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Our members would like a daily random quote from our newsletters to appear in a box at the top or side of our boards. Is there a way to do this where we could load in all the quotes and each time they visit they'd get a different one?


Just use a custom island to call a php random quote script.

Easy as that smile
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You're making me paranoid now Giz sick
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Thanks for the script. I am getting this error code in my UBB:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting '(' in /www/jpfolks.com/web/forum/cache_builders/custom/portal_box_4.php on line 8

Any ideas what is wrong?
Here's the script. Being a complete non-programmer type, I have no idea where to even look to fix it?
$bgcolor = '#FFFFCC';
$textcolor = 'black';

// Array Structure: "Quote","Author"

$allqts = array
“Never accept no as an answer from someone not empowered to say yes in the first place.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“When I was growing up, many things in life seemed magical and beyond reproach. I thought that adults had some grand perspective on the way things worked in the world, and that there were many professions that held a mystical code of ethics and knowledge that allowed them to do their jobs. This awe covered professions like Doctors and Politicians and Teachers and Artists of all types. These figures carried unquestioned authority and matter of fact expertise and integrity that I could not begin to fathom. Too bad we have to grow up. As we get older, we see the reality of profit and loss, whether it applies to our local grocer or the guy taking out our tonsils. We begin to understand that everyone has good and bad days, and every profession has good and bad practitioners. We also begin to realize that no one has the answers to all the questions, and the best we can hope for is that our hairstylist is having a good day before she starts cutting our hair. The illusion is gone. We have seen the man behind the curtain, and he looks amazingly like us. Normal. Fragile. Human.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If one man can do it, any man can do it. It is true. But the real question is, if one man did it, are you willing to do what it takes to do it as well?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sharing in your success is the payback to those who shared in your failure.",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"That's just my opinion, I could be right",’ -Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug and if you’re an artist, sometimes you’re both.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes, the best thing you can say, isn't the easiest thing",” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
“We’re All In This Together, Just Plain Folks”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The pessimist says the cup is half empty, the optimist says the cup is half full and the pragmatist says ‘what do I care, I’m just plain thirsty!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I left my home, only to find a new home, full of heart, soul and dreams. Then, I left that new home, heart intact, but much stronger and energized from the experience", “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I've got friends in COOL places",” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If Clapton is God, then I have seen the Goddess, and her name is Jonell Mosser!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"No matter how much you copyright protect a turd, it's still a turd",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The soul of Just Plain Folks IS the people!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Never apologize for your work. If it’s the best you can do, there’s nothing to be sorry about and if it’s not, you shouldn’t be exposing anyone else to it in the first place.”,” –Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you are going to leave the "day job" business world to enter the music business world, and you forget all the lessons you learned in the "day job" business world, you are making the REAL mistake”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Even if it appears you have lost, you can still win by maintaining your integrity, your civility and your humanity”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Let me do the success math for everyone. Persistence = Luck; How you treat everyone you meet in life = Who you know; Being in the right place = The combination of the first two.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you expect perfection from other humans, you'll always be disappointed. If you expect your preconceived notions about someone to be correct, in your mind, they always will be. If you require perfection from someone to break your preconceived notions, you will continue to live with your own personal prejudicial demons for the rest of your life, living in a self created state of ignorance.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The commercial that says "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" may be true. Our job should be making sure that we give the person we are judging the chance to make that first impression themselves, in person, for real.”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you choose the right rut to get stuck in, you'll enjoy the journey the whole way, regardless of the final destination!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”
"Through the positive and supportive examples we are setting, it is becoming apparent that where our Just Plain Folks lead, the music world will follow!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"First came if only? Then came what if? After that I'll bet. Next was just maybe.
Followed by Aha, I thought so! And eventually, okay, what next!",”-Brian Austin Whitney on the stages of creativity and Just Plain Folks”,
"The great thing about a dream come true, is that it is born with a great appetite. That appetite keeps it growing and evolving and it swallows up all those other dreams you have and spits them back out as reality as well.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“I have dreamed a lot of things that have come true for other people, because I didn't take the action to make them come true for me.”, “ –Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you are stuck in your musical composing, be unreasonable. Change your environment. If you are stuck in your lyrical efforts, instead of forcing the same old words out, force yourself to do unreasonable things.",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Every culture, environment, organization, or system, natural or man made has it's Dead Toad. When that system starts to fail, something is the first to go. The prophetic critter on the front line of inevitable change is the indicator species of life. He is the canary in the coal mine, the silent alarm, the writing on the pharaohs wall. His precarious place makes him see things more clearly, speak more passionately and hope more urgently that someone is listening. The Dead Toad is the idiot light on the dashboard of society, whispering 'You're two quarts low, Jack.' I am the Dead Toad. So are you.", “-Member Greg Walsh, The Dead Toad”,
"To the editors of Webster's dictionary. Over the years, songwriters have been called many things. Please add Dead Toad to the list. Thanks.", “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Learn the "tried and true" rules, then break them with premeditated malice!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A tool is only as good as the craftsperson wielding it.",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“No matter how many times you think to yourself you have heard it all, you are always wrong.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Just Plain Folks is like a plow. A plow is a tool that can be used to help feed thousands of hungry people. But there are two groups of people on the planet. One group of people realize that for the plow to help feed people, they must actually USE the plow to prepare the field to grow the food to feed the people. The second group of people are the ones who stand and stare at the plow and wait for the food to drop out of it. Of course that group is much smaller because those people all eventually starve to death.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Often, when performing live, entertaining well is better than playing well",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"One measure of a persons greatness, is the greatness of those he influences and is influenced by.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Small introductions are often the beginnings of great relationships!",”-Brian Austin Whitney on why you should come out and meet your peers!”,
