Hide 'New Topic' button....

Posted By: Ian

Hide 'New Topic' button.... - 11/16/06 07:10 PM

...where the user does not have permission to post.

Saves them clicking on the button and getting a refusal.
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Hide 'New Topic' button.... - 11/16/06 10:22 PM

Lol sounds good... Believe it or not, there was no stock New Reply or New Topic button in the original .T7, but where added due to uer request because they couldn't be found by the general audience in the Forum Options and Topic Options dropdown's.
Posted By: Ian

Re: Hide 'New Topic' button.... - 11/16/06 10:39 PM

LOL - buttons are good - however they should be hidden if not applicable. Mind you then they will ask - how do I post in that forum - you can't win smile

Maybe they need to be switched to an alternative button.

The problem in 7.x is that there is not a list of what the user can and cannot do, as there was in 6.x
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