaac UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:09 AM
UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelogs Introduction

NOTE: UBB.threads 7.6.0 was released on February 15, 2017.
At this time, UBB.threads version 7.6.0 is very much still work in progress. Its current code will change several more times before being published to the Member Area on https://www.ubbcentral.com. This *WORK IN PROGRESS* code is not available for purchase or download (other than by our current group of testers). This series of progress reports is being made public to share the development progress on UBB.threads version 7.6.0. Items may be pulled from the final release or may be reworked to have a different presentation than what is depicted in this post. This is very much WORK IN PROGRESS and not by any means "final." For 7.6.0, just about ALL of the files have been changed since 7.5.9.

In an attempt to make the ongoing development status more obvious, these changelog notes are being mirrored from UBBDev.com.

As a general concept which many developers follow when writing complex software, is to regularly make available "Snapshot" releases to all the testers. Snapshot builds are generated right before moving forward with another large change. They allow the testers to evaluate features. and review the software as it is being developed.

As a general source control (version control) term, a snapshot version indicates a view of the source code taken at a specific time. This is not necessarily stable or ready for full use and can be changed in the future, as opposed to a release version which is stable and should be final and ready for a general release.

Snapshots are also used where if a bug gets introduced in development, we can go backwards a few snapshot steps to see where that bug started, and then easily handle it. In addition, it makes sure that at any point in time, more than one person has access to the development code, and they can move forward with it if a fellow programmer quits or just disappears for whatever reason.

Click through and read up on the changes as they are posted. A link at the end of each post will take you to the discussion regarding that specific changelog.

Snapshots created and posted for beta testers:
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:14 AM
Mostly Control Panel Updates

Changelog 2015-01-28
• Quite a few Control Panel bugs were squashed.
• The missing /admin/cp_admin.css links have been corrected to styles/admin.css - the moderator pages should work as expected now.
• Captcha Preview in the Control Panel is now available.
• Submit button styles have been corrected.
• Custom Island pages got some attention.
• A lot of clean up.
• A very slight tweaking of the Control Panel theme.

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Changelog 2015-01-29
• ONLINE, SHOWMEMBERS got some attention for moving forward with a single-line listing.
• PORTAL_ISLANDS saw a fix for the calendar. Saturday and Sunday colors are called from CSS. They are no longer inlined.
• A few items were removed (and noted as such) from some language files, as they are duplicates and already in GENERIC
• SEARCH saw a lot of love this time around.
• SHOWPROFILE got some groundwork done for social networking integrations. Very minor stuffs.
• VIEWMESSAGES got a fix for something non-showstopping that I introduced to 7.5.9. "S" smile

• A bit of language stuff was updated and some new lines were added.
• More cleanups of code. Removing trailing spaces a lot more unneeded "// end" comments.
• The delay between admin action pages went from 5 to 2 seconds.
• Removed rel="nofollow" links in posts if the post has our own url in it. Goofy SEO stuff.
• Linked inline images now have an ALT= and TITLE= description of "Linked Image"
• Removed the "Re: " from the last post subject. This works retroactively. Its only a display-tweak for now. This also frees-up some room for expanding the last post topic title by 4 additional chars.
• The separator in the page title has been changed from a pipe ("|") to a hyphen ("-"). The page title now displays as "This is an awesome topic - YourWebsiteSite dot com".
• On the user profile page, if a user had an Avatar, it would display as "true" size, sometimes pushing things out of its way. It's been fixed to keep a 100px MAX width. A few other minor adjustments on this page, too.
• URLS are now back to using hyphens ("-") instead of underscores ("_").
• Post title in the URL is now trimmed at 70 chars. The previous code trimmed to 30 chars, which are too short for humans to interpret if they are only getting the last few words of a topic, and are practically unusable for SEO. Free SEO *samples* for everyone!

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:22 AM
Changelog 2015-02-01
• Search page has been simplified. The information on the page hasn't changed, its just been split up slightly different than before. These slight adjustments make it easier to navigate and definitely make it less daunting to an unseasoned user.
• The search forum list has been adjusted from only showing 10 forums. It now shows 16 within the window. It's more of a simple cosmetic update that your members will probably appreciate having. It also should make things easier for them to narrow their searches to a specific forum or group of forums.
• Search now matches "ALL Keywords" by default. Previously it would just match "ANY keywords" - if you had a list of "Green Ninja Turtles," results with only "Green" could be displayed -- even if the other two words were not found. Now, all items must be in the result for it to be a hit.
• "Search Body Only" has been broken for many years. Its now fixed.
• "Search Titles Only" now searches only the titles of the first post in a thread. Previously, it would search topic-titles and all reply-titles - often leaving your search result pages filled with one single topic and a bunch of "Re: " replies.
• In search, if "Show a preview of post body with results" was checked on, it would display the first 256 characters of the post and then leave you hanging. An ellipsis (...) has been added to the end. Now your readers will know that there is more. A very minor and a purely cosmetic update.

General, non search related stuff
• The Control Panel is still getting dusted off and its looking better every day! smile
• Plenty more empty lines and blank remarks have been cleaned up from the source code.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:23 AM
Changelog 2015-02-05
A bit of language stuff was updated and some new lines were added:
• A few more items were removed (and noted as such) from some language files, as they are duplicates and already in GENERIC.
• NEWPOST had a new item added for a more descriptive button, "Post New Topic" rather than just a generic "Submit"
• NEWREPLY had a new item added for a more descriptive button, "Post Reply" rather than just a generic "Submit"
• NEWUSER saw some new things added and a lot of updated current strings. These updates are related to the new "New User Registration" page.
• SHOWFLAT had "Loc: " removed. A user's location next to their post is self-explanatory and doesnt need a label. Saved some space. Less line wraps.
• SHOWFLAT The idea of updating "Registered:" to "Joined:" throughout the software is being bounced back and forth. If you have any cares either way on this, please post them, so we will know.
• SHOWMEMBERS Added a "Title" field for the updated "User List" page coming with this release.

• ACTIVETOPICS -Received a slight face lift. In addition, it also now displays the amount of Views and Replies each topic has.
• ADDPOST_NEWPOLL -The buttons are now centered correctly.
• CFRM -Some code optimizations.
• GALLERY/POST_GALLERY -The photo gallery received its first round of attention. The information section has been condensed. The actual post has been moved below information section. The list of photos now appears on a horizontal scroll. This layout is still being worked on and may change several more times before released.
• HEADER -A new "RESET.css" has been added. This file will be adjusted several times before being released and will soon replace "COMMON.css"
• HEADER -Several JS lines are now synchronized to use quotes instead of apostrophes.
• MYBUDDIES -The next round of changes for the "My Stuff" pages. Buddies list finally does what you expect it to do. Clicking on the user name takes you to their profile. To send them a PM, click on the "[Compose]" item in the "Send PM" column.
• MYCOOKIES -A few items were corrected. The notice is now placed above the "Expire Cookies" button, to make it more visible.
• MYFEEDS -<generator> was finally removed. This was supposed to be gone in the 7.5.9 release. I'm not sure how it made its way back. But its gone now. Again.
• NEWPOST/NEWREPLY -MarkupSelect will be hidden if the user only has one option available to them. That single option will be the one that is used.
• NEWPOST/NEWREPLY -"Post Preview" now displays your post as it would when you are about to post it. It's displayed in POST_SIDE format; Your name on the left. Column separator. A preview of your post on the right of it. If you're creating a reply, the post you're responding to will be laid out similarly.
• NEWUSER_SIGNUP -The new user registration page underwent a major makeover for preparation of the now responsive forum layout. Mobile users should have an easier time joining your forum with this new page.
• SHOWMEMBERS -Part of becoming social is finding people around you with the same interests. You are now able to search for users by their profile's location field. All from the same search box in which you would search for them by name.

• A lot of code optimizations throughout the template files.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:24 AM
This bit of progress mostly focused on adding a few new features, tweaking the current ones, and general cleaning up before moving forward again.

The most notable items are the "Signature Display" options and the Suhosin details page. James Corthell (Gizmo) has put a lot of time and work in to implementing this Suhosin checks and details feature.

Changelog 2015-02-10
• LOGIN -Suhosin warning has been updated to just a link which now forwards to its own Suhosin page.
• SHOWUSER -Updated to allow editing of the user's "signature display options"
• SUHOSIN -A new file which outputs your server's suhosin setting details.

• ADMIN/SUHOSIN -New language file to support the suhosin page.
• EDITDISPLAY -Updated language file to support the updated "signature display options"
• MYCOOKIES -Update COOKIE_INFO from "Board" to "Forum"
• SEARCH -New language item. "Submit" button is now "Search Forums" button.
• VIEWMESSAGE -Update DELETE_MESS from "Topic" to "Conversation"

• HTML.INC -Reordered the bottom (miscellaneous) menu items within the left column of the "My Stuff" page. Added "Who's Online". Separated the RSS "Feeds" subscription item from the group.

• ACTIVETOPICS -Preview has been increased form 250chars to 280chars (2x the size of a "Tweet")
• EDITDISPLAY,SHOWFLAT,VIEWMESSAGE -Update to support the updated "signature display options"

• Added a line to hopefully circumvent Mobile Chrome's comically absurd Text Autosizing (Font Boosting) https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84186

• ADMIN/*PERMS -Corrected several style references from "autorow-header-2" to "autorow-header-3"
• ADMIN/LOGIN -Suhosin warning updates.
• ADMIN/SHOWUSER -Updated to allow editing of the user's "signature display options"
• ADMIN/SUHOSIN -A new file which outputs your server's suhosin setting details.
• ACTIVETOPICS -Columns reduced from "4" to "3". Topic "Views" and "Replies" is now displayed.
• EDITDISPLAY -New View-Signature options include showing; "Never Show", "Threads Only", "Private Messages Only", or "Always Show"
• HEADER, and SEVERAL OTHER TEMPLATES -If the user is browsing with Internet Explorer 8 or less, /ubb_js/html5shiv.js will be called to help support HTML5.
/TEMPLATES/DEFAULT/HEADER -Menu items with a spaces in them ("Forum Help") are no longer wrapped at the space. Each menu label is as now treated as a single item.
• POST_SIDE -User avatars are now a link to their profile when clicked on.
• PRINTTHREAD -Updated to be much more printer-friendly.
• QUICKREPLY -Some minor spacing adjustments.
• SEARCH -Moved the help-texts in to hover-over tool tips. Forum List was again increased, from 16 to 20, to expand the entire height of the search tool. Additional layout tweaking.

• HTML5SHIV.JS -HTML5 Shiv enables use of HTML5 sectioning elements in legacy Internet Explorer and provides basic HTML5 styling for Internet Explorer 6-8, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x), and Firefox 3.x. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_Shiv

• Additional code optimizations and comment/code cleanup throughout all files.
• More inlined elements from legacy releases have been moved to CSS.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:26 AM
Its been a bit over a week since the last progress report. A lot has gone in to this bit of progress, most notably though, is all the attention which the admin Control Panel has been given. There were also some bug fixes and a few minor additions. Lets dig right in and see what those changes were.