"The worth of your career to others is directly proportionate to the amount of importance you put into making contacts, nurturing leads and building real interpersonal relationships with those you hope will help you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Today we have more ways to interact and stay in contact with people than ever before. But are we really communicating with anyone?”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success in the music industry can be traced to Talent, Fortitude and Education. If any of these three things are missing or lacking, disaster and failure often await."-Brian Austin Whitney
“The music industry is filled with risk takers, but not so filled with people who educate themselves before taking the leap.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I'd rather starve than eat poison food”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”
"We are all millionaires, billionaires even, because right now we have today. And today is worth more than all the wealth we can imagine. So spend today wisely. Spend tomorrow wisely. Enjoy the wealth of today, and realize it is worth far more than all the money and possessions of tomorrow and beyond.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We may wear different hats, but underneath, we're all just plain folks!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes reaching a goal earlier than planned is a great achievement. It shows you have worked hard, pushed ahead and made it happen. However, sometimes reaching a goal far past your original deadline, long after you wanted to complete it, and after the accolades you might once have gotten for the achievement are over, it is an even greater achievement. This shows you never gave up, due to adversity, deficit, criticism and those little life detours that end many dreams and goals. In many ways, this is a reason for even more pride!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”
"Some problems are really just blessings with strings attached.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"You really shouldn't listen too much to your positive press or your negative press. Both are probably inaccurate. But if you find you must heed the opinions of others, why not choose the 80% who love you?",”Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Whether your next song is #1 on Billboard, or a critical failure by all measurable standards, go look in the mirror. You are the exact same person you were the day before your received the news. Never forget that.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Defeatist Pessimists and Rose Colored Glasses Optimists are lonely companions, victims even. Both ideologies imply predestined outcomes, and therefore breed inactivity in its victims. Inaction is the only sure way to lose at anything in life. All positive action guarantees at least a fighting chance.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Talent + Drive + Knowledge = Success”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Stop the process I call 'waiting to live.' This is the worst type of procrastination, because there will always be another 'reason to wait' lurking ahead. Once you are in this rut, it is nearly impossible to get out of it. Instead, adopt a 'Live as you Go' mentality.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A lot of people will tell you that preparation is what will make you successful. But I think that people misunderstand exactly what that means sometimes. The type of preparation you need most is the kind that allows you to instantly seize an opportunity, change your course based on a momentary circumstance, and grab hold of the totally unexpected when it happens, and allow it to take you for the ride of your life! That is the kind of preparation that can lead to the most enjoyable type of success.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Parents are notorious for telling you not to do something, but not telling you WHAT to do instead. So here are my thoughts. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, give it a manicure. Don't burn your bridges, go out and build more! And of course, Don't run with Scissors, use them to cut out your press clippings!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The least expensive/highest return thing you can do for your career, no matter what the level is, is to be nice and polite to people.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If someone is truly a jerk, or truly is not deserving of any positive reply from you, polite indifference is the best response you can give. Do not insult. Do not slam. Do not follow the urge to be nasty. Simply be politely indifferent.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Some people call me a nut for doing all this work for free. But it seems to me if I keep doing the right thing, not only will I gratify and astonish people, but one day the hard work will give life to my visions and the dream will come true, and perhaps I will even be able to pay my Discover Card Bill!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Spending a little too much for a great sounding CD is always going to be better than any amount paid for one that simply doesn't sound good enough.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Quality = Longevity.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The pursuit of your dream is like a battle to take a strategic hill in a war. There are 3 options when you come up against a big ugly obstacle. You can immediately turn and run the other way, giving up and losing the battle instantly. You can paralyze yourself with fear thus making you a much weaker opponent, which will result in you getting smeared all over the side of that hill and losing the battle. Or, you can simply batten down the hatches, and plow right through it with all your power and bull headedness. You may win or lose this way still, but if you lose going at full speed and power, you may have enough to regroup and give it another go with some added experience and wisdom. And of course if you get to the top of that hill, you'll probably find the damage to be much less than you feared, and you will be much stronger for the effort when coming to the next big hill of life!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I treat all the Just Plain Folks I meet like they are Superstars, and I treat all the Superstars I meet like they are Just Plain Folks. It seems to work perfectly!”,” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Do not endeavor to be the smartest kid in a dumb class. Instead, you are better off being the dumbest kid in the smartest class, where you will be challenged and you will learn. If you aren't growing, you are dying.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"It is amazing how much there is to learn when we think we know it all!", “”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Statements like 'the more you give the more you get' are cliche's for a reason, because often they are true. Hard work really does pay off. Giving someone a helping hand feels good and is often reward enough by itself. But, when what goes around comes around back to you, it is the sweetest feeling of all!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Communication can be your most powerful ally and most powerful defense system. If you are open and up front about your intentions, and you communicate openly and honestly with those you interact with, you will rarely get blind sided due to someone's misunderstandings. Even those with evil intent have a hard time using their favorite ploy, the claim of ignorance, as an excuse to do their bidding. Taking that away from them can be your best defense!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"You don't know what you don't know. As silly as that sounds, it is particularly important to developing as a songwriter. You have to hear really great music to understand what you are capable of and what is even possible.