"Breadcrumbs" not displaying

Posted By: DennyP

"Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 1:14 AM

Running 7.6.0

At the top of most forum pages is what I call the "breadcrumb" area. It has a hierarchical list of how a person got to where they are. For example, in one of my forums, it looks like this:

[Linked Image]

But I have a couple of forums where the "breadcrumb" area never gets past the home page link regardless of which topic/message I display in that forum. For example:

[Linked Image]

Is there a forum setting that controls this? If so, what/where is it? Thanks.
Posted By: Ruben

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:24 PM

I found one forum with the same issue on your board..
wet wild wicked mexico

I don't think it is a setting since most all others work okay.
and all of the stock styles have the same issue.

Did you happen to check the custom forum insert for that one forum.
Maybe something is in there.

cp/forums/edit forum/custom inserts.

Other than that maybe clear cache in the cp may help.
Posted By: Ruben

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:38 PM

looks okay now.
Posted By: DennyP

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:40 PM

There was nothing in the custom inserts, but I did fix the problem.

At one time I had either the trademark or copyright symbol next to "Wet Wild and Wicked" which is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. At some point, that symbol starting displaying as some weird diamond symbol in the forum title. I saw that the two forums that I was having the problem with both had that symbol. I removed that symbol from the title and now the "breadcrumbs" are displaying correctly.

So whatever that character was, was causing a problem either in parsing the forum name or in something else that prevented the "breadcrumbs" from displaying.
Posted By: Ruben

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:47 PM

Could be the database coalition , it was iso-8859-1 prior to 7.6.0 but today it is utf8 .
If you changed the database from iso-8859-1 to utf8 either by the upgrade or fat finger.
Then the character set may not be supported.
It is a conversion step that is needed in the mysql database.
You can check it with like phpmyadmin.
It will show either latin 1 or utf8 per table.
It should be global across all of them.
Todays standard is utf8 for every forum package i have seen.
Posted By: DennyP

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:52 PM

The coalition for the ubb tables say "latin1_swedish_ci"
Posted By: Ruben

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 5:56 PM

Are there not a few new extra tables that are utf8.
There used to be 64 tables but with the current version I think there are a few extra tables now.

also in the language files-generic.php it will show what character set to use to write with to the database.
Posted By: DennyP

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 6:01 PM

The last line of the list of tables:
65 tables Sum 701,617 MyISAM utf8_general_ci 247.6 MiB 915.8 KiB

Each individual table has latin1
Posted By: Ruben

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 6:07 PM

Okay well probably something for isaac or Giz to answer.
I have imported from iso to utf8 but never changed one on a existing database.
Giz is here now.
But the diamond character is usually a dead give away to non supported characters.For whatever character set you are using.
Posted By: DennyP

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 6:20 PM

Thanks for your input.
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 6:54 PM

This doesn't have anything to do with the database collation; black diamonds usually have something to do with your character set (whereby generally the "old" character set was Latin, and the "new" is UTF8 and what one would assume to be the correct character is not).

I've been talking with Isaac about this a little bit, we'll have to test a few ideas to see what's going on, or if special characters just aren't being escaped properly.
Posted By: DennyP

Re: "Breadcrumbs" not displaying - 08/24/2017 6:57 PM

For my purposes, it's not a big issue to spend too much time on. But if it could potentially affect anything else, then I guess it should be looked into. Thank you.
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