Changelog 2015-02-21
• The Control Panel has received it's first face-lift since several years! Rather than using dark washed out colors, the control panel has been cleaned up and now uses a modern blue/ingigo/white color scheme.
• ADMINMENU -The left column has been sorted appropriately to allow admins to locate desired settings with much more ease. Each section is now sorted with feature hierarchy in mind.
• MULTIPLE SCRIPTS/TEMPLATES -A lot of display formatting is no longer inlined, and has been moved in to admin.css.
• DASHBOARD -The "Home" page has been renamed to "Dashboard."
• DASHBOARD -Dashboard received a bit of house cleaning. "Users Awaiting Approval", "Display Name Change Requests", and "Posts Awaiting Approval" are now always displayed and their counts are listed next to each item in their own column.
• DASHBOARD -"Latest Announcements for UBB.threads™" was renamed to "UBB.threads News & Announcements" and now pulls its data from the UBBCentral.com RSS feed. Hat tip to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this chunk of code! The display is now also spaced correctly - no more 50% column width for a very short time/date column.
• MULTIPLE -"Options" has been renamed to "Settings"
• MULTIPLE -"Board" has been renamed to "Forum"
• MULTIPLE -Setting titles have been standardized. Trailing colons, question marks, periods for each setting title have been removed and their names are now in Title-Case.
• MULTIPLE -Items within columns that used to split and wrap at strange places, now wrap after each individual item is complete. For example, Display Settings > Styles > Manage/Export column items.
• MASTER SETTINGS, DISPLAY SETTINGS -If appropriate, descriptions of what each setting does, now has an example of what should be entered. No more guessing if "Path" means "Server Path" or "URL Path." Other notable descriptive examples include what's expected to be entered in the "General > HTML Includes" boxes. They are also now presented in the correct order -- as a live HTML file would present them.
• LANGUAGE EDITOR -htaccess is no longer displayed as a language option if it is found within the languages directory.
• LANGUAGE EDITOR, TEMPLATE EDITOR -The editor is no longer a set width. It is now a percentage size of your browser's width -- It's larger, so you can actually see what you're doing.
• IMAGES/ICONS -This whole group has received a lot of attention. Each page looks presentable and not as if it was slapped-together just to get it done.
• FOOTER -Received a bit more attention. Pipes are gone and items are now separated by middots. The admin footer will probably see a bit more adjusting before a public release.
• HEADER -Page title was "COMMUNITY_TITLE -> Control Panel -> $pagetitle" has been updated to display as "$pagetitle - COMMUNITY_TITLE Control Panel"
• FORUMPERMS -The Expandy now displays with the correct style when you hover over it.
• MEMBERMANAGE -The Registration Queue page now matches all other admin pages. No more small font. The StopForumSpam items have also been given a cleaner display, to match the CP's new style.
• MULTIPLE -All submit buttons are now styled within the admin.css

• STOP FORUM SPAM -It is now checked at every login. Previously it was only checked during account creation.
• CACHE_BUILDERS, ALL SCRIPTS -Stock cache builders and all items within the scripts directory received a new header. And the security check has been updated to reflect that of the rest of UBB.threads.
• RSS FEEDS -In 7.5.9, I introduced a show-stopping bug when updating the headers of the MYFEEDS.tmpl and RSS_XML.tmpl files. Sorry about that. It's been corrected in this release. Also, a long standing bug (introduced in 7.5.3 as a feature) relating to feed encoding has been squashed. [INSERT LINK HERE] <-- I need to edit this to add a link to this 7.5.9 fix.
• SHARAHOLIC -Sharaholic has been added to more locations; Active Topics, Categories/Forums List, Portal, Post Listing.
• POSTLIST -A whole row section was redundant -- duplicated in the column headers. It's been removed. More work on removing its related items is planned.
• ACTIVETOPICS -This page saw a bit more attention. Small tweaks to it's display.
• CHANGEMOOD -As a simple fix for forums that use a lot of mood icons, A scroll bar is now added to the window.

At this point, it should go without saying that additional code optimizations and comment/code cleanup throughout all files. And more inlined elements from legacy releases have been moved to CSS.

Preview screenshots of that control panel update mentioned above:

Control Panel -
[Linked Image]

Settings explanations and Entry Box examples -
[Linked Image]

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:27 AM
A lot of the current work has been focused on getting the Control Panel cleaned up, both in display and behind the scenes. Working from top (Master Settings) to bottom (Tools & Information), this bit of progress has been completed through to the Permissions section earlier today. Portal and finally, Tools & Information are next on the agenda.

While progressing page-by-every-page through the Control Panel, I have come across a few options that just didnt display correctly or didnt function as one would expect them to function. I've fixed everything as I came to it.

I've progressed with adding more much-needed examples to non-obvious site settings where I could see that an example would be extremely helpful to have.

Time was also put in to correcting HTTPS/SSL issues and getting UBB.threads fully working with it. One of my personal larger sites is running full HTTPS, and I am happy as a clam with the current functionality and the security benefits! laugh

The Subscriptions pages (user and admin sections) have gone through a nice facelift. Group Images are now removed when a group's subscription expires. The Subscription settings layout has seen a lot of attention and has been the major focus for the past week and a half. A lot has been put into improving it and make it a worth-while way of monetizing your forums.

There were a few more new minor features added, but outside of what was mentioned above, the past month was spent fixing bugs, cleaning up old code, moving html formatting to css, and making UBB.threads fully HTTPS-compatible. Lets jump in to the progress report and see what some of those changes were.

Changelog 2015-04-09
• CHANGEUSER -Updated to accept https in addition to http.
• LOGS -SQL Errors Logs now displays in chronological order. Size is now always displayed in bytes. The reports are formatted to be more human readable.
• MEMBERMANAGE -Options for saving a custom search and Saved Searches are now always visible. The View/Edit Members tab items have been correctly arranged and now utilize Expandys. Registration Queue tab has also been cleaned up and no longer overflows on thin windows - It also matches the display format of MEMBERSEARCH (the member search results page). Ban Lists tab has been given proper usage examples.
• RSS -A lot of layout work has been done to allow the page items to be viewed and managed much more easily. In addition, the VIEWBOARD section regarding Forum RSS Feeds has been given usage explanations and settings recommendations.
• SHOWUSER -Rearranged the Edit Profile layout pages slightly. The bottom tabs are now sorted in an order as one would expect. Updated the preferences to handle moving away from "Time Offsets" to using "Default Time Zone" settings.
• STYLEPREVIEW -Additional style items have been added to the preview page.
• VIEWBOARD -The string file has been corrected from "FORUM_PERMS" to "FORUM_PERMISSIONS" so at to now pull titles from the correct language file. Configuration items now hide when they are unchecked/turned off.
• MULTIPLE -Text entry boxes that were based on a set number of columns are now based upon a percentage of screen size. In most cases, you'll now have more room to see what you're doing.
• MULTIPLE -If appropriate, more descriptions of what each setting does, have been given an example of what should be entered. Some current descriptions/examples have also been updated to add clarity.

Cache Builders (Portal)
• FEATURED_MEMBER -Registration date is now displayed as just "Month Year" -- ex; "June 2006"

• COPPAINSERT -An example parental consent and approval COPPA "Children's Privacy Policy Guidelines" file is now included within the UBB.threads software.

• ADMIN.INC -The "Submit" button now has the correct padding to space it apart from the content on certain pages.
• HTML.INC -The site default language is now set, if the language settings are not configured for that visitor. For example, an unregistered user.

• SHOWPROFILE -Homepage URLs will now accept https as being valid. Homepage Names are also now generated. User profile display presentation has also been cleaned up. Moved the SHOWPROFILE formatting code to the template and out of the script files.

• ADMIN -A few more slight layout adjustments. (tabs, wrappers, descriptions, etc.)
• COMMON -All Post Buttons now have a "white-space:nowrap;" placed on them.

• COPPAFORM -This page now displays correctly.
• EDITDISPLAY -Removed Time Offset and replaced with Time Zone.
• HEADER -Added code needed for displaying forums on mobile devices.
• HEADER -Testing new cookie related items to help prevent users from instantly being logged out just after logging in.
• HEADER -Moved the Forum Closed message below the forum header. This will now look like a message to the users (NEW: header/closed/footer), instead of a warning and a blank page (OLD: closed/header/footer).
• ISLAND_FEATURED_MEMBER -If there are none, tell the users that there are none at this time.
• MYCOOKIES -Long cookies now wrap when they need to. They no longer wait for a proper word-break before wrapping.
• PRINTTHREAD -Further CSS cleanup to improve the display of this page.
• SHOWPROFILE -Formatting has been removed from the script files and correctly placed in to the templates. Visitor Comments block was given a facelift. It now utilizes the space better, giving the comments more room to be displayed. "UBB Buddies" sections has been renamed to "Friends and Followers." The user avatar sizes are now standardized.
• SUBSCRIPTION -The default language that PayPal is to use when displaying it's pages to your subscribers, is now set by the new $lang.PAYPAL_LANG string. This is configurable within the Language Editor (Admin) and is set to "en_US" within the stock ENGLISH language file.

• MULTIPLE -Admin/User: Many templates were given "Major Section" comments. This will make customizations to these files a bit easier for forum owners who like to modify their default templates.
• MULTIPLE -Admin/User: More alignment formatting converted from inlined HTML to CSS, and called through the CSS files.
• MULTIPLE -Admin/User: All pages relating to Subscriptions have been given a nice facelift. Presentation and language strings have been updated for clarity.
• MULTIPLE -Admin/User: Previous devs left a few "strange comment words" in multiple scripts and template files. They have been "un-stranged."
H/t to "Morgan" for pointing out some long-standing subscription system issues

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:29 AM
Another progress report so soon? The last one was just three days ago! -- This one implements a feature many of you have been asking for; A mobile friendly forum.

This progress report will be real short and to the point. Lets dive in for a minute to see what some of those changes were.

Changelog 2015-04-13
• EDITSTYLE -Fixed the Style Editor tool to finally display the edit boxes properly.

• CHANGEBASIC, EDITBASIC, SHOWPROFILE -Added some strings to accommodate the inclusion of Social Networking profiles within your Member Profile page.
• GENERIC -Updated the CAPTCHA image verification instructions to improve clarity.

• POSTLIST -Moved the pagination/multi-page indicators to the same line as the topic. Relocated its related formatting from the scripts and placed it within the template file.

• HEADER -Adjusted code needed for displaying forums on mobile devices. Consolidated a few lines.
• HEADER -Fixed the $breadcrumb and $welcome title bar display. The $welcome string no longer hogs a whole line to itself when the $breadcrumb is very long.
• MULTIPLE -Added the major code needed to be able to display UBB.threads on mobile devices. Several pages saw a sprinkling of the strings required to make it all work. This will be complete for all pages requiring it, for the release of 7.6.0.
• SHOWFLAT -To give more room to the content of a post, POST_SIDE when viewed from a mobile device displays as a simplified POST_TOP. The author information is moved from the side and placed on the top of their post.
• QUICKREPLY -This has been cleaned up and the Post Options and CAPTCHA elements have been reorganized to play well with mobile devices while also being brought up to a modern presentation.
• MULTIPLE -More code and CSS formatting optimizations.

This is the second build in a row where new features have been added, while the archive size has been reduced. Cheers!

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:33 AM
This changelog comes 100% courtesy of Gizmo (UBB.Dev/UBB.Wiki Owner)

Changelog 2015-06-13
Tonight I began the task of adding support in for CDNs and Proxy Detection; basically we're presenting the value for the forwarded for variable for the IP address, versus just relying on the value of the referrer address (as proxies/CDNs relay their own IP, as their server is what is connecting).

Since some tinkering was needed to get StopForumSpam ported up to utilize the IP detection we've also added StopForumSpam to the login page, which will be parsed for StopForumSpam levels of 2+ (which is also what the registration system utilizes). The big change here is that when a "sleeper" registers an account and "lies in wait" to spam your site and plethora of others that they've registered, once they've triggered a ban from any of the others they'll be blacklisted from logging in.

At some point it wouldd probably be useful to have a trigger built to check logged in users against the db at random (well, probably at the load of the create new post/reply page), but improvements and cleanup are really our focus now for prompt release.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:34 AM
It's been almost three months since my last 7.6.0 progress report. This is going to be a very long post -- so lets cut to the chase and dive right in to that changelog!