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Our enemies may not be who we think they are. They are not Major Label monopolies. The world will always have 'majors.' They are not big corporations who own everything. The world will always have 'big' ones. Our enemies are not the loud mouthed critics telling us we will fail. The world will always have those too. Our most dangerous enemy is our own quiet acceptance of the fate we perceive these entities have mapped out for us. The only danger is our own complacency, or inactivity, and our willingness to believe so called experts who tell us we 'can't' and that our grim fate is inevitable.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Just in time for Halloween today, I want to make a somewhat morbid point. The standard by which I now measure the things in my life is the following: If I was on my death bed, or if I knew I had a short time to live, would this issue be important? If the answer is no.. I don't sweat it at all. If the answer is Yes, you better believe it goes to the front of the order of today's business!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The bottom line is that the present is all you have. Take control of it. Do the things that you will want to remember that you DID when it all matters most. Don't leave the possibility of regret alive for when it is too late to do anything about it. You rarely regret more what you did, than what you didn't do!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Money is worst reason to be motivated NOT to do anything. Instead of letting those concerns STOP you, use it to motivate yourself to find an alternate solution that bypasses money. You will soon find that your own resourcefulness is worth far more than a pile of paper money.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The fact that you have no experience doing something should tell you that it is about time you start! Remember the quote I used many months ago "What one man can do, any man can do." There is NO task that has been done by someone else that you can't do as well! You may not do it exactly like someone else, but you CAN do it differently, and in that respect, it can be BETTER!”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“When will we all, as artists, creators and facilitators learn that the so-called experts in our lives are nothing more than someone who has stepped forward and called themselves an expert?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The job of experts should be to educate, not to prohibit, intimidate or humiliate!”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“In my life, the louder the experts say you can't do something, the more I realize someone REALLY needs to do it. And that someone may as well be YOU and ME right?”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Never take criticism from someone who is not also offering a specific and improved alternative to that which they are criticizing. If they can't offer something better, then how can they claim that your efforts are less than the best available?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Leave no stoned unturned in your pursuit of success! You never know where your big breakthrough WILL happen, but I can promise it WON'T happen sitting on your hands in a dark lonely corner by yourself! GET INVOLVED! “, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Want to make a cliche come true? Work hard. Do things because it is the right thing to do, not because you think it might pay off bigger than the work you had to put into it. If you do this, the cliche 'when you least expect it, expect it' will come true, and the result will be wonderful!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Never worry about style.. worry about if you entertain and move your audience.. if you do that every single time.. you are always in style”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Always remember that all our successes, and all the heights that we will reach tomorrow, came from the hard work, and ground breaking efforts of those who came before us.”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success is a misunderstood and often misrepresented phenomena. It isn't necessary to be identified at the pinnacle, to be part of it. The first person to give a helping hand to an artist is just as important as the person handing the artist an award at the other end.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Some say 'Don't Burn Bridges,' some say 'What goes around, comes around.' Pick your cliche, but the basic idea is undeniable. Your past actions have a cumulative bearing on your future success or failure. It may be the metaphoric difference between who is there to dance on your grave, or dance at your wedding!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You must have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Without this total belief in what you are doing, why should anyone else believe in you either?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“We all have suffered stunning defeats. Whether we are top athletes, top business people or artists who find our best efforts either vehemently rejected, or even worse, totally ignored. It is all part of life and the journey. Don't stop and wallow in it. Move on to the next battle. A few successes make all the defeats seem like irrelevant memories.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Remember, your music may be technically perfect, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't MOVE your audience.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Making a living is a wonderful benefit of hard work, talent and the knowledge to get yourself out there. But if it is the primary raison d'etre (i.e. reason for being ... okay, my French is weak!) then you'll be living a much less noble life, and it'll probably be much less fulfilling when all is said and done.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If you are serious about having any success in the music industry, but you haven't ever bothered to read a book or educate yourself on things like copyright, publishing, royalties, song structure, marketing your music and so on, then your survival is not only NOT compulsory, but is nearly impossible.”, “–Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Don't rely solely on others, especially because so many well intentioned people are out there giving you the wrong info, when you can easily get fundamental info on your own with minimal effort.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You need to live your life with dignity both in victory and defeat, knowing you'll be fighting that fight another day, and your reactions to each of these battles is cumulative and often has a direct bearing as to whether you will succeed or fail the next time.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I think it is time to redefine success. Instead of keeping monetary score of your life and your success, think about keeping the score of things like love, excitement, fun, discovery, entertainment, health, friendship, trust, integrity, community, fellowship, morality, creativity, hard work and effort. Money plays no more than a mechanical role in any of these things and can't guarantee a single one. Do you want to live life like a cash machine? I don't. Neither should you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"When all is said and done, awards, accolades, large bank accounts and commercial fame mean nothing in comparison to your family, your friends and the dreams you work to make into reality every day that you live. Unfortunately many don't realize how much more important these things are until it is too late.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Art is perception. Commerce is reality. That perception only becomes reality when the mass consciousness is programmed to understand art on a commercial basis."-Brian Austin Whitney
