My forums will not send emails

Posted By: peter gariepy

My forums will not send emails - 02/16/18 05:08 AM


---My forums were originally on webintellects.com hosting. Worked great. Unfortunately had to move off of Webintellects.
---Moved it to GoDaddy. Apparently that was a bad move. The forums worked great, but wouldn't send email. (new registrations, password resets, etc.)
---People smarter than I recommended I move OFF GoDaddy. Live and learn. So....
---Moved it to HostGator.com. The forums worked great, but STILL wouldn't send email.
---Recommended i move it to a hosting company that had a proven track record of working great with UBBT.
---Moved it to Bluehost.com Same problems. Wont send emails.

I know of no way to diagnose the problem.
None of the hosting companies can provide any assistance.
Obviously I don't have a clue what i'm doing wrong.

So, anyone out there have any recommendations?

I'm out of options.

Thanks in advance if you can provide me some guidance.


Posted By: Gizmo

Re: My forums will not send emails - 02/16/18 06:24 AM

The mailer was sending files out using the temporary URL with BlueHost, once the domain was moved over it was not sending mail over the domain; since mail went out through the main handler the issue is host related (as UBB.threads was able to send mail out on the temporary URL). Your host will have access to mail spooling to read any logs that're processed through their system that your CPanel user account does not have access to.

It could also be something related to DNS propagation at the time (which in this case should have sorted itself out), or it could be that a DKIM or SPF record on the domain is incorrect, your domain may be in a in a blacklist, etc.

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Posted By: peter gariepy

Re: My forums will not send emails - 02/16/18 01:17 PM

DNS: DNS setting are completely generic and managed by bluehost.

BLACKLISTING: The domain was registered only 5 months ago, and was not used until the switchover to the new host in January. The domain is completely clean according to mxtoolbox.com https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=blacklist%3avccachat.org&run=toolpage

Not being technical not a clue on DKIM, SPF, or MAIL SPOOLING are over my head.

Any other thoughts?


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Posted By: Ruben

Re: My forums will not send emails - 02/16/18 06:12 PM

First thing is access the email account the forum uses and send a email directly to somewhere not from ubb.
If it is a hosted email account you probably have a web address to access it directly for use.

If you have another personal email account send it there.

See if you get a returned email or that it delivers.

If it gets returned it will have some errors that may be helpful.

There are also lots of blacklisting services to check.
Googly blacklist you can enter email or ip to see the results.
Just remember that Isp's don't use every blacklist service and there are numerous ones out there.
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: My forums will not send emails - 02/16/18 08:19 PM

Originally Posted by peter gariepy
Not being technical not a clue on DKIM, SPF, or MAIL SPOOLING are over my head.

Which is exactly why it was recommended to contact your web host; hosting configurations and DNS records are outside of the scope for forum support provided on these user to user forums.

Your SPF and DKIM records are ones that change every time you move email hosts, I don't know what the values would be on your new host as they're generated through your web host.
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