Changelog 2015-07-12
• ADDPOST_NEWPOLL1/2/3, POLLMANAGER, VIEWPOLL -Poll manager received a nice update (minor). A few new items were added, such as a progress indication of what step you're currently on when creating a new poll. This progress indication is displayed on the page and in the page's title. Layout updates were minor, but they make reading the entry pages more user friendly.
• AVATAR -All items are spaced proportionally, rather than bunched-up tight. The forward and back arrow buttons are larger and easier to click/tap on.
• EDITPOST, NEWPOST, NEWREPLY, QUICKREPLY -Layout is now mobile friendly and has been reorganized to a more intuitive posting/work-flow order. The post-preview has been moved to the top of the page, and now displays exactly how it would display inline with other posts, just as if the user were to submit their post.
• FILEMANAGER -Layout for this page has also been updated to be mobile friendly. Its also now user-friendly, rather than being a jumbled presentation of options.
• FORUM -This page is now adaptively mobile friendly.
• ICON_SELECT -Table formatting has been removed, in favor of divs with css formatting. The post icons are now spaced proportionally and have an equal line height that should be easier to click/tap on.
• LOGIN -SFS has been removed from the template file, and placed in to the script file.
• NOT_RIGHT_BARE -Cleaned up the layout to better notify the user of the errors that caused them to find this page.
• PORTAL -Minor layout updates related to news icon spacing.
• POST_SIDE -More updates to its mobile friendly layout. "edited-wording" has been moved below the signature, making it difficult for a nefarious user to spoof -- it also gets out of the way of the user's post and returns the reader's attention back to the post content. Slight modifications were made to the display of post buttons depending on the browser's width.
• PRINTTHREAD -This file has been completely rewritten. All display formatting is now done in the template file. Attached images are now shown with the post they are attached to. Printing threads is very important for UBB.threads sites that allow users to print posts with instructional guides or directions to events, etc... with maximum layout space for post content. Images (inlined/hotlinked and attached) are now displayed to not go beyond the width of the printed page. The header shows the post's title and your site's short name. The footer shows your sites full name, and (C) of the current year. Your site names are clickable, in the event that someone linked directly to these printable pages, rather than to their forum page. They are also secure; If a user doesnt have access to the forum page, they also cannot see the printable version of it.
• SHOWFLAT -Added Lightbox, to display attached images.
• STANDARD_TEXT_EDITOR -While working to make the editor mobile friendly, the toolbar was given some much needed attention. The Tool Bar's items have been reordered to a standardized sequence that users of other editors (such as MS Word or Google Docs) will be more familiar with. Added back the Tool Bar's alignment items that were removed in a version of 7.5.x. Their images have been given correct names; centre/justifyfull/left_just/right_just are now align_center/align_justify/align_left/align_right, respectively. The Insert Image button now just inserts an image, without complicating the procedure with additional alignment steps. The buttons are now in common English, and make sense to an average internet user. Removed randomly worded sentences and replaced them with correct Button Text descriptions. For thin browser and mobile devices, the button groups now wrap as needed.
• SUBSCRIPTION/S, _CONFIRMATION, _MAIL -These sections received another display update, to make each subscription group stand out from its peers and flow with the order of the rest of the subscription pages.
• VIEWMESSAGES -The Messages header items are now aligned with floats and no longer user tables, making the "New Private Message" link more pronounced and easier for the user to find.
• MULTIPLE -Upgraded to html5 specs. Removed references to javascript files hosted on googlecode.com, since those files are now included with UBB.threads and hosted on your own server. All pages now have page titles. Pages that had incorrect titles have been corrected. reset.css has been removed, since it is now merged within common.css.
• ADMIN_ADMINMENU -Fixed a long standing bug from 7.5.x where the wrong "Groups" menu item would highlight when clicked on.
• ADMIN_HEADER, STYLEPREVIEW -Upgraded to html5 specs. Removed references to javascript files hosted on googlecode.com, since those files are now included with UBB.threads and hosted on your own server.
• GROUPMANAGE, MEMBERSEARCH -Page display has been updated and now displays content better.
• LOGIN -A bit more of security enhancements. Thanks again, James Corthell (Gizmo)!
• MULTIPLE -"Submit" buttons are now spaced correctly at the bottom of each section. I'm pretty sure I got them all, this time through.

• EDITSTYLE, STYLES -Styles are now displayed with spaces instead of underscores.
• LOGIN -More adjustments for suhosin input_vars.

• UBBCENTRAL-THEME -Forum icons for the "ubbcentral" theme are now included.
• MARKUP_PANEL -Renamed a few graphics that had been dropped from the "standard_text_editor" tool bar sometime in the 7.5.x series. Though the items were removed from the toolbar, they were never cleaned up in the images directory. They have now been brought back to the tool bar and the images have been given correct names; centre/justifyfull/left_just/right_just are now align_center/align_justify/align_left/align_right, respectively.

• UPGRADE_HEADER -Upgraded to html5 specs.
• STYLES/0 -A blank style.
• STYLES/4 -ubbcentral style received some slight adjustments to set the min-width of the right/left columns to 150px. Its now also using the ubbcentral icon set, rather than the default icon set.

• ALL -Further cleanup of the English language, more Title Cases corrections, and minor formatting refinements.
• EDITFORUMS, MYHOME -"Watched" is now "Followed" - Updated the other related files in a previous progress report. This conversion is complete and all files should reflect this updated wording now.
• EDITPOST -MARK_EDIT has been split. It now describes a check box to toggle display, and MARK_EDIT_RES for entry box to describe reason for the edit. POST_OPTIONS has been removed since its duplicated within GENERIC.
• FAQ -Corrected "Username" to "Display Name" as needed.
• FILEMANAGER -Since the file manager for attachments received a nice update, so did the languages. Items have better explanations and are now written in human readable English.
• NEWPOST -Removed all randomly used trailing periods and colons that were not in NEWREPLY or EDITPOST. Seems that this language file was skipped when attention was given to its related files.
• POLLMANAGER -Since the poll manager also received a nice update (minor), a few new items were added, such as a progress indication of what step you're currently on when creating a new poll.
• SENDPRIVATE -"Buddy List" is now "Friend List" Updated the buttons from sentence presentation to button-language presentation.
• SHOWMEMBERS -"Join Date" is now "Joined"
• SHOWPROFILE -"UBB Buddies" is now "Friends and Followers" Cleaned up a lot of the buttons in prep for an updated Profile page.
• STANDARD_TEXT_EDITOR -Updated about 95% of this file. All language strings are now in common English, and make sense to an average internet user. Removed randomly worded sentences and replaced them with correct Button Text descriptions.
• STOP_FORUM_SPAM -Additional information is given to the user who is presented with a SFS warning/error page.
• GENERIC -Added definitions for suhosin input_vars.
• STOP_FORUM_SPAM -Updated the text presentations. Updated feature definitions. Now includes links for additional information on certain features.
• SUHOSIN -Now includes links of possible issues and some solutions for the Suhosin PHP module.
• MULTIPLE -Further cleanup of the English instructions, more Title Cases, and formatting refinements.

• BBCODE -UBB.threads was attempting to add URL BBCode around the outside of non-acceptable URL protocols. The bug seems to have existed for most of the 7.5.x series of UBB.threads. Corrections were made to the code and now only the three acceptable protocols will be parsed; http, https, and ftp. H/T to "Mark_S" for this bug report! http://www.ubbcentral.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/256917#Post256917
• CAPTCHA, HTML, INCLUDEPOLL, MYSQL, UBBTHREADS, USER -Updates for detecting IP addresses for sites using CDNs, and for users on proxies. Huge thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this code!
• HTML -Cleaned up some header presentation html. Added code to display style sheets with spaces, rather than underscores. Removed the 12-character static-wrap and made the Post Icon list dynamic based on browser window width. Upped the graemlin list drop-down within the text editor to display a row of 12, rather than only 8 graemlins per row.

• ADDUSER, LOGIN -Major Stop Forum Spam updates. More thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo)!
• AVATAR -Removed HTML formatting from the PHP script, and placed it within the template file.
• NEWPOST -Removed language related periods and spaces from text strings, and if needed, placed them within the language files.
• PRINTTHREADED -Removed line breaks and other HTML formatting from the PHP script files. All display formatting is now done in the template files. Attached images are now shown with the post they are attached to. Printing threads is very important for UBB.threads sites that allow users to print posts with instructional guides or directions to events, etc... with maximum layout space for post content.
• SHOWFLAT -1.Updates for forums that have upgraded from UBBT6 or other forum software and still depend on the traffic from those links of the previous database. 2. Added server status error codes ("404 Not Found" or "401 Unauthorized") for when content doesn't exist or the link is unauthorized to that user/spider. Also added "noindex, nofollow" robot tags to those 404/401 pages. 3.Removed several bits of HTML formatting and placed them in the template files. 4.Image attachments are now displayed using Lightbox.
• MULTIPLE -Updates for detecting IP addresses for sites using CDNs, and for users on proxies. Huge thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this code!

• ADMIN -BOLD has been removed since its duplicated within COMMON. Further tweaked a bit of the admin pages formatting and colors.
• COMMON -Merged RESET and COMMON. Totally rewrote COMMON. Added an instruction for manually compressing the file, if desired.
• RESET -Removed.
• WRAPPER -The "default" wrapper name has been corrected. "light" and "dark" were the same, and had no color variations -- they have been removed.

• LIGHTBOX -This is new and is required for pleasantly displaying image attachments and galleries to desktop and mobile devices.