"Surfing many of the big name Music Websites today is a similar disappointment to being promised a trip to Disney World, but showing up to find an empty wasteland full of concession stands and useless billboards”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Everything is impossible until someone bothers to do it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"No matter who you are, or what you do, if you try to make a positive difference each day of your life, you do. It doesn't even matter if you achieve your original goal, because the waves of positive action will still run their course and positively affect things far beyond your reach and imagination.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You don't always have to be a hurricane to change the weather of the world. Sometimes it is enough to be that light breeze that soothes, calms and relieves the heat of a tough day, or that light spring rain that refurbishes the tired and gives new life to the struggling seedlings.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Dedicate yourself each day to doing something positive. It doesn't have to be music related. But it MUST be something tangible. Just like when a child splashes in the water to send their paper boat towards the edge of the pond, you can send little ripples that will move paper boats around the world. And sometimes, by doing so, it is YOUR ship that ends up coming in.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Methinks he doth protest too much" was prophetic of the new phenomena of "Methinks he doth PROMOTE too much." Overkill in your publicity is becoming a quick smoke signal to savvy net fans and industry folks to RUN THE OTHER WAY just when you want them running YOUR way!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Before someone can give you a hand up, you have to extend your hand to them. Before someone can discover you, you have to allow them to see you. Before you can be appreciated, you must appreciate others. Active positive participation is the smoothest path to actual positive results.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If life is but a Roadtrip between two points, be sure to stop and see the sights, meet the people along the way and drink deeply at the water holes. If you do it right, the final stopping point won't matter, but the journey itself will make it all worthwhile!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Life is about more than stopping to smell the roses. It is also about stopping and seeking out roses to smell.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Honesty is never out of style. It always sounds fresh and is always more compelling and shocking that the most contrived story or plot line.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"All things created by Man are imperfect. But to be able to say it was created with perfect intentions.. that is the best anyone can do”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A simple recipe for success: decide where you want to go in life, learn how to get there and then do it in the face of criticism that will inevitably be placed in your path.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”
"To find out who you really are, go somewhere you've never been, with people you've never met and do things you've never done. You'll discover things about yourself you never knew existed.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Life's most sincere joys are found in the little 'right' things we do each day. Our greatest success is simply doing what our heart and mind urge us to do.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“McDonalds sells the most food. But try to find someone saying they make the best food in the world? Don't put the value of yourself as an artist or songwriter (or person!) on how you stack up to the fast food music out there.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The best way for a person to be happy is to count their blessings and not their cash.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Contrary to popular belief, the music world isn't composed solely of Major Labels, Napster, MP3.com and the RIAA. There are a lot more of us out here, with talent, courage and heart.. some call us Just Plain Folks”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You don't have to invent, create or lead the revolution to be a revolutionary. You can start as an interested and keen observer and move into participation at your own pace. Enlightenment is a growth process, not an on and off switch. You can quote me on that.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”
"Our Just Plain Folks Community is both unique and diverse in approach and make up. We find comfort in those who agree with us, and growth from those who don't. But in the end, like the rest of life on planet earth, we're all in this together.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I learned everything I needed to know about success in the music industry by attending the State Fair Donkey Show.... seriously...”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Simply having a great idea and actually doing something about it is what separates the hopeful from the powerful.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you combine your most intense dreams with your most intense efforts, one day you'll be intensely proud of and intensely rewarded by the results you have achieved and earned.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I have always felt a great song should have more in common with a brilliant short story than with a beautiful poem. Of course today's corporate music conglomerates seem to prefer your music has more in common with a deodorant commercial. Go ahead.. raise your hands if you're sure...”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you are obsessed over what you don't have, you'll be wasting what you do have. And you may be surprised to find that what you do have is exactly what you need.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Fear of failure is the biggest artificial roadblock to success there is.” –Brian Austin Whitney
“If you are alone in the middle of the water with a life jacket on, you can float aimlessly in hopes a ship will come to your exact location and save your life, OR you can try and swim to shore, thus passing more areas for ships to see you and perhaps even making it all the way to shore and safety on your own. You can die by swimming hard and taking the chance to live as you've always wanted, or simply live by floating around until you die far from the shore of your dreams and desires. Your choice. Me, I am practicing my backstroke!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The truth is that possessions and status can fill the emptiness of our dwelling and the emptiness of our ego, but do little to fill the emptiness of our soul.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Your life will only be empty if you fail to put something of yourself in it.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you aren't willing to risk what you have, you'll rarely get what you want.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you do one thing, you've done something. If you do two things, you've got momentum. If you do three things, you're a mover and shaker. If you do more, you just might be on your way to success.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Whew!",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"er.. uh... ahem... No Comment",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“In the end, all of us are part of the problem, and at the same time, the hope for the solution.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Don't underestimate the passion that other artisans place in their craft, no matter how mundane their work may seem to be. There is brilliance in the simplest things we take for granted everyday, and making things accessible and simple is an artist’s number one job.",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Nice guys don't always finish last, though sometimes it takes them a little longer to reach the finish line. The good news is that the nice guys are typically around TO finish the race, and run many more races in the future!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"As artists, we've all been ignored. We've all been laughed at. Most of us have been attacked. But now is the time for us to win. And win we will. We will win with tenderness and understanding to those beginning their struggle, respect and compassion for those who have come before, sympathy and support for those fighting the good fight along with us and a tolerance for those that slow us down, or get in our way. We won't always do it with a spotlight of fame or the comfort of approval, but because we are driven to do it, even when no one else is looking. Out of the common rises the amazing. Out of the normal rises the exceptional. We will rise together, as artists, as humans and as Just Plain Folks.",”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Success in life is about reaching the highest point YOU can reach, not the highest point that has EVER been reached”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We hoped Just Plain Folks would become the Switzerland of the music industry. A virtual safe harbor offering support and education, true peer understanding and a positive morale boost in an industry that seems to thrive on kicking sand in our collective faces. Our wish seems to be coming true, in a larger way than even our endless optimism could have foreseen.