Mouseover Row Highlighting?

Posted By: M4TT

Mouseover Row Highlighting? - 11/05/17 02:15 AM

Hey guys,

I'm scratching my head wondering how to apply post and forum listing row highlighting upon mouseover.
I've seen other forums do this, helps to make it easier to skim read across the screen.
I checked the style editor and it appears that's not supported, so I imagine I need to insert custom code into a template file.
I think this would be a good addition for the new UBB.threads version.
Posted By: isaac

Re: Mouseover Row Highlighting? - 11/05/17 02:33 AM

thats where the EXTRAS section of the Style Editor comes in to play. IIRC, add your custom :hover code to the alt-1 and alt-2 classes within the extras section. Have a search through ubbdev.com for the exact directions / code samples
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Mouseover Row Highlighting? - 11/08/17 11:18 PM

I offer Styling/Theming Services privately, if you're not able to replicate this behavior.
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