I did say it was going to be a long one grin

BONUS: UBB.threads 7.6.0, Preview - Gallery

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:36 AM
Changelog 2015-07-12
• More long-standing issues from 7.5.x have been fixed and a nice handful of new features have been added. Its at 50% mobile right now - with about 90% of all the high-traffic/main pages being mobile friendly.
• The admin pages are pretty much done, with the exception of the Dashboard and some minor cosmetics that present themselves before release.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:36 AM
Changelo 2015-08-08
• The login and registration pages still look a bit "off," but they are fully functional and anyone using the snapshots wont have an issue beyond layout spacings.
• portal, cfrm, and postlist all validate 100% as HTML5 with zero errors.
• several of the side islands are updated.
• A lot of other pages and functions items were given attention.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:36 AM
Changelog 2015-08-28
• IPv6 support was added. The IPv6 displays still need some attention, but UBBT 7.6.0 is now good with it.
• SFS also received a ton of attention, including a solution for IPv6 addresses if your site has SFS turned on.
• The dashboard's news feed was fixed.
• Featured Member Island no longer displays the avatars with incorrect proportions.
• Portal is now just called "Portal" - rather than "Portal Page" or "Main Portal" or "Portal Index" or even "Main Portal Index Page"
• Forms are also now just called "Forums" - rather than "Forums List" or "List of Forum" or "Forums Index"
• Portal Islands are now just called "Portal Islands" - rather than "Portal Box" or "Portal Island Box"
• Removed a bunch of obsolete language entries. Confirmed as obsolete and unused. Both in User and in Admin sides.
• ADMIN received a lot more polish. Entry boxes are now 100% width. Previous was 98%. In UBBT75x series, they were fixed widths.
• Portal Settings page was cleaned up a lot and is straight forward and not confusing.
• MAILER was slightly updated to more clearly mention that the recipient should not reply to the email. More attention will come to the email formatting before 760 is released.
• Mail Thread and Notify Moderator pages have been rewritten. They now look pretty.
• Post "Edit Reason" had some additional formatting updates.
• SMARTY settings were updated to not double-up on spaces when removing html from txt.
• ADMIN Dashboard has a sprinkling of attention. This page is due for its face-lift very soon. Soon.
• The Preview section for EditPost and NewPost pages were fixed. No more large images leaking out, and pushing the page content around. Big thanks to Mark_S for finding and reporting this one!
• Updated lightbox from v2.7.1 to v2.8.1
• Updated jquery from v 1.11.0 to v2.4.1
• Cleaned and standardized a bunch more of the overall code formatting.
• Fixed some Chrome "wonkeyness" happening within the CP.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:37 AM
Changelog 2015-09-09
• Dashboard and Portal Island configuration pages were rearranged to flow in the proper order, and are now grouped correctly.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:37 AM
Changelog 2015-09-11
• Removed HTML style code from the templates and instead using CSS code within the admin/membermanage and the admin's wrapper page.
No layout or other notable changes at all. These changes were purely for HTML validation.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:38 AM
Changelog 2015-09-16
• Time Zones have been implemented. No support for DST at this time.
• Admin's Language Editor and Database SQL Command pages were cleaned up.
• More admin "submit" buttons had their presentation standardized with the rest of the admin button settings; correct padding and css formatting.
• So much CSS optimization was done.
• Minor tweaks to the "ubbcentral" style.
• UBBT's mailer language items have been given some attention.
Other than the time zone implementation, mostly everything within this update is related to the admin section and moving its inlined HTML to CSS... and an extremely minor GWMT edit to hopefully work around any "content-duplication" flags.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:38 AM
Changelog 2015-09-18
• "File Manager" is now "Attachment Manager."
• Attachment Manager display saw additional display tweaks.
• The pop-out window sizes for new/edit/reply post attachments are now consistent.
• "Moods" is now "Mood Emoticons."
• The Mood Emoticons selector has been fixed. It now opens in all browsers. The display is now also mobile friendly -- this will also get a nice responsive design layout update soon.
• Some "Forum Help" wording has been updated to reflect the recent section name updates.
• "Mocha" is a new style sheet and has been created for distribution as part of the UBB.threads package. A bit more tweaking and some case consistency corrections are needed before it can be considered complete. More templates are planned.
• "ubbcentral" style was also slightly tweaked.
• A few more language corrections have been done.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:39 AM
Changelog 2015-09-22
• Admin/Forum Image Picker and Stock Avatar Picker have both been updated with a clean interface and are now mobile friendly.
• Style Picker within the Profile Settings now displays the style names with spaces instead of underscores, just like the footer style picker and the style settings within admin.
• common.css was updated to allow responsive display for Video Embeds.
• All JavaScript entries have been updated for HTML5 standardization.
• Show Profile received some minor tweaking to allow the buttons to wrap as needed.
• More code cleanup of "// end" comments from ubbthreads.php, /ubb_js/pt.js and ubb_jslib.js.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:40 AM
Changelog 2015-10-08
• New Style sheets have been added for a total of four new styles at this time; Mocha, Garden, Marshmallow, and Zen. Use the Style Selector at the bottom of this page to preview them right now on UBB.Dev.
• Style picker in Style Editor (admin), Style Selector (user preferences) and Footer now sorts alphabetically, regardless of character case.
• The Member Profile page received a really nice update. This will be completed before the next Snapshot release.
• Additional Portal Island display tweaks -- most notably for the Member Spotlight.
• Shout Box "[x]" size has been increased to something reasonable.
• Removed the left/right Island column fixed-percentage widths from the scripts and placed them in to CSS, since we are now responsive. Your island's data retains its set width on wide displays and the left/right columns are hidden on mobiles. Previously (in UBBT75x), any setting was over-written by an inlined "15%/100%/%15" column setting. The Island columns are now set to 250px wide, which can be customized within the style editor to whatever width you desire. Their min-width default is 150px.
• Some SEO cleanup of templates/post_side was inserted (mostly for GWT) Thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for catching this!
• Standard Text Editor had inlined HTML converted to CSS.
• Corrected a lot of the incorrect usage of "alt-2" where "alt-1" should have been used -- from UBBT75x series.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:40 AM
Changelog 2015-10-27
• StopForumSpam Test pages have been cleaned up and now match the Control Panel.
• Minor css updates to the four newly added styles relating to the display of Quotes and Code boxes.
• Styles/admin.css and common.css formatting has been cleaned up. All items have had their cases standardized. Colors have been compressed.
• Build version information has been added to the Control Panel Dashboard, to display additional information about the build youre running. ie; Snapshot, Beta, Release Candidate, or Release, and its build date. Thanks to Mark_S for requesting this!
• Additional HTTPS checks for sites using "SSL though CDN" Thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this update!
• Minor improvements to Show Profile for moods and their hover-over alt-texts. Group Images, Titles and Custom Titles now have intelligent display.
• Minor portal display updates.
• The maximum scale (zoom) for mobiles devices has been set. This should be helpful for users complaining of accidentally zooming 10x on a page, and not being able to read, for obvious reasons.
• The logo banner in Control Panel has been removed. The breadcrumbs are aligned with the top of your page and you now have room to view more content within your admin pages.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:41 AM
Changelog 2016-02-28
• CHANGEUSER, SHOWUSER -Added toggling of "Accept Admin Emails."
• LOGIN -Moved around a bit of the Suhosin checks and updated the check so it only runs if the forum could be affected by a low suhosin value.
• LOGIN -Minor layout adjustments to the dashboard display
• PHPINFO -Added a new tab with links to suhosin server configuration. (see next/below item)
• SUHOSIN -Added a new page for displaying all settings, recommendations, and additional information of the suhosin configuration on your server. Thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this page and 100% of his past and continued work on suhosin issues!
• WRAPPERS -Minor bug fix.

• GROUPS -Updated the default adm.gif and mod.gif images.
• GROUPS -Added a new donator.gif group image.

• ALL -All styles have had minor layout fixes and font size corrections.
• MANY -The following styles are now included within the installer archive; Lime, Marshmallow, Mocha, Zen (Preview these from the Style Chooser here, or on UBBCentral.com). New style, Crimson, will be available in the next snapshot. This should bring the total included stock forum styles from three (v7.5.x), to nine (v7.6.x).

• FAQ -Fixed some minor coloring elements.
• PORTAL_ISLANDS -Added a new language item for customizing the display of your list items. For example, you can use MIDDOT, BULLETPOINT, PERIOD, DASH, x, or whatever you want. The field is there if you choose to use it. Leave it blank, or use a single space (NBSP) to insert your island list items.
• POSTLIST -Topic Display Options (active in x time) and Sort By (title/starter/replies...etc) in the footer have had all of their items updated for a shorter, more friendly text display.
• SEARCH -Updated "User Name" to "Display Name"
• SHOWPROFILE -Removed a lot language strings which are no longer used.
• USERPOSTS -Corrections to the Page titles.
• MUTLIPLE -Minor English adjustments to a few common phrases.
• MULTIPLE -Cleaned-up/removed a lot of the developer comments (mine) in preparation for a wide-release.

• GENERIC -Updated Example's text to display relative paths, because absolute full paths were incorrect for the context being used.
• GENERIC -Fixed a minor spelling error used in multiple places (writeable -> writable) keks4every1.
• SHOWUSER -Updates for "Accept Admin Emails."
• SUHOSIN -Major updates, since this language file now has its own page in the Tools & Information section.

• PHPMAILER -This library has been updated to version 5.2.13.

• ADDUSER -When activated, StopForumSpam now checks the Email address of new users.
• DOSEARCH -Cleaned up a bit of the search keywords display code.
• SHOWMEMBERS -Display Name and User Location searches are now case-insensitive.
• SHOWMEMBERS -Added the necessary code for including User Titles and User Custom Titles in the showmembers template.
• SHOWMEMBERS -Somebody left a "Moo!" in the code. She has been moved out, and is now back in California with the rest of her happy Moos.

• ADMIN -Minor color code corrections and improvements.
• COMMON -Column defaults adjusted from 250px to 200px.
• COMMON -Post-image bug fix. The bug was introduced in a prior snapshot and was fixed relatively quickly in this snapshot revision. It's related to responsive display.
• COMMON -Body Column now defaults to 100% on smaller browser widths.

• FOOTER -Added "Snapshot" to the displayed version string, if the installed build is not released/stable version.
• FORUM -Mobile view was not displaying the "New Post" columns for mobile views. This has been fixed. Thanks to Mark_S for reporting this!
• HEADER -Updated to now use the minified version of Lightbox.css.
• HEADER -Rearranged the "ADMIN NOTICE - FORUM CLOSED" positioning to appear before the forum Custom Header File.
• ISLAND _FEATURED_MEMBER, _POPULAR_TOPICS, _SHOUTBOX -All received some minor layout improvements.
• LOGIN -Moved the remeberme check-box HTML out of the script file, and placed in to the template file.
• POST_GALLERY -Post Details section has been updated to a more modern style.
• POST_SIDE -Signature is now hidden if the page is viewed on a smaller screen.
• POSTLIST -Interface updates to the footer section for smaller screens.
• SEARCH -Set the Search Term and Display Name text entry boxes to fill the full table width.
• SHOWMEMBERS -This file has been completely rewritten, and it is now Mobile Friendly.
• SHOWPROFILE -Only display the Custom Fields if there is data within them.
• SHOWPROFILE -Set all Email addresses to lowercase.
• SHOWPROFILE -Display a notice if the viewed user profile currently has no comments.
• SHOWPROFILE -Hide the Followers section if the profile doesnt have anyone following them.
• VIEWMESSAGE -Fix the "New Private Message" button.

• LOGIN -Updated the Versioning language strings.
• CHANGEUSER -Set the form accepted-charset to "UTF-8" to help prevent accidental non-standard character entry.
• CHANGEUSER -Added elements for the "Accept Admin Emails" toggle.

• LIGHTBOX -Updated from version 2.7.1 to version 2.8.2
• SHOUTBOX -Increased the shout buffer from 30 to 100. Not only does this fix some ShoutBOX wonkyness, but it also lays some groundwork for ShoutCHAT.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:51 AM
Changelog 2016-04-16
Missing. Too bad, because it was a major one frown


Attached picture ii.jpg
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 10:53 AM
Changelog 2016-05-03
• a few minor gallery_post, postlist, postside layout issues have been fixed.
• common.css received some further updates.
• the installer had a bit of clerical issues resolved (it now says "7.6.0" in the footer). also the default settings for a new installation have been updated to reflect basic internet standards. the styles now install correctly. if you are currently using any stock styles in your default forums, remove those, and install the ones from this package. these are also backwards compatible with UBB.threads 7.5.x and newer. If you need assistance, instructions are detailed below and also at this link -- Review the "stock, unmodified styles" section.
• there is also a toggle in the footer for switching between mobile and desktop view. The toggle only displays if you are on a mobile width device. this is useful for users who choose to see the right/left columns (if your forum uses these), or want to see the whole site on their mobile sized screens. This requires the new javascript library, "responsive-switch.min.js" to be added to your ubb_js directory. There are also some language updates in the generic.php language file.