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Often we amuse ourselves over the shortcomings of others and feel envious of their success, not realizing that those others are amusing themselves over our own shortcomings and feeling that same envy over our successes at the same time. The trick is to work with those who compliment our own strengths and weaknesses so we can all laugh and succeed together.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The most difficult part of any long journey is never the hills you'll climb or the valleys you'll descend. The most difficult part is overcoming the excuses and fears that keep you from starting the journey in the first place. Overcome those and your momentum will carry you through all the rest.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The biggest source of fear is the unknown. The biggest weapon against it? Education.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"To borrow a concept by Carl Jung from 1931: The status quo career and success path in the music industry is a smoke screen for a lie so subtle that our fellow artists and writers are unable to detect it. It may give us the substance for dreams and some power of self motivation and we may be able to deceive ourselves into believing it is the "only" way. But deep down, below the surface, the average artist hears a voice whispering, 'There is something not right,' no matter how much PR and Marketing by the corporate music industry tells us it is.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A sure sign of high productivity: The extreme challenge you feel in not starting even more new and extremely challenging endeavors.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We are never completely satisfied with our own opinions until we see evidence of others who agree.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"When choosing friends and allies, find people who want to help you make a difference, without making you different”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Allies work with you to change the world, not to change you.”,”–Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Your success and happiness in life has more to do with how you deal with the turn of events you face than the events themselves.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Few things inspire reciprocal creativity more than a genius who uses their creative gift to lift, enlighten and motivate others rather than manipulate and control them to their will.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"An ounce of group participation can turn into a pound of buzz."-Brian Austin Whitney,
"It wouldn't be a dog eat dog world in the music industry if occasionally the dogs got thrown a bone.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"It's amazing how all the cares, troubles and hassles of the day melt away once the music starts and the audience begins to listen. Suddenly music stops being about commerce and starts being about the art and the world is better for it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Being in the moment of the live performance, the audience sitting riveted to the music flowing from the heart and soul of an artist can cure nearly all the ills you might have felt moments before.”,” –Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We need to work to give the power over our Nation's (and World's) creative output back to those who create it, and not let those who simply exploit it monopolize their power and control by ignoring and discounting the grass roots masses.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Only a small percentage of people will ever take your good advice. But you'll find that those are usually the only people who are ready for it in the first place.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Bad advice often tastes great.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Nearly every great recipe for success can include among it's ingredients: failure, humiliation, ruin, self -doubt, ridicule and an utter lack respect, belief and support from 'everyone else,' as long as it includes a healthy heaping spoonful of persistence.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes the epitome of success is making yourself do something you really don't want to do, when you figure no one is watching and most likely no one will care if you do it.. other than yourself.",” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes all you have to do to inspire humans to greatness is give them a reason and an opportunity to do something great.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Art has a way of changing people. And the best art changes people the most. It changes their beliefs, it changes their knowledge, it changes their tastes and most importantly it changes their hearts.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success in the music industry really isn't brain surgery, but if you practice your craft surgically and with careful thought, the patient (in this case your career) will survive.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success in life can be measured by the positive impact you have on others, and the positive impact those others have on you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Families are strange things. Sometimes they are connected by their genetics. Sometimes they are connected by their work. Sometimes they are connected by their country. Sometimes they are connected by their art. Sometimes they are connected simply by similar interests via a friendly email. In the end... We're All In This Together.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Some of your best career opportunities will cross bridges you didn't burn and enter through the doors you forgot you left open.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Every now and then do yourself a big favor. Stop and assess your life, the decisions you are making and the direction you are going as if money had zero involvement in it. You may surprise yourselves with the results you come up with.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success and failure can be tricky. Often a little success can lead to resting on a particular laurel while a series of failures can have you falling forward and closer to success with each and every attempt.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Our world truly does begin with each new moment. No matter what our past successes or failures have been, right now, as you read this, your slate is clean and all things are truly possible in your life from this point forward.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We often overlook or take for granted the wonderful little things in our lives as they originally happen, that later we hold the most dear when we reflect back on our lives. Try enjoying them today as well because as fond as we may be of them later in life, they'll still only be memories by then.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We're all given a shot to make a difference in life. The type, amount and level of good or bad is up to you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“I believe we are at the same time irreplaceable yet inevitably replaced.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If everyone used whatever power they had, no matter how small, over and over and over to do the right thing whenever they could, it wouldn't take a powerful person to change the world.. just a lot of empowered people. Just Plain Folks if you will.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Today we all have the privilege to be in the game of life. Each of us get our turn and only we can control what that will be. It's your move. Where are you going to go?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"They say those who can do and those who can't teach. Unfortunately those who can do neither usually run the show.