I've had at least 3 users email me in the last 2 weeks regarding having trouble logging into the forum. They say sometimes they are able to log in, sometimes not. Resetting their password and clearing cookies does not seem to help. Any Advice? This seems to be a problem that just surfaced lately. Running 7.5.3.
Are they getting any particular error when they try to login or is just redirecting them to the front page. Any particular browser this is happening on?
Tried to register to test but waiting on approval.
Odd, but I was coming here researching the same issue with the same exact version. Anything discovered on this?
Any particular version you are hearing the reports on? I've seen a few with IE8, and that seems to correlate to not just our software but quite a bit of other login systems as well. But it doesn't seem to impact everyone, so we're trying to gather as many details as we can to pinpoint this.
IE8 is the culprit. I've been telling users to use FireFox and they are able to log in. Any idea why this is happening? I've had over 20 users contact me regarding this issue so far.
Just received an email from a user who couldn't log in using IE 7, so looks like this issue is not specific to IE 8.

Any progress on this?
Can't say but it appears you have the fix for ie7 in place already.

Just a fyi.
I just replaced a dead hard drive on my desktop.
And the default setting on IE8 says the firefox site is a security risk. Humm... Billy Gates is getting worried?
I had this same problem with a user a couple of weeks ago and solved it, finally, by forcing an update on their profile by going to their profile and clicking on edit profile, then update.

They said they were running IE7 but I don't trust the information. At the time, I put it down to the usual problems with Network Solutions and their "Management" of shared MySQL, but that may not be it reading through this thread.

So far, we have been able to resolve all of the associated problems that this thread is about by manually resetting the profile of the user. We still have one outstanding user with the problem and haven't been able to get them to try their old login again.
I am using IE8 right now and was able to log in, so I hope this issue is fixed.
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