STYLE NAMES FOR install/styles/

UBB.threads 7.5 series -
1 ubb (or ubbthreads)
2 new_light (or ubbthreads-light)
3 new_dark (or ubbthreads-dark)
4 original_stock
5 original_dark

UBB.threads 7.6 series -
1 UBB.threads
2 UBB.threads - Dark
3 UBB.threads - Light
4 UBBCentral
5 UBBCentral - Crimson (Red-White)
6 UBBCentral - Lime (LightGreen-Green)
7 UBBCentral - Marshmallow (Blue-Green)
8 UBBCentral - Mocha (Brown-DarkGreen)
9 UBBCentral - Zen (BlueGrey-Grey)

for responsive design to work correctly on your forums

** If you are using stock, unmodified styles from UBB.threads 7.5 series **
1. Go to Control Panel » Styles
2. Click the "Import Style" bottom tab.
3. Click "Browse" and navigate to: install/styles/ -- This is at the location you've extracted the ubbthreads-7-6-X.zip to on your local computer.
4. Select "1_UBB.threads.txt" (for "UBB.threads" Style) and Continue. NOTE: The UBB.threads 7.5 series the new UBB.threads 7.6 series style names are listed at the top of this post for comparison.
5. Once your chosen style has been imported, you'll be at the "Edit or Add a Style" page. Confirm that Images and Wrappers within "Name, Images & Wrapper" are set to "default" (or "ubb" for the new images) and click the "Update or Add Style" button.
Do steps 2 through 5 for each of the other new/updated styles you want to use.

6. From the Styles list page; now you can mark your older stock styles Inactive, or Delete them if you choose. Dont forget to set a Default style for your forums.

** If you are using a customized style on your forum **
1. Find and Remove the width property and its % or px value in the following Style Settings.
EXAMPLE: "width: XX%;" or "width: XXpx;"

General CSS Properties
Left/Right Column Properties
Post Properties
UBBCode Properties

2. Click the "Update or Add Style" button when you're done.
3. Do step 1 and 2 for each of your custom styles.

Four of the colored UBBCentral styles (Lime, Marshmallow, Mocha, Zen) are inspired by Google's Material Design color palettes.
You can use one of these styles as a foundation to build your own custom color combinations.

Within each of these colored UBBCentral styles, there is a comment/notation next to each color property.
For example: "/* 900p */"

The 900 corresponds hue of the color palette.
The "p" corresponds to the PRIMARY color palette.
An "s" would correspond to the SECONDARY color palette.

The colored UBBCentral styles only use two color palettes, and a shade of WHITE or GREY or BLACK.
For example: "/* white */" or "/* grey */" or "/* black */"

This should make creating your new custom theme easy.

"Mocha" uses a custom hue of green (#006341) for its secondary (s) color, not picked from Google's Material color palette.
"Crimson" uses a single palette of deep-red shades, and does not have any comments/notations next to each of its CSS colors.
The primary "UBBCentral" style is not based on Google's Material Design color palette, and does not have any comments/notations next to each of its CSS colors.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:05 AM
Changelog 2016-05-16
• installer has been updated to display the correct version of "7.6.0"
• to avoid confusion, installer now uses "Login Name" instead of "Username"
• all /install/styles now have names, and are up to date. (see attached image)
• basic code to implement image rotation within lightbox has been added. the rotate button size of 27x27px is incorrect, it should be 32x32px. this will be corrected in the next build. (see attached image)
• within the admin dashboard and on the forum footer, the snapshot build information links to the changelog forum on UBBdev
• the "mono" markup_panel is now included
• a few additions to the captcha images and fonts
• other minor fixes and additions throughout the software


Attached picture 695181901.jpg
Attached picture 20160502_23-13-14.PNG
Attached picture 20160516_09-08-38.PNG
Attached picture 20160516_09-09-25.PNG
Attached picture 20160516_09-10-30.PNG
Attached picture 20160516_09-11-28.PNG
Attached picture 20160516_09-14-01.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:15 AM
Changelog 2016-05-18
• UBB.threads 7.6.0 confirmed to be working on Windows 10 with php 5.6.

Yes, it does say Windows 8 on the phpinfo and Windows 10 on the UBB Dashboard.
php 5.6.20 sees "Windows 10" as a version of "Windows 8." It really is Windows 10.


Attached picture 20160502_21-34-27.PNG
Attached picture 20160502_22-49-19.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:24 AM
Since I was on the road for the week of May 17-22, and then working hard to catch up with daily job duties from being away, updates for this Snapshot are a bit bare.

Changelog 2016-05-30
The updates within this snapshot are primarily:
• PrivateMessage/PrivateTopics updates and fixes.
• html optimizations for the Forum Help page
• layout correction for Custom Fields in the View Profile page (thanks to JAISP for catching these!)

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:28 AM
Changelog 2016-06-05
• fixed the private message and post reply buttons.
• added auto expanding editor
• fixed some of the wonky "ghost spaces" that get added when quoting posts.
• post_side was cleaned up further.
• post_top template has been completely rewritten.
• moved the "posted from ip" information from under the user's post, in to the post's date/time link. hover to view the ip address. click it to reverse-trace it. only available for groups who you've given ip viewing permissions to.
• fixed some layout issues in the custom-tag editor.
• added to the custom tag editor: vimeo video, flash media embed.
• removed from the custom tag editor: myspace, google video.
• updated a few language strings, and squashed some minor bugs.


Attached picture 20160604_16-52-52.PNG
Attached picture 20160605_05-53-46.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:31 AM
Added a few more features. Fixed a few more issues:

Changelog 2016-06-07
• Stock/Default Time Display Formats are now shown in the CP > General Display screen.
• Member Search page is now case-insensitive when searching names, email addresses, and text fields.
• Member search can now search through signatures -- also case-insensitive.
• Gizmo's "Prevent Editing of Primary Admin" is now included.
• Further updates to the auto expanding reply boxes. They should now expand correctly for quoted text. And for quoting of large blocks of text, the reply box will not expand until you click in to it. This prevents abnormally large page jumping.
• cleaned up the rest of the "ghost spaces" when inserting BBCode from the Full Text Editor buttons.
• CP > Member Editor external Link buttons no longer wrap. They stay inline with the rest of the field entry boxes.
• Several other page display layout fixes.


Attached picture 20160607_18-30-16.PNG
Attached picture 20160607_18-10-20.PNG
Attached picture 20160606_17-12-02.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:36 AM
Changelog 2016-06-19
• fixed the username not displaying in the PM for mobile display.
• fw column in PM is fixed now. i had a "body_col" where a "t_outer fw" should have been.
• fixed the "subforum.png" missing on DEV. (not related to UBBT. a custom DEV module. anyways, its fixed now.)
• lightbox rotate and close buttons are now in correct proportions and style with each other. they also dont push each other around. added hover-over descriptions to the rotate/close buttons.
• members can now comment on their own profiles. their comments will be displayed as alt-2. all other comments will be displayed as alt-1.
• fixed the email link when replies to profile comments are created. (a long standing 75x bug)
• profile comments from banned users are hidden to everyone except admins and global moderators.
• debugging in footer is compact and now gives additional information; memory used/peak, server time.
• debugging has been adjusted to be easier to read (thanks James Corthell for recommending this visual update!)


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:39 AM
Changelog 2016-06-20
Font-Awesome is now included in the package.
• Removed the Social png graphics in showprofile, and replaced with FA. They now dynamically match the color of your links.
• Post new/reply/edit "Attachment Manager" and "Poll Manager" updated with FA icons, to make more obvious and to show whats already attached/how many polls.
• Post edit now correctly displays if HTML or UBBCode is enabled or not. (long standing bug)


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Attached picture 20160620_15-00-57.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:42 AM
Changelog 2016-06-21
• replaced several drop-down menu "toggle_open.gif" images with FA carets and chevrons as needed.
• cleaned up the timezone settings in Control Panel » Display Settings > Date & Time
• relative time now displays "hours ago" for events that happened within the past 24 hours.
• relative time no longer displays seconds for times over 1 minute.
• several layout adjustments throughout many of the template files.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:45 AM
This update is almost purely a language update, with the exception of the "My Stuff" (Settings) pages getting a complete review to smooth out the unfinished areas. Roughly 20 solid hours of work went in to today's snapshot. Its why we have a new snapshot in about a day's time away from the previous build.

Changelog 2016-06-22
• put the threads back in to UBB.threads
• cleaned up all the remaining "Watched" phrases, in favor of "Followed"
• added more FA sprinkles
• the "My Stuff" (Settings) pages received a complete review to smooth out the unfinished areas
• too many other fixes to mention in this list

• the "Remove Myself From This Conversation" button is still nonfunctional.
• ip addresses in admin log have gone missing roughly around a November May 2015 build. this needs research to locate what is causing this.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:48 AM
Changelog 2016-06-26
• Admin Logs -Fixed IP address logging after performing an admin function with Control Panel.
• Admin Logs -This template is now cleaned up and works with IPv6 addresses. Also fixed are the page validation errors -- there were many of them.



IPv4 maths: (75x structure)
4 groups of 3 digits with 3 '.' between them. []
4 * 3 + 3 = 15
plus a trailing null = 16

IPv6 maths: (76x structure)
8 groups of 4 digits with 7 ':' between them.
8 * 4 + 7 = 39
plus a trailing null = 40

To take into account the IPv4 tunneling features [0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:],
(6 * 4 + 5) + 1 + (4 * 3 + 3) = 29 + 1 + 15 = 45
plus a trailing null = 46

Beta testers: To allow IPv6 addresses within your Admin Logs and WhosOnline, run this SQL from:
Control Panel > Database Tools > SQL Command


This will be coded within the upgrader script before release.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 11:57 AM
This is a major update. Lots of language strings have been updated. FA is more deeply integrated. CP pages are cleaned up further.

Changelog 2016-06-27
• Drop-down menus no longer display list items with text-decoration (underlines), regardless of your style using them.
• Username Drop-down menus (Posts and Private Messages) now display FA icons next to each action.
• Users with "Edit User" permissions can now edit users directly from Private Message, via the dropdown list.
• Control Panel > Admin Log has some display format updates to support IPv6 addresses.
• Control Panel > Admin Log went through HTML validation & fixes. All actions are confirmed working as intended.
• Updated Email Notification Subject layout.
• Expandys has been completely rewritten.
• Moved the Expandys JavaScript out of jslib, and in to its own expandys.js file. It will only be called when its needed -- User Forums: once, in the "Forum Help". Control Panel: 11 files.
• Expandys in "Forum Help" and "Control Panel" now expand elegantly. UBBT is also now using FA for the expansion icons, rather than the classic [+] and [-] strings.
• Forum Help -If the forum admins have not setup their Forum Rules, the end user is told this. If the file exists, it is displayed to the user, as it always has been.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:02 PM
This update is mainly mailer update, with plenty of FA sprinkled around where needed. I'm working hard to keep the FA usage low, so the forum display can keep a clean and uncluttered presentation.

Changelog 2016-07-04
• Showflat corrections of "file attachment" display to unregistered users.
• MailThread corrections of "file attachment" display.
• Send Post now gives the user a message template they can update for sharing posts. Additional layout updates for this entire page.
• Additional Mailer subject updates to promote easier reading within your email client.
• "AddReplyTo" has been corrected to "addReplyTo" -- Longstanding UBBT75x bug.
• Updated the mailer code to allow:
1) Users can email posts to a 3rd party email address. That 3rd party can just reply to their email, and the conversation happens -- without needing UBBT. The 3rd party does not get the attachments.
2) Sending emails from Control Panel, gets the forum's email/name for where stuff is sent from (for modern email verification security) but has the option to use a custom ReplyTo address if the forum owner wants to get replies sent to their custom address. This way, the SERVER does not get flagged as a phishing server by using a From address that is not actually located on that server.
The end result is three email addresses: ReplyTo, Sender, and To.
• Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.15 (from 5.2.13) https://github.com/Synchro/PHPMailer/blob/master/changelog.md
• StopForumSpam received many additional improvements on its back-end.
• Additional bug fixes and layout improvements.