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"They say be careful what you wish for you because you MAY get it. If that's true, you'd better be even more careful what you work hard and persistently for because you WILL get it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A true leader uses his bully pulpit to do as much good as he can get away with until someone takes his pulpit away, and by then, it will be too late.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"In today's hyper-commercial music industry, artists, writers and the work they produce are seen more as flies in the ointment of the well lubricated machine than the very fuel that they actually are. As long as the artistic fuel is in ample supply, the machine will continue to grind away. If that fuel is diverted, perhaps then the industry will realize what really made it run in the first place.",” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Working hard and passionately doing something you love is the ultimate education you can get and the ultimate reward you'll ever receive.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You can make more friends in two months by helping other people succeed than you can in two years by trying to get other people to help you succeed.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“A rhetorical question: Have you ever met a truly successful person who spends all day doing something they hate? Have you ever met a truly miserable person who spends all day doing something they love?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The saddest thing in life is not that it ends so quickly, but that so many of us wait so long to begin it. “, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If people are trashing you about anything, live so your actions assure that no one will ever believe them again.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“You can try and fail over and over and never become a failure. That doesn't happen until you start to blame someone else, then you've failed.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Many people think that having an opportunity in the music business (or anywhere else in life) means finding success without actually earning it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The only helping hand that will be 100% dependable is at the end of your arm.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Success is often a matter of still being around after everyone else has given up.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If you want to do something bad enough, there's a way out there to do it. Everyone else will simply make an excuse.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Always pay attention to the biggest problems out there because right behind them lie the biggest opportunities.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Working hard and passionately doing something you love is the ultimate education you can get and the ultimate reward you'll ever receive.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There is little long term benefit to repressing the talents of your peers. If you embrace them and nurture them, you'll find yourself lifted in unison; if not, you'll find yourself on the ground watching them soar.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The time has come to find common ground on issues that promote the success of music based on merit instead of financial and promotional coercion and brute force. It's also important that finally grassroots artists are not only being listened to, but sought out to have their voices heard alongside the major labels to help guide the music industry in the right direction. Payola is a bad idea for everyone, from those who have gone broke supporting it, to the artists who have been shut out because of it, to the public who've had an abysmally limited selection of music to listen to as a result of it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney, Founder, Just Plain Folks”,
"Not only is the cat out of the bag on music file sharing on line (AKA piracy), but it's already had several litters of kittens. While the industry has spent a fortune in time, money and energy to spay and neuter the momma cat (Napster) and the papa cat (MP3.com), their kittens are in heat and the tomcats are circling.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"I hear a lot of people complain about certain genres of music and how the topics are offensive and dangerous. But it all comes down to how it is presented. Those ugly things are out there in the world and in the hands of a true artist, they can be powerful and important pieces of art. In the hands of lesser talent, even love can be ugly.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Sometimes viewpoints expressed in very aggressive music genres are abrasive to others, but make no mistake that there can be art in the most vicious and ugly subject matter. It is all about how it is presented. Those ugly things are out there in the world and in the hands of a true artist, they can be powerful and important pieces of art. In the hands of lesser talent, even love can be ugly.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There's no greater pain than to look back and think 'I should have' when you know in your heart that you could have.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"When the powers that be in the music industry start spending as much money and effort solving problems as fighting the symptoms, we'll all be a lot better off.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Being in the 'right place at the right time' is often a euphemism for being the most convenient option at the most pressing moment for a decision maker. Make it your business to be all of the above!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Things don't always go as planned... no matter how prepared you are. And that's a good thing. If they always did, what would be the point? Life is about living each moment, not simply following the bouncing ball.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"My secret to success: Make more new mistakes and repeat fewer old mistakes than your competition.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The quickest way to make the world a better place for all of us is to stop letting others force you to do the wrong thing.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“If a compromise has to be made, hold steady when it affects someone's life and give in, if you have no choice, when it only affects business.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“I firmly believe that if you ran the numbers, you'd learn that when you follow what your gut tells you is the right thing to do instead of some third parties contrary opinion, that the odds would be dramatically in your favor sticking to your guns.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Success is a big game of connect the dots. Talent is the piece of paper you start with. Networking places the dots. Persistence draws the lines.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you are lucky, the great adventure of your life will end up pretty much where you started, surrounded by the people you love and who love you. The stories you have to share with them about what happened in between is pretty much up to you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"You can season your career on the grill of your hometown barbecue."
