Active directory authentication

Posted By: dmol

Active directory authentication - 09/26/07 01:32 PM

Hello all,
I have recently upgraded from UBB Classic to Threads v7.2 and I have about 600 user accounts on my BB system. In my company we are trying to remove or change applications that maintain separate databases of user accounts and are trying to integrate everything into MS Active directory.

I have searched the forums here but I cannot find and mention of a feature that allows the user database to authenticate against Active directory or LDAP. Is it possible to do this?

If this authentication feature is not available, could you please add it to your list of requested features?

Best Regards
Posted By: Yarp™

Re: Active directory authentication - 09/26/07 01:48 PM

While some sort of synchronisation would be doable (ie, the ubb database gets information from active directory for new users, and removed users), ubb.threads cannot work without it's own userdatabase.
Posted By: AllenAyres

Re: Active directory authentication - 09/26/07 02:06 PM

Interesting... Rick has mentioned possible support for other db's in the future, but I don't think it's on the drawing board yet. This sounds like a one-off modification someone would need to write.
Posted By: Yarp™

Re: Active directory authentication - 09/26/07 02:09 PM

I did some research, because we could use ldap authentication for our intranet at work. There is something outthere, ( http://adldap.sourceforge.net/ ) that assist.
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Active directory authentication - 09/26/07 11:00 PM

I believe that when discussing something before with LDAP it was brought up that it'd be way too much effort and time involved for LDAP for the handful of users that even understand what LDAP is...
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