Restoring board from old SQL Dump/Backup from 2009

Posted By: BryanDS

Restoring board from old SQL Dump/Backup from 2009 - 12/24/13 11:45 PM

Hey all,

I have the SQL DB from my old board back from 2009, this was running a 7.x version.

All I have is the DB itself.. it's been imported to the new host and is sitting in it's own table. I'm running into a problem though in that because I didn't have the previous installation files other than the SQL DB... I am completely confused about how to go about setting up the board to use my old SQL Database. Everything I see here on the forums (sorry if I missed something) is showing that I would need to copy the old UBBT files over to make it work.. but I literally don't have them anymore.

So the Upgrade script gets a header error at line 41, and the install script would install the entire board brand new.. which wouldn't be compatible with the old DB.. so I appear to be stuck. (Plus for some odd reason I'm running into a situation where "localhost" isn't reachable from the UBB App, but that's secondary)

Any thoughts?

Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Restoring board from old SQL Dump/Backup from 2009 - 12/25/13 12:13 AM

It's pretty easy, setup a new install (separate database) then change the database name in the includes/config.inc.php file to be that of the old database.

You'll either want to start with a version that's the same as the old db version or run the upgrade script after you change the db name in the config file.
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