Version 7.5.7
I manually entered a key.
It was saved in the config file(verified)
But I noticed if I re-visit
Control Panel ยป Primary Settings
again it auto suggests a new key value and does not display what I entered manually. This happens after a few visits.

Just as a note the key I entered has 8 characters,1 numeric as well as 7 alpha and 1 is uppercase.

This is a test board and I keep it closed.
Posted By: SD Re: Board security key keeps changing: Bug or not? - 12/16/2012 8:17 PM
can't reproduce it on 3, 7.5.7 boards

Okay I was playing a lot with some settings.
I reset it again.
So will wait and see if I can figure out when it changes again.

I was wondering if it is the string length since I am using 8 and the suggestion is always like 14.
I think this may be a operator error on my part.
Due to playing with the new settings I may have deleted the custom key myself and it just generated a net new one.
I have been unable to duplicate it
Posted By: SD Re: Board security key keeps changing: Bug or not? - 12/18/2012 8:59 PM
well, at least you forced me to test it 10 times over with random keys..

even a key with 1 character in it laugh
oTAY, I just gave up on duplication
So I figured it must have been me somehow using a idiots guide.LOL

If it pops up again possibly I can find the culprit.
Is that linked to my bug too guys? Sorry for posting this in the "FIXED" sub-section first.

I'm also getting an error after 7.5.7 but it means I can't re-edit longer posts with formatting after the initial post.

Getting this:
[deleted my pathname here]/ubbthreads/scripts/modifypost.inc.php
Line#: 365
SQL Error: Incorrect key file for table '[deleted my pathname here] ubbt_POSTS.MYI'; try to repair it
SQL Error #: 126
Could be a corrupt table since your error states to repair it.
This is not the same script error but the process is the same.
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