Know issues:
• DST time is not adjusted.
• the "Remove Myself From This Conversation" button is still nonfunctional.
• Viewing attachments as guests without permission to view those attachments, will get a broken link.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:06 PM
Changelog 2016-07-05
• Cleaned up the Lightbox script. It is now standalone, and no longer includes the jQuery 2.1.4 script within it.
• Standalone jQuery has been updated from 1.12.4 to 3.0.0. It is no longer being called from Google's CDN, and is now included within the UBB.threads package.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:07 PM
Changelog 2016-07-06
• ViewMessage - "Remove Myself From This Conversation" button is now working as expected.
• Active Threads - This page is now mobile friendly.
• My Stuff - This drop-down menu has been cleaned up and now has section breaks. See attached screenshot.
• My Stuff - Every section within this menu has been scrutinized to display correctly, including lots of layout adjustments.
• common.css - font-weight has been updated to "700" from "bold"
• common.css - "op5" has been added to replace opacity:0.5; styles within the templates.
• /languages - Obsolete language items have been removed from the language files.
• /install/styles - All of the pre-installed styles have been re-generated. (.body:line-height 140%, .small:removed font-weight)
• several other script fixes and layout corrections.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:11 PM
Changelog 2016-07-08
• /Control Panel/Style Editor - The name of the current style you are editing is now placed in the "Copy" drop-down. Without cluttering the description header, this will first display the Style you selected to work on, from the previous page.
• Attached Images - The width for attached images is now set according to the width you've entered for Thumbnails in Control Panel > Gallery Settings.
• Quote/Code/HTML/PHP/SQL - Cases have been corrected. Colons have been removed.
• Preferences (editbasic) - Fixed the display when multiple Group Images are presented.
• Style - Made a lot of cosmetic adjustments to the "UBBCentral" Style.
• Email - Fixed some layout issues within the email_html template. Removed the wonky "nbsp" table row spaces.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:17 PM
Changelog 2016-07-09
• Style Editor - The preview area templates have been updated to reflect those in UBB.threads 7.6.x. See attached screenshots.


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Attached picture 20160709_21-27-18.PNG
Attached picture 20160709_21-27-23.PNG
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Attached picture 20160709_21-27-35.PNG
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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:20 PM
Changelog 2016-07-10
• Forum Help - Fixed the expandy DIV naming to "expheader" as the previous expandy div was just "header". This had potential to be confused with common site div class names.
• Forum Help - The category header and description has now been split in to two separate sections. This allows the forum owners to update their "Forum Help description to as long or short as they choose.
• UBB.threads Styles - Classic styles are getting a much needed "this decade" update!
• Styles - All Styles have been tweaked once again.
• Calendar - Updated the display of the calendar feature to make it useful again.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:23 PM
Another mostly style-cleanup related updated coming down the pipeline.

Changelog 2016-07-17
• Style Editor - .pagination was added as a new group which can be styled. Pagination box, Page text, Current page, Current page number.
• Style Editor - The Style Preview frame has been updated for pagination section, along with a few minor corrections in other places.
• Styles - All of the included styles have been updated once again.
• Styles - Each of the classic styles have been brought up to modern design. Dont worry, only the missing elements since 2016 have been added, and the spacing/padding zones have been corrected. If you're using one of the old styles on your site, replace it with the one from 76x.
• Showflat - Fixed a blank line that would show at the bottom of each post when a guest user was viewing showflat on a mobile device.
• Showflat - The link to the current post has been moved the the PostIcon to the #PostNumber.
• form-button - The buttons above posts are now styled correctly. Longstanding 75x display issue: Fixed!
• ShowProfile - Moved the social networking icons under the user profile picture so there is more space at the top to add additional user-profile information (first name, age, birthday, average number of posts per day...etc). This also allows the user to have multiple badges displayed on the float-right column (Ruben has multiple badges on CENTRAL). In addition to all this, the page looks a bit cleaner on mobile devices.
• several other script fixes and layout corrections.


The new pagination items for styling in your Control Panel Style Editor.

If you are upgrading your custom 7.5.x styles, you can use this Style Settings example to assist you with that update. These settings are already within the included stock styles (\install\styles\...).


border:1px solid #263238;

background: #fafafa;
border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;
color: #000000;

background: #fafafa;
border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;
color: #000000;

border:1px solid #D8D8D8;
padding:2px 5px

border:1px solid #D8D8D8;
padding:2px 5px";

See attached screenshot for correct usage, and a sample of their output.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 07/25/2016 12:24 PM
Changelog 2016-07-24
• This update was extremely time-consuming, with almost a total rewrite of the showflat and its post side/top templates. The display may look the same, but the HTML behind it has had a complete overhaul. Its been tested on full width and mobile, logged in and guest, and in the PM/PT pages.
• QuickReply - QR has been cleaned up and is more of a *quick* reply now. Everything should be working as expected.
• Thread Navigation - This button group has been rewritten and moved to the top of the post page. The intent of making this section more visible, is to hopefully get more page views and interaction by your guest users. Some users like to bounce back and forth between the post list, while many other users like to read forums/social media like "books" or email. They want to dive in to a position and just read "forward." Moving the Thread Navigation buttons to this location should help improve their experience. In addition, this new location should also help to entice users coming from search engines, to browse additional topics on your forum.
• Member Profile - Locations are now converted in to Google Maps searches, just like on the post/message pages.
• Member Location - These links next to the member post/messages/profile pages are now url encoded (Smarty escaped).
• Breadcrumb Bar - Font Awesome is now used here as the divider.
• Additional IP address proxy detection.
• Coppa Form - This page has been rewritten to be more user-friendly; on screen and in printed form.
• All Edit/Reply/Quote links are now working on the post and message side, top, and mobile pages.
• All post links are also now working as expected.
• "Use Full Editor" button is now fully working on all pages that make use of it.
• Lots of template clean up.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/09/2016 10:54 AM
Changelog 2016-08-08
• Style Editor now tells you if items in your Extra Properties may override the Standard Style properties above it. If any items are found, a notice is shown with the CSS class name. This notice is very basic and does not check against the extended a:hover/link/visited...etc classes. Just the main class items.


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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/09/2016 10:56 AM
Changelog 2016-08-09
• Dashboard -Cleaned up the display of the Suhosin module warning. its a cleaner looking presentation, but its also a message that cannot be missed. (See attached screenshots)
• Post .author-content -Removed the inline percentage formatting (width="17%") and placed a "width:130px;" in to the common.css file. If desired, this width can now be overwritten per Style in the Style Editor.
• Post .post-content -Removed the inline percentage formatting (width="83%"). In modern browsers, this width with expand to fill the remainder of the page width. There is no need to declare it.


Description: Old Message
Attached picture 20160809_03-27-28.PNG

Description: New Message
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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/13/2016 12:28 PM
Changelog 2016-08-13
• viewmessages & viewmessage -listing of participants is now sorted in alphabetical order.
• autosize.js -Updated from version 3.0.15 to 3.0.17.
• jQuery.js -Updated from version 3.0.0 to 3.1.0.
• expandy.js -This file is not needed any more, and can be deleted. It's contents were further optimized and have been merged with ubb_jslib.js
• forum.tpl -Further layout optimizations for mobile views.
• postlist.tpl -Reworked several portions of the Post Listing to be completely mobile friendly. The same information that is displayed on Desktop screen sizes, is now displayed on smaller Mobile screen sizes.


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Attached picture 20160810_12-15-36.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/16/2016 12:44 PM
Changelog 2016-08-16
• Forums List (mobile layout) now shows all information. Special attention to detail was placed on that "Teaser Forum" / "Private Topic" bits.
• Post List (mobile layout) also got further attention. For about a week, we were using a single column for displaying both replies and views. This has now been reverted back to two columns. It just looks cleaner by adding that bit of visual space to break up the bulky columns. We're also able to restore all of the column sorters, without using a complicated user interface that would have been needed if the columns remained merged.
• Forum List & Post List -Both pages are now fully mobile-friendly and display all of their important information on mobile-sized screens.
• Forum List & Post List -Fixed a few other rare display related issues issues.

The common.css received a lot more attention to fix lots of cross-browser quirks.
• Firefox will now display a broken-image icon if an image is missing.
• iOS will now display your buttons as you've designed them, rather than how Apple wants them to be displayed.
• Android 4.0 will now display the audio player controls for inlined media.
• Buttons that are disabled will no longer display a pointer when moused-over.
• Lists within posts are now indented correctly. Your external use of lists is unaffected.
• Fieldset boxes were cleaned up, and now have the same presentation across all current major browsers.
• BBcode for php, sql, html, css code no longer has additional padding at the top and bottom of their code boxes.
• Additional CSS was added to handle future implementation of mobile-views for the user My Stuff (Settings) pages.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/24/2016 2:06 AM
Changelog 2016-08-22
• File Manager -Image attachments are now displayed in the order which they were uploaded. Fixed wink Thanks Mark_S!
• File Manager -This page now displays its contents right up to the margin limits and with 0px padding. This should help displaying on mobile screens. In addition to the next item in this changelog, ".t_inner,.t_outer{margin:0;}" was hard-coded in to the file manager, to assist in the display of this page on sites which are using complex custom styles.
• Styles -The default styles were updated once again. For each, "ubb_popup_body" was updated to "margin:0;padding:4px;"
• File Manager -The [Remove] button has been replaced with a FA icon. This gives more room for the file name to be shown.
• File Manager -Hovering over the file name will display the File Caption, if one was entered.
• /ubb_js/responsive-switch.min.js -This file can be deleted. Its no longer needed.
• Footer -Replaced the Mobile/Desktop script with "Show/Hide columns on this page" link. The link only displays if your website utilizes either or both columns. When clicked, the left and right columns are toggled between shown or hidden. Hidden by default on smaller screens -- toggling it will allow all the content in your columns to be shown. Columns are shown by default on desktops, it will allow members to take cleaner screenshots or printouts or just have more reading real-estate. If you are using ads in your left/right columns, a user can hide that column if they choose. The column is only hidden for that single page view. It is displayed on desktop again if they refresh or travel to a new page. The opposite is true for your mobile users. This feature was added to compliment the current User Preferences (in the My Stuff menu) and Site Settings (In Control Panel > Portal Settings) of displaying columns. These features work well as is, and remain unchanged.
• Search -When "Show a preview of post body with results" is checked, in addition to highlighting your search terms in the result, the length has once again been boosted to 800chars. This should make finding what you're looking for easier, and it should also resolve some of the closing DIVs of most quoted posts.
• Fixed this missing-string typo. Thanks VaGunTrader for reporting it! And Thanks James Corthell for locating and fixing it!

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/24/2016 7:49 PM
Changelog 2016-08-24
• ShowProfile -Now displays a calculated "Posts Per Day."
• ShowProfile -Fixed the Group Images (Profile Badges) display when a user has more than one Group Image.
• ShowProfile -The User Rating drop-down section is now hidden from unregistered users. Registered users cannot rate themselves, so no rating options will be shown while viewing their own profiles either.
• ShowProfile -User Rating drop-down lists now defaults to a blank rating when nothing is selected. It previously defaulted to just "1 Star." This drop-down list is also now sorted in a natural descending order.

The Member Rating selector is found right under the "About" section, as floating options, just as the buttons above the signature line does. The Total Rating given by the public, is displayed in the top-right of the "Profile for Member #" bar. All ratings are in graphical stars now. And the hover-over tells how many public rates were given to get that total star-score.

The Member Profile page has been greatly improved from 7.5.x series. It's packed full of information, and I believe it is not too busy to be overwhelming.


Attached picture 20160824_07-14-03.PNG
Attached picture 20160824_07-14-34.PNG

Description: I cannot rate myself
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Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 08/24/2016 8:06 PM
2016-08-23 - Catching up to a list of reported issues from Dave Walters

Originally Posted by JAISP
In the Control Panel there are many clickable links throughout that when you click on the title or name it sends you to the corresponding box, radio button, check box, or drop down related to that function.

