Hey all, I have an ancient UBB 6.5 forum running and I need an upgrade quick.

Is the import utility very easy to use and will import all of my posts and members without a problem?

Just want to know what I'm in for.

It worked well for me and I never looked back. I'd suggest doing a practice run with a copy of the DB to see if there might be any issues to address before closing the board for the real thing.
Posted By: SD Re: Is it incredibly easy to migrate from UBB 6.5? - 02/12/2010 1:37 AM
agreed.. 6.5 was php/mysql based so it is a much easier leap than the earlier versions..
If you are already on threads it is not that big of a deal.
You just would need to go through all of the new settings in the control panel that did not exist before.
Going from classic is a big step though.
But it is not a horror story.
2 years ago (or so) I went from classic to 7.x... it was a bit intense as there were actually 2 upgrades I had to do. I lost a little bit of data between the two (but not a whole heck of a lot). The files I lost had been corrupted, and the links to smilies etc. was lost, however it was very easy to do and took a couple of hours (due to the host at the time being very slow). Other than that Rick and crew do a great job writing upgraders that actually get the job done quick and clean.
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