”-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The person who places the first brick to build the museum wall is more important yet far less thanked than the person who hangs the painting on it for the exhibition.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"People frequently overestimate the value of the group and underestimate the value of the individual. But there is no true loyalty to anything among groups... only as individuals.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A success is someone who does what they love and does it very well, no matter what it is.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Nobody ever sits on their death bed and wishes they had spent more time in the job they despised.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The more unlikely something is to the biased human perspective, the more likely some brute force of nature will be determined to make it happen.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you want to grab your audience at a live show, you have to be the most interesting person in the room.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We'd be better off if we placed some of our blind faith we reserve for religious dogma, government propaganda and mass media hype into our fellow human beings.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Networking is a two way street. To maximize your success, work hard to do all the things for others that you're hoping they will do for you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Though we're in a time of confusion and turmoil in the music industry, never forget that good basic fundamental ideas from the past almost always apply to what we face in our brave new world.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Being an original artist often means accepting that your talent, passion and vision must rely more on your self motivation, self preservation and self esteem than anyone else's.",” -Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Your future is unwritten, but if you don't pick up a pen and get to work it will write itself for you.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"One of the greatest gifts we can receive is the freedom to pursue what we're passionate about and the feeling that others have our backs while we do it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"When it comes to cold hard truth, supply always outweighs demand, but the thirst for scandal and propaganda never seems to be quenched.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"My advice for a successful New Year: Nurture your relationships, focus on serving those who understand and appreciate your talent and keep moving forward no matter what.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Nurture your relationships, all the other factors pale in importance.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Reach the fans and professionals who get your talent, let the others go.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Constant motion forward is the solution to most hurdles in your way.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"You'll never be able to build your career on the big things you planned to do or the amazing things you failed at doing, but a continued series of small positive actions towards your goals really can turn into something meaningful before you know it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Fear motivates most actions but inhibits most success. Fear encourages evils but suppresses goodness. If you want success as an artist (or anything else for that matter), you can't afford to succumb to the fear.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The power of one person working relentlessly on one thing is hard to measure because it's so vast and so few can sustain it but when they do, very little can stop it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If you complain enough about all the things that are holding you back in life, you can be sure that they will.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The pursuit of a career in music is something you should enjoy, not endure.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Once you open your mind to how others see something, you can never see that thing in quite the same way again.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"No one is a lost cause until they give up on themselves.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Instead of being obsessed with perfection, you'll find more success in just making sure you get something right.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We're all little guys... sometimes other people pretend we're something more.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There aren't many things more rewarding than a great laugh. How come we rarely remember that when counting the successes of a year?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"A great life is far more than just a highlight reel.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The only way to overcome someone's bad idea is to have a better one, AND implement it.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes the most important lessons in life can't be taught to you, you simply have to learn them from first hand experience.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We can't all be the most talented, attractive, athletic or even the healthiest. But we can all be as happy as we choose to be. Take advantage of that gift.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The tricky thing about advice is knowing when to listen and when to ignore it. Bad advice usually tastes the best going down.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Well, when all is said and done, all you'll have left is what you started with.. your friends and your loved ones. Never forget that during the journey.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Why is it that every generation has to have the same irrational prejudices with the same irrational targets of blame: Popular Music? If all recorded music was eliminated today, I bet this same ilk of people would be blaming the songbirds and car horns for the ills of society by tomorrow.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There's nothing wrong with music that can't be cured by what is right with music.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There's nothing about music that oppressive commerce can destroy which the human spirit fueled by artistic instinct can't and won't resurrect.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Sometimes people misunderstand, sometimes people are misunderstood and often it's impossible for either party to know which is which.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"When you're playing David to someone else's Goliath, an oft ignored but highly successful strategy is to simply team up with an ever bigger Goliath.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"With enough creativity and imagination you can turn practically nothing into something then into exactly what you want.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"There are 3 types of people in the music community. Consumers who listen, Creators who make the music and the smallest group Facilitators who assist, support and nurture the creators. Though I continue to be all 3, my focus for the last 9 years has been to become the best facilitator I can. That allows me to be part of someone's dream and I am lucky to have the gig.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"Many of life's successes happen because of the unacknowledged kindnesses of others that happen when we're perilously close to failure.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"We all suffer at one time or another. All we can hope is that when we're not suffering, we're helping those who are and when we are, they'll return the favor.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“More important than just getting better is to have fun during the process. If you do that, where you end up doesn't really matter.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“Did you ever notice that when you're a kid everyone wants you to be an artist, but when you're an adult, society is set up to encourage you to be anything but?”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"If discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice, then integrity has got to be screaming at the top of your lungs even when it will cause others to raise their eyebrows.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“The internet has become a race between knowledge and regret.”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
“No one is better than an artist to get through when things get tough!”, “-Brian Austin Whitney”,
"The thing you most often learn after many years of trying to do something is not how to do it just right, but instead how many ways you can screw it up.", "-Brian Austin Whitney",
“Things can always get better and things can always get worse. By focusing on both, we miss what's going on now, and what is going on now is our lives.” , "-Brian Austin Whitney",
"One secret to a happy life is to spend most of your time DOING things and less of it ACCUMULATING things.", "-Brian Austin Whitney",
"Freedom is a relative thing. It's often determined more by what you allow yourself to do than what others allow.", "-Brian Austin Whitney",
"Everybody dies, but not everybody lives the life they want. Have you?", "-Brian Austin Whitney");