The following are not working either at all or properly.

» Control Panel » DB, Paths & URLs » Paths & URLs Tab
Full URL to Main Directory - Not working

• Fixed "Full URL to Main Directory"
• Fixed "Path to Mogrify"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Display Settings » Primary Tab
Privacy Statement URL - Refers to the Privacy Statement Link selection box
Community Introduction Title - Refers to the Community Introduction Body input

• Fixed "Privacy Statement URL"
• Fixed "Community Introduction Body"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Member Management » Add New User tab
Display Name - Not working
Login Name - Not working
Email Address - Not working

• Fixed "Display Name"
• Fixed "Login Name"
• Fixed "Email Address"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Payments
Display Currency Amounts In - Not working

I think this was fixed way back when you first reported it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Portal Settings
Exclude Popular Topics In These Forums - Not working

• Fixed "Exclude Popular Topics In These Forums"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Forum Stats"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Who's Online"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Popular Topics"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Public Calendar"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Top Posters (All Time)"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Top Posters (30 Days)"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Permission Checks
gallery/index.html/full - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)
gallery/index.html/medium - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)
gallery/index.html/thumbs - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)

• Control Panel > Permission Checks -This page now alphabetically sorts the initial directories. Directories with a single index.html file within them, are interpreted correctly. The report for each directory has a cleaner presentation by including column headers and bolding the "Directory Check" item. Note: The sorting of the file listing within each directory check may seem like its displayed within no particular order. This sequence is actually based on file placement on your server's drive.

Huge thanks to Dave Walters for catching these and reporting them!


Before/After attached screenshots

Description: Permission Checks - BEFORE
Attached picture 20160808_12-28-01.PNG

Description: Permission Checks - AFTER
Attached picture 20160823_22-14-18.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 7:40 PM
Changelog 2016-08-31
• Templates -Corrected HTML validation notices in several templates.
• Style Editor -Added .announce and .sticky post row styles to the Style Editor. The Extras-Check has also been updated to watch for these items if you already have them in your custom style.
• Forum Help (FAQ) -Fixed the expandys.
• .major-button -Added a ".major-button" class to the posts/messages pages -- all the forms that involved POSTS got it. Forum admins can use this new class as a way of grabbing their user's attention to primary "submit post" buttons.
Using it is completely optional. If you do choose to use it, all you need to do is add a custom color and background (ex: "background:#cc3333;color:#ffffff;") to your style within the Style Editor.

Basically it will just make the "Post" button a different color, so it will stand out against whatever other buttons are on that page. It does not need to be stylized at all. But if you want it, its there to work with.

This new CSS class has been added to the following templates: mess_handler, newpost, newreply, notifymod, postlist, quickreply, sendprivate, showflat, viewmessage.


Attached picture 20160831_10-11-42.PNG
Attached picture 20160831_10-12-46.PNG
Attached picture 20160831_10-12-07.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 7:48 PM
Changelog 2016-09-02
• Style Editor -The post navigation buttons can now be styled interdependently of the other buttons.
• Style Editor -Added entries for the newly added ".major-button" and the ".post-nav" styles.
• Style Editor -Option has been added for customizing buttons when they are hovered over. This affects the ".form-button" and ".post-buttons"
• Style Editor -Stock items found within the Extras section are now listed next to their proper section name.
• Style Editor -The detection routine has been updated with the recent style additions. The detection routine has also been further optimized.
• Style Editor -General Properties section is now more useful when you have left or right columns enabled. You can use the preview to assist in configuring your forum body column to preview that everything lines up and is presented as desired.
• Island-Calendar -Fixed the display of the day's initials on the Calendar Island when also viewing the main Calendar page. There was a long-standing bug from 7.5 series where languages/general used the same strings as /languages/calendar, thus, the calendar.php strings would display on the column islands instead of their intended general.php language strings. Big thanks to Dave Walters for reporting this!

NOTE: Styles have been updated once again, to include the new styles in to their proper locations. For easier updates of your custom styles, I recommend at least just importing (using the Style Editor) the "ubbcentral.txt" style from the most current snapshot you're installing, and using that as a reference for any new style updates that are mentioned. You can rename the style from the "Name, Images & Wrapper" properties section before pressing that "Update or Add Style" button at the bottom of the page.



If needed, here is a simple template to help style your post-navigation buttons for your custom styles.

background: #fafafa;
border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;
box-shadow: inset 0 -6px 8px -7px #e0e0e0;


Attached picture 20160902_09-27-34.PNG
Attached picture 20160902_07-52-01.PNG
Attached picture 20160902_06-22-41.PNG
Attached picture 20170215_06-39-53.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 7:53 PM
Changelog 2016-09-02 continued
• movepost, movethread -These pages have been cleaned up a bit. The clicking on the text labels will now select the correct radio buttons. A notification was also added, stating that if a notice is sent to the OP about the thread being moved, they may not necessarily still have access to it. This is a useful reminder to your moderators for when they move posts in to a "review forum," that the OP may not access to view it.

Attached picture 20160902_13-28-20.PNG
Attached picture 20160902_13-28-05.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 8:01 PM
Changelog 2016-09-04
• Style Editor -Removed .post_top_link customization class, since it is no longer needed. Thanks to James Corthell for reporting this!
• MemberSearch -Fixed searching when member display names contained special characters. Thanks to Dave Walters for reporting this!
• Admin -This one was a huge update! The Admin section was visually scrutinized for things that looked out of place. Every single page was updated. 99% of all inlined HTML has been converted to CSS. The CSS has been sorted and optimized -- the archive size is actually smaller, because of it.
• Styles -All the styles received some further updates. For each, the buttons are now pretty, even in the markup editor. Lots of updates even to the UBBCentral Style. (OT: Lime is now my current favorite.)

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 8:11 PM
Changelog 2016-09-06
• Admin Dashboard -Page HTML cleaning and optimizations.
• admin.css -Corrected several colors that were left over from 7.5.x series Control Panel.
• admin.css -Removed several classes which were never used, and were unneeded. CSS optimizations to reduce the file by 10%.

Changelog 2016-09-07
• corrections within the main admin.css and common.css
• rewrote the control panel dashboard to have cleaner html and use less css.
• optimized all included jpg image files using JPEGmini.
This update was a minor-bug-squashing build

Changelog 2016-09-23
• jQuery - Updated jQuery library to version 3.1.1
• Smarty - Updated Smarty library to version 2.6.30

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 8:24 PM
Changelog 2016-09-26
• Permissions Pages -Fixed the layout of the Group Permissions pages within the Control Panel. cpperms.tpl, siteperms.tpl, forumperms.tpl, group_cpperms.tpl, group_forumperms.tpl, group_sitperms.tpl. See attached screenshot.
• Admin Footer -Build information now displays in the admin footer. admin_footer.tmpl. See attached screenshot.
• Admin.css -Lots of additional CSS updates. See attached screenshot.
• CP Sections Menu -Sections are now all vertically aligned correctly.
• CP Sections Menu -Added a bit more pixel spacing between the menu section items so they don't look jumbled together.
• Admin.css -Brightened the Control Panel colors a bit, to further move away from the washedout color scheme of the 7.5.x series.
• Admin.css -Updated the buttons. Removed all the random shadows, and set a lower button height (40px => 30px), while increasing their width (10px => 16px). I believe that this looks better on all Control Panel ages and is easier to tap on for touch screens. TO DO: The button hover-over color still needs to be updated to give it a border when hovered upon.


Attached picture 20160926_19-15-46.PNG
Attached picture 20160926_19-13-01.PNG
Attached picture 20160926_17-41-31.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/01/2016 8:32 PM
Changelog 2016-10-03
• suhosin -Further tweaked and updated.
• ubb_js -Code cleanup of all the JavaScript files.
• common.css, admin.css -Minor updates and optimizations.
• Installer -Getting ready for a release -- fixes to the updater code
This build was another batch of minor updates and optimizations in many of the support files.

Changelog 2016-10-29
• Font-Awesome -Updated Font-Awesome library to version 4.7.0

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/07/2016 2:34 PM
Changelog 2016-11-02
scripts/online.php, templates/online.tpl -Rewrote much of the Who's Online template.
• It now supports IPv6 and is mobile-friendly.
• The list of Search Spiders is only displayed to users who have "View IP Addresses" privileges.
• Users must be logged in to Registered User account to see the "Last Activity" time/date columns.
• Added a jump-list to the top for each of the WOL sections.
• Added IPv6 support. The following code has been merged to the upgrader scripts. Beta testers: To upgrade your databases manually, run the following code from your Control Panel > Database Tools | SQL Command window:

• Added IPv4 and IPv6 address lookup links.
• Added an INFO column within the Anonymous Guests section. If the user browsing your forums was referred from another website, within this column, you can hover your mouse over the " I " icon and view information regarding their browser's User Agent Strings (UAS) and the referring website/page. Click on the " I " icon to view that web page.
• Also within the Anonymous Guests INFO section, the referrals from the top 14 search engines (as of 2016Q4) will now be displayed. If a user was referred from an image search, the referral name will be listed in bold text.
• Added an INFO column within the Search Spiders section. If you've imported a list of spiders to your your forums (Control Panel > Display Settings > Primary | Who's Online Settings, Search Engine Agents), the spider will be listed here. You can Hover your mouse over the " I " icon and view information regarding that spider's User Agent Strings (UAS). Click on the " I " icon to search google for their full UAS. The name of the spider is also shown next to the " I " icon. Click the name to lookup that BOT on Google search.
• The Location column has been condensed and is now less-redundant.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 11/07/2016 2:37 PM
Changelog 2016-11-03
Additional tweaks to the Who's Online list.
• Who'sOnline -Long addresses now break and wrap where they are suppose to wrap.
• Who'sOnline -If a user/bot/spider has multipl IP addresses, their address is displayed in bold, and are given a hover-over that says, "PROXY"
See attached screenshots


Attached picture 20161104_03-29-58.PNG
Attached picture 20161104_03-00-04.PNG
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Changelog 2016-11-04
The Attachment Manager received another interface upgrade.
• filemanager -Reduced the steps required to attach a file. Instead of clicking a system OS "Browse" button and then an "Upload File" button, the end user now only needs to click on your forum's custom styled "Select A File To Attach" button.
• filemanager -If no files are attached, a "Cancel" button is displayed. If one or more files are attached, a "Done" button is displayed.
• filemanager -The maximum file size and maximum number of allowed attachments is now more clear.
• filemanager -The current number of files the user has already attached is now displayed.
• filemanager -If a file has a caption, it will clearly be displayed in the list, right under the file.
• filemanager -File captions were previously truncated to just 255 characters, giving the end user no indication that they exceeded that limit. Now the File Caption box will stop allowing entry once the 255 character threshold has been met.
See attached screenshots


Attached picture 20161104_00-28-24.PNG
Attached picture 20161104_00-30-25.PNG
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Changelog 2016-11-05
• printthread -Fixed a bug where inlined images were being called from a hard-coded URL, rather than what your forum settings was configured to.
edit: Being completely thorough on this one. Originally for 760, I had hard-coded for UBB.threads 6.x forum upgraders, assuming they always used a new attachments directory for their UBB.threads 7.x install. Since this was not always the case, it remained a trivial bit of coding since all of UBB.threads 7.x. This has since been corrected in version UBB.threads 7.6.
** If you upgraded from UBB.threads 6.x and used a new attachments directory for your UBB.threads 7.x install, you need to manually edit your printthread.inc.php script to represent your UBB.threads 6.x (versions prior to July 20, 2006) attachments directory. The current setting is "/ubbthreads/attach/". Read the directions in the file and toggle the commented sections.
** If you had upgraded from UBB.threads 6.x and kept the same attachments directory, you can keep the file as is. Nothing further needs to be done.

