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Posted By: DebbieH103

Topics and Categories - 09/20/06 10:21 AM

I see you can delete a category, but you have to move the forums. Can you delete a forum? I had manually input my forums before I decided to test the import. Now I have moved them to a "Test and Disabled" category to push them out of the way. I'd like to remove that whole category and its forums, but it just wants me to move those forums to another group. I'd rather not look at this huge group of forums forever, and I am worried when I import again, I will have another huge bunch to deal with. Any advice?
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Topics and Categories - 09/20/06 11:45 AM

Debbie, you can delete a forum by editing it, the delete button is the bottom tab.
Posted By: Markus_003

Re: Topics and Categories - 09/20/06 01:19 PM

1. Control Panel
2. Forum Settings
3. Details (next to forum you wish to delete) -
4. and as Gizmo explanied, the delete button is at the bottom LEFT tab.
Posted By: DebbieH103

Re: Topics and Categories - 09/20/06 11:16 PM

Thanks guys.
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