Ive encountered a few instances where users claiming their temporary password does not work, only to find out that they were copy & pasting directly from the Request for Password email - which includes a space after the 6 digit temp password.

Might I suggest trimming this space.
Personally I would prefer to receive a coded url in the email.
Like some places have.
Where you just click on the link and it takes you to your profile to change your password.

Instead of having a temporary password and still have to goto your profile to change it to something you can remember again.
I would strongly suggest that after using a temporary password, the user is redirected to a page that forces them to create a new password. Often (too often, anyway) our users are confused by the forgot-password link and say it doesn't work for them, or say it works one day but not the next, and I think it's due to the temporary password timing out. It also could be the space as indicated above. In any case, what would be perfect, is a direct link from the forgot-password email directly to a page that (a) deletes any old or corrupted cookies, (b) requires the user create a new password, and (c) sends the user an email confirmation of the changed password when submitted -- so they know when that part of the process has been completed and if there is any other issues, it's not because they have forgotten the password.

Today, the user (who had just used the forgot-password link) is reporting:
I can see the board now-- but I cannot click on anything to see... it logs me out--- and I cannot "edit my profile" to change my password either-- it logs me out..

I don't know what's wrong, but I told her:
Go to this link:

Make sure that it does not show you logged in, and only shows ‘E’s Blessings’ and ‘Help Me’ forums. If it does not, reboot your computer and try the link above again. Then try to log in. The temporary password that was emailed to you only works for a short time, so you may need to use the ‘forgot password’ link to get a new temporary password. After you log in, make sure you can view the forums and stuff, and change your password as soon as possible. Then it will save the new password. Finally, log out, and then log back in again with your new password to be sure everything is working correctly.

(I'm using UBB Threads 7.5.3.)

Any way to make it easier to deal with these issues would be very much appreciated.

I do like steve's suggestion about having a new password link vs creating a new password.
As a follow-up FYI, the instructions I gave my user worked for her.
We'll definitely make this a more fool-proof process.
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