• filemanager -The Attachment Manager now displays a thumbnail of the attached file if it is an image. If the attached file is not an image, the file type will be displayed. This update replaces the "cryptic" FILE_ID number column.
See attached screenshot


Attached picture 20161105_19-52-37.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 12/10/2016 8:13 AM
Changelog 2016-12-04
• Installer/Upgrader -Updated presentation to match the new Control Panel style. Corrected lots of layout bugs from 7.5.x
• Upgrader -Rewritten.
• Lightbox -Updated Lightbox library from 2.8.2 to version 2.9.0
• Lightbox -Updated JQueryRotate library from "Google Code v2.3" to "Official v2.3." Minified using UglifyJS2
• Autosize -Updated Autosize library from 3.0.17 to version 3.0.20
• ubb_js -Minimized the JavaScript. All templates now point to the compressed JS versions
• ubb_js -Simplified the directory structure
• Tags -The included Custom Tags code has been updated to reflect the current video sources, and now also include the recently updated regex for url formats.

Prior to updating the YouTube REGEX, the old string could only detect 17 of the top 32 most common different YouTube URL variations:






After updating the Youtube REGEX, the new string can detect more than 32 of the most common YouTube variations:






Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 12/16/2016 6:15 AM
Changelog 2016-12-11
• mailer -Patched a potential security issue regarding attached files/images.
• mailer -Attachments are now listed by their file name, and are listed in chronological order.
• mailer -Removed inlined image attachments, since the email recipient may not have access to the images in certain scenarios (ie; Email this thread). All attachments now go through the internal UBB.threads attachment manager. This rule now allows the attachment's download counter to update with each legitimate attachment download.
• User Editor -Rearranged this section to match its counterpart in the user-side "Edit Profile" and "Preferences" pages. The items are now sorted and placed within the correct sections. They also now use the same terminology.
• User Editor -If you've setup "Custom Fields," they will be displayed only if the user has any data entered within those fields. The information will be preceded by a "Custom 1:", "Custom 2:"...etc, to "Custom 5:"
• Registration Settings -All items now use the same terminology as the User Editor and Preference pages on Member and Admin sections.
• User Editor -Fixed a longstanding UBB.threads 7.5.x bug of when a user is edited, their setting for "Primate Message Email Notifications" would be turned off.
• User Editor -All Email settings are now displayed within the User Editor. An admin can toggle these on/off without needing to use the "Become User" tool.
• preferences -Moved all Email settings to a single page within the "Email and Private Message Preferences" section. Turning off all emails from the forum can now easily be done, and instructions to the end user dont need to list multiple pages and multiple sections. The Yes/No for each of these options are now also in the correct order.
• showflat -Spoilers are now displayed as a single clickable button (instead of a BBCode box) which will expend to show the hidden text.
• activetopics,searchresults,mail -Spoiler items are now displayed as just text, "[HIDDEN SPOILER CONTENT]". This resolves the obvious issue of javascript not being available/called in email readers. This also solves spoilers from inadvertently being displayed within searches and active topics lists.

Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 12/27/2016 2:34 PM
Changelog 2016-12-19
Control Panel - Updates to the presentation of file sizes and time durations. These areas also have an improved description for their expected entry.
• Forum/Group Permissions - File attachment/gallery image size entry now gives additional information about the "size" that its expecting for input. Max upload size from your php.ini is also now displayed. Entry can be either in byte format, or in shorthand format, such as "2M" for two megabytes (2097152 bytes).
• Other settings pages which request a file size entry, now intend for the entry to be in multiples of megabytes. You can use decimal places for smaller sizes.
• Settings pages which request a duration setting, are now in multiples of minutes, rather than seconds. Example/hints are now displayed along with a improved entry field note.


Attached picture 20161219_06-50-48.PNG
Attached picture 20161219_06-50-19.PNG
Attached picture 20161218_02-50-04.PNG
Attached picture 20161217_23-38-26.PNG
Attached picture 20161217_23-37-59.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 12/27/2016 2:37 PM
Changelog 2016-12-20
Attachment Manager updates:
• Attachments can be dragged to the Attachment Manager... anywhere within that section.
• An upload indicator will appear below it.
• There are checks for File Type and File Size.
• Only 1 item will upload at a time. If multiple items are selected, only the last one will be used.
• A preview of the attached item is displayed. If the item is not an image-type, the file extension will be used instead.
• File captions are displayed under the file name and preview.


Attached picture 20161216_18-06-44.PNG
Attached picture 20161216_18-07-17.PNG
Attached picture 20161216_18-07-58.PNG
Attached picture 20161216_18-08-56.PNG
Attached picture 20161216_18-10-54.PNG
Attached picture 20161216_18-20-43.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 12/27/2016 2:48 PM
Changelog 2016-12-27 --SECURITY BULLETIN--
• PHPMailer -Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.16 to version 5.2.19
1) https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/blob/master/SECURITY.md
2) https://legalhackers.com/advisories/PHPMailer-Exploit-Remote-Code-Exec-CVE-2016-10033-Vuln.html
3) https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2016/12/phpmailer-vulnerability/

Changelog 2016-12-28 --SECURITY BULLETIN--
• PHPMailer -Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.19 to version 5.2.21
1) http://seclists.org/bugtraq/2016/Dec/54
2) https://legalhackers.com/advisories...ec-CVE-2016-10045-Vuln-Patch-Bypass.html

Changelog 2017-01-12 --SECURITY BULLETIN--
• PHPMailer -Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.21 to version 5.2.22
1) https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/blob/master/SECURITY.md
2) https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2017-5223

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would need to be able to pass user input to a message’s “from” address. UBB.threads is not affected by this issue since email is only ever sent from the configured Forum Email Address and does not allow for user input to be set elsewhere.

In addition, the send-to addresses are always checked that sendmail path exists and validated as correct email format, as well as being escaped, prior to being stored in the database or passed on to PHPMailer. Emailing a post/message goes through several steps of validation prior to being sent, and will not be passed to PHPMailer if the validation does not pass.

NOTES: All versions of the third-party PHPMailer library distributed with UBB.threads versions within the 7.5.x series and prior, are vulnerable to a remote code execution vulnerability. This is patched in PHPMailer 5.2.18 which will be included with UBB.threads 7.6.0.

If you are using the PHPMailer library included within your UBB.threads package to handle any additional or custom (unsupported) scripts, you should manually update your PHPMailer library to version 5.2.18 or newer. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer
For reference, UBB.threads 7.5.x uses PHPMailer 2.0.2.

This has also been cross-posted to
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 01/08/2017 10:54 AM
Changelog 2017-01-03
• admin/movethreads,prunethreads -Updated the amount-per-process (chunk) from 20 to 100. This should account for more recent spec'd hardware. The original amount was used from 2006. The new process amount should be more than easily handled on any current PHP 5.3+ dedicated or shared hosting server, while still staying below max_execution time threshold defaults. This update should reduce the time for this process to complete.
• boardrules -Multiple minor layout corrections. Also used during the registration process.
• coppainsert -Updated the text template to replace "child" with "persons."
• registration -Fixed a long standing bug where if "Age Check" was enabled, new registrations would be processed, except the user would be sent back to the "Registration Entry" page again, instead of the login page.
• registration -Added display of forum "minimum age" notification to persons attempting to register, if Age Check is enabled, and based on the Minimum Age Required entry.
• registration -Removed mention of "children" within the registration language files, in place of the more preferred "persons" and "years old." Some forums cater to a 21+ community, where "child" may not be the correct term for under-age persons. A forum may cater to a 55+ community, where anyone 54 years and younger is... well, not exactly a child either. This update also carries over to where there is an age requirement for posting.
• registration -Replaced the Time Offset input box with a Time Zone drop-down list.
• editdisplay -Multiple layout updates and verbiage clarity.
• editdisplay,registration -Max number of Threads/Posts has been updated to a drop-down menu. This should reduce entry confusion, and improve mobile friendliness.
• left/right columns -Columns are now hidden for Login, Password Recovery, Registration.
• MyStuff pages -Avatar is now the same size as the one in the profile page. If the user does not have an avatar, a silhouette will be displayed. The left-menu is now a set width of 160px, instead of 15%. This resolves many display related issues. My Stuff now uses alt-2 as the background for the menu items. Now you can see these text items when your body background matched the color of the text (display fix). The left-menu now has a title header. This affects all 23 templates which use the "my stuff on left" menu list.
• pagenation -Removed the padding around the pagenation table. Buttons and pagenation now align correctly to the top/bottom of the surrounding cells.
• styles -All included stock styles have been updated once again, to reflect this minor display correction.
• copyrights -Updated from 2016 to 2017.


Attached picture 20170102_13-26-54.PNG
Attached picture 20170103_19-57-00.PNG
Attached picture 20170103_20-17-29.PNG
Attached picture 20170103_21-24-04.PNG
Attached picture 20170103_22-16-48.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 01/08/2017 11:04 AM
Changelog 2017-01-08
This Snapshot focused mostly on the Upgrader scripts, with some overlapping attention to the Installer scripts.
• Installer/Upgrader Utility received a complete facelift.
• Upgrader -This script now tells you where you are in the upgrade process.
Upgrader -Complete! It now just needs to be populated with the 7.5.9 => 7.6.0 change data.
• Attachment Manager -Added language strings to tell the users they can drag-and-drop their files in the attachment window.
• common.css -Added values to display the forum's background of short pages through the entire browser window height. Previously on short pages, the background would stop where the footer stopped, leaving a white separator between your footer and the bottom of the browser.
• Minor layout corrections and code cleanup.


Attached picture 20170105_21-38-31.PNG
Attached picture 20170108_02-47-30.PNG
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 01/11/2017 12:51 PM
Changelog 2017-01-09
• Installer -Found and fixed several errors from v7.5.x installer package.
• Installer/Upgrader -Installer is complete!

Screenshot post - The filenames are their descriptions.


Attached picture 000 Utility.png
Attached picture 001b Error Check - Already Installed.png
Attached picture 001b Error Check - Upgrade WO Tables.png
Attached picture 002 Permissions.png
Attached picture 003 Database Info.png
Attached picture 003b Error Check.png
Attached picture 004 Database Check.png
Attached picture 004b Error Check.png
Attached picture 005 Paths-URLs.png
Attached picture 006 Paths-URLs Check.png
Attached picture 007 Config Creation.png
Attached picture 008 Table Creation.png
Attached picture 009 Admin User Creation.png
Attached picture 010 Table CreationA.png
Attached picture 011 Table CreationB - Clean Install.png
Attached picture 011 Table CreationB - Install from Import.png
Attached picture 012 Control Panel.png
Posted By: isaac Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 Changelog - 01/12/2017 3:17 PM
Changelog 2017-01-11
• admin/gallery -Updated the Gallery Settings page to clarify each setting and their defaults.
• admin/gallery -Added a definition within the header and linked to setting up Gallery Forums / regular Forums.
• post_side -Fixed file name not displaying correctly when no description was available.
• post_gallery -Fixed filename not displaying correctly when no description was available.
• post_gallery -Fixed the filename/dimensions/size of first image, being used across all images. Each image now displays its own image details.
• post_side,post_gallery -Hovering your mouse over each of the images now correctly displays the image attachment's filename.
• showflat.tpl -Corrected some layout issues within Threaded Mode.
• Installer -Updated several New-Install default settings for the UBB.threads 7.6.x series.
• Minor layout improvements in other templates.


Attached picture 20170111_09-26-02.PNG
Attached picture 20170111_09-31-13.PNG
Attached picture 20170111_09-33-00.PNG
Attached picture 20170111_19-05-05.PNG
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