// Gets the Total number of Items in the array
// Divides by 2 because there is a Quote followed by an Author
$totalqts = (count($allqts)/2);

// Subtracted 1 from the total because '0' is not accounted for otherwise
$nmbr = (rand(0,($totalqts-1)));
$nmbr = $nmbr*2;

$quote = $allqts[$nmbr];
$nmbr = $nmbr+1;
$author = $allqts[$nmbr];

$space = "<font color=$bgcolor>.....................................</font>";
$comments = "<br><center><font size='-2'><i><a href='quotes.php'>Random Quote Script by Dave</a></i></font></center>";

echo "<center>";
echo "<Font color=$textcolor><i>";
echo "$quote<br>";
echo "</i></font>";
echo "$space $author";
echo "$comments";
echo "</center>";

IF ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] == "/quotes.php") {

$body = <<<EOF
lmao, why even have a multi-dimensional array ? they are all from whoever Brian Austin Whitney is laugh

They're quotes from our newsletter which our members asked me to post on our message boards. = )

As for "multi-dimensional array" I don't even know what they is! hahaha.

We plan to have a second box to run random quotes from others that are also in the newsletter. We've been running the same 30 quotes on our home page for 6 years and there's about 220 that have run in the newsletter and this seems to be the best way to post them one at a time.

So do you know how to fix it?

Hmmm.. did I tick someone off or say the wrong thing? Or is the problem unfixable?
Do you want it a quote of the day or just pop a different quote in the box every time the box is hit?
I want a different quote each time the page is loaded/visited. We have several thousand MORE quotes to add from all sorts of contributors, but I started with these from the newsletter so get it working.

Thanks for your help. I think there might be a separate problem with our site right now. I got the same error message when I tried to update the custom member titles (i.e. I tried to change the number of posts you need to become a Top 10 Poster, and I got the same error as above. It did add the new number however, so I don't know what is going on. Perhaps we've found a new bug with this version or something.

Okay.. it appears there's a different problem going on. I wonder if anyone can help.

No matter what change we try to make in the control panel to the portal section, including the existing portals, we get this error message:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting '(' in /www/jpfolks.com/web/forum/cache_builders/custom/portal_box_4.php on line 8

I am not sure what to do next? We've noticed our header has disappeared on our boards as well and I was trying to get in to fix it and realized there's a much larger problem going on?

disable displaying custom portal 4 and then debug that code..
I ended up having to completely delete it to get it back working. Now we're having an odd side effect. The header on our boards which is just a graphic doesn't load for many folks using IE. We even see that problem on our own home computers where one will load it and one won't. Even stranger, the same computer that won't load it, when accessing via AOL's browser it shows up, but not when directly via IE. I have no idea what could be causing that. If it were just one computer obviously it would be a problem with that browser, but multiple users have reported the same problem. I wonder if some setting on IE could cause the top header to not load? Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

I also thought perhaps it wasn't loading for anyone, but was simply in the Cache.. but we cleared everything out and it still loads on one computer and not the other.

So I guess we're not meant to have random quotes on our site. I wouldn't even know where to being to "debug" something. That's why I was asking here in the first place.


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