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Posted By: Rose

Default posting icon - 04/02/07 10:51 AM

The default posting icon is the little note (book.gif). I'd like to change the default to be "no icon". I've spent a long time trying to find out where to change this default, and I just can't find it.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks. smile
Posted By: Rick

Re: Default posting icon - 04/02/07 02:35 PM

I'm pretty sure you'd need to edit the libs/ubbthreads.inc.php script. Around line 1793 you'll see this:

if (!$icon) { $icon = "book.gif"; }

Try changing that to:

if (!$icon) { $icon = "blank.gif"; }
Posted By: Rose

Re: Default posting icon - 04/02/07 10:50 PM

Rick, thank you VERY much! That was making me crazy. Appreciate it. smile
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Default posting icon - 04/02/07 11:54 PM

Nice one Rick, I figured it'd be in the templates; yet i went against my normal advice of "everything important is